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What's Trending For Weddings in 2020?

Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see at the trendiest weddings for 2020 followed by some wonderful inspiration courtesy of our Pinterest board!

Trending NOW - Wedding Invitations
  • Boho theme - with dreamcatchers, lots of flowers, feathers and whimsy
  • Rustic - burlap, lace, wood and sunflowers
  • Starry Night theme - with dark dusky midnight blue shades and rose gold
  • Burgundy - teamed with blue 
  • Emerald Green Wedding Theme
  • Greenery themed - lots of leafy decorations, Eucalyptus is tops and Sage shades
  • Art Deco - Gangsta Flapper wedding theme (black, gold geometric)
  • Industrial Chic - Edison lights, Warehouse, Steampunk
  • Tower cakes (single tall cylindrical)
  • Cheese Tower Wedding Cakes
  • Grazing Tables

BOHO Wedding

Boho Weddings - weddings for 2020 will have lots of romance injected into them thanks to a nature inspired boho theme. There will be lots of natural  flower arrangements, greenery and rustic decorations, lace wedding dresses, feathers in flower bouquets and dream catchers made from lace crochet doilies!

Dreamcatchers as backdrops

Rustic Weddings 

Rustic Weddings - suitable for any season, indoors or outdoors a rustic themed wedding is ideal for low budget wedding couples as there is a lot of DIY aspects including decorations, flower arrangements an gifts.

Starry Night Wedding

Starry Night with Rose Gold - popular blue theme for 2020 and perfect for those who want to celebrate their wedding in the evening when darkness falls, perhaps outdoors. Can decorate with industrial chic styled lanterns and lights.

Burgundy Blue Wedding

Burgundy, Blue, Pink - floral rose bouquets with lots of deep colors are perfect for fall weddings in 2020. The colors are rich and inject a lot of personality.

Emerald Green Wedding

Emerald Green - dark green may seem like an unusual color choice, but look how striking it is paired with ivory. For a clean, modern, unforgettable color theme this is the way to go.

Column Cake

Column Cake - these tall cakes made from multiple layers look fantastic. Only difficulty here might be re how to slice it!

Cheese Cake Tower

Cheese Tower Cake - cheese is a popular choice for a wedding cake for those avoiding sweet options or who want their cheese stand to be more elaborate.

Grazing Table

Grazing Table - fruits, crackers, cheeses and other grazing foods can be decoratively displayed on a grazing table and this is a pupular wedding catering theme for 2020 weddings.

Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations trending 2020

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