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50 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue and FREE printable checklists

FREE Wedding Venue Checklists and Comparison Charts - download and print

wedding venue checklist

wedding venue checklist

Will the wedding venue be available on the day of our wedding?

It seems like an obvious first question, doesn't it? But it's one that you really should ask first. No sense in visiting a potential wedding venue, falling in love with the idea of getting married there, and then being unable to make your dreams come true because another bride and groom arrived before you.

In the event that you have already chosen your special date, we recommend that you call the wedding venue ahead of time and state that you will only be able to make it on that particular date; if they are already booked up, go back to the top of the list and find another fantastic wedding venue.

Does the wedding venue have capacity for a certain number of guests for a meal?

This is very important because you don't want to book a wedding venue that has seating for 250 people if you're only inviting 60 people to a sit-down meal for your reception.

As a result, you want to make certain that your guests can sit comfortably without feeling crammed into a small space or, even worse, feeling like they've been shoved to the back of the room and can barely see the top table. Once you've gotten a general idea of how many guests will be attending your wedding, you'll want to make sure that the wedding venue you've chosen is suitable for your needs.

Make a request to see a sample seating plan, inquire about whether or not they have round tables, and perhaps even request to see photographs of previous wedding meals and how the tables are laid out. This will give you a good indication of whether or not you will be able to seat your wedding party and ensure that everyone is satisfied.

How many guests will be attending the wedding reception and how many rooms does the wedding venue have?

Some couples prefer to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony in the morning, followed by a reception with the mother of all parties in the afternoon. If this is your intention, make certain that the wedding venue will be able to accommodate it. You don't want 200 evening guests to arrive at your wedding and find themselves all crammed into a small space or unable to get to the bar on time.

As a result, you don't want to be surprised at your wedding reception to discover that your venue has a separate dance floor and bar area that resembles a barn. The single easiest way to create a zero-atmosphere at your reception is to find the wedding DJ or band playing to a half-empty hall, with your wedding guests sitting around the edges not mingling.

What time will we be able to enter the wedding venue?

"It's all yours for the entire day!"... reads the website of this establishment. But, exactly, what does that phrase mean? Each wedding venue will have their own set of rules regarding when you can enter the building on the day of your ceremony.

Simply confirm your arrival time prior to the wedding; you don't want to be left waiting outside for the cleaner to arrive, so make sure you know what time you can arrive.

Is it possible for the bride and groom to get ready at the wedding venue?

Perhaps this is something the bride would prefer; rather than rushing around in the morning, why not inquire with the venue about the possibility of the bride preparing for her wedding day in the comfort of her wedding venue?

In a nice quiet comfortable room for the bride to arrive and perhaps have her hairdresser, makeup artist and entourage help her prepare. In a nice quiet comfortable room for the bride to arrive and perhaps have her hairdresser, makeup artist and entourage help her prepare.

May we provide you with a CD of the music that will be played during the bride's entrance?

If you're having a civil ceremony performed in an approved location, you won't be able to use any music that contains religious references in the lyrics at all during the ceremony. We are referring to terms such as "angel," "heaven," "God," and so on. As a result, there will be no Robbie Williams ballads.

The wedding venue will be fully aware of this and may even have a CD of appropriate music on hand, which is perfectly acceptable. However, if you want to make your wedding entrance to the music of your choice, you must first check with the wedding venue to ensure that this is indeed permitted.

Given that they have indicated that you are permitted to bring your own CD with your favorite song on it to be played at the bridal entrance, it is highly recommended that you drop it off at the wedding venue a day or two before the ceremony and ask them to test the CD on their player. When they try to play it while you're nervously standing there, the last thing you want is for them to discover that your old CD is scratched or that your CD-R won't work on their machine.

It is necessary for the registrar to approve the songs that you have chosen prior to the wedding, but they should be clear about this when you meet with them.

Can we agree on a timetable for the day, or are we obligated to follow your schedule?

It goes without saying that a good wedding venue will suggest times to you, as they will be familiar with how long each stage of the day will last. Plan ahead of time so that you can discuss the day's schedule, agree on a start time for the ceremony (which will also need to be approved by the registrar), estimate how long the photos will take, agree on a start time for the meal, decide what time to invite the evening wedding guests, and decide when to cut the cake and perform the first dance.

Can we bring our own drinks to the wedding venue, and if not, can you provide us with a list of prices for the on-site bar?

This is a fascinating question, and it is well worth posing it to someone. However, even if a wedding venue has an on-site licensed bar, they may agree to allow guests to bring their own alcohol to the event. Even if it is only fruit juices for the children, this could result in significant savings for your wedding party.

A temporary bar will be set up at a venue for your guests if you're renting a marquee. Inquire about stocking it yourself, or make a deal with someone who will purchase all of the booze on your behalf and manage the bar on the night of your event.

Even if the wedding venue insists that you must use their bar facilities, make sure you first ask to see the bar prices, because no one wants to be saddled with a large bar bill, whether you or your guests are paying for it. Check to see if there will be wine served at the meal, as well as champagne for toasts.

Do we have to use your caterers, or do we have the option of hiring our own?

It is mandatory to use the caterers provided by the wedding venue in some cases. This may be a limitation, but their in-house caterers are likely to be familiar with the venue and their kitchens, and they will have catered for many weddings in the past - so it may not be a bad thing.

The question is worth asking because, if you are not committed to their caterers, you will be able to shop around and sample a variety of foods along the way.

If it's raining, where would be the best location for us to take photos? 

It is almost certain that it will not rain on your wedding day. Hopefully, this is not the case. Maybe.

If the sun doesn't shine on the most important day of your life, you'll need a plan B in case something goes wrong. Investigate the surrounding area of the wedding venue and inquire as to where photographs are typically taken on rainy days.

In order to avoid having a dreadful backdrop indoors when you were planning lovely photos out on the lawn, you should plan ahead of time. The wedding venue is mostly beautiful, so they will always be used to let the British weather brides and certainly have a beauty spot on the inside for your marriage photographers to take photos. Their wedding venues are beautific places.

Does our wedding DJ or band have a sound limiter?

We included it because it is not a question that most brides or grooms would think to ask, so we thought it would be interesting.

The reasoning behind this is that if you've paid up to $500 for a wedding DJ, or possibly even more for a wedding band, you'll want to be able to hear them from the back of the venue.

Unfortunately, many wedding venues in residential areas will be restricted to acceptable noise levels, which may mean that your live entertainment will lose some of its ambiance on the dance floor as a result of the restrictions. If you are planning a large reception for your wedding, make sure to read this first.

Do we have to order enough food for the entire number of people who will be attending the buffet?

Is it necessary to reserve a buffet for 100 people if you are expecting 100 wedding guests in the evening? You already know that your friends will be more interested in the bar and that the majority of those who attended the wedding breakfast will not be overly hungry, so why not ask the wedding venue if you can pay for only 80 percent of the expected guests?

This way, you'll be able to save even more money, as well as possibly avoiding wasting food at the end of the night.

Do you know if there is any lodging available at the wedding venue?

Perhaps the wedding venue has a honeymoon suite available for guests? A large number of weddings have visiting relatives who have traveled long distances to attend, necessitating the need for a place to stay. The location of your first night as a married couple should be confirmed ahead of time. If the wedding venue offers accommodations, this may be the most convenient option for you.

Even if your chosen wedding venue is located within a hotel complex, you will still need to reserve accommodations for those who will be attending your wedding, so make your reservations as soon as possible.

Do you happen to have a wedding cake stand that we could borrow?

Your wedding cake needs to sit down on something, it is a centerpiece of the day you marry. The wedding cake maker will almost certainly offer you the option of renting a cake stand and knife, but in many cases the wedding venue will have a high-quality cake stand available for you. This is another small saving and one less thing to worry about if they do this for you.

Will there be any other weddings taking place at the same location as ours?

It's entirely up to you whether you want a wedding venue to yourself for the entire day or whether you don't mind sharing the space with another wedding party on the same day.

The size of the wedding venue will determine whether or not this makes a significant difference. For two large weddings, a small wedding venue may not have enough space or different rooms to accommodate them both.

When it comes to large venues like hotels, golf clubs, and private manor houses, they are frequently designed in such a way that they can easily accommodate more than one wedding. Remember, weddings are big business, and the organizers want to attract as many guests as possible. If your chosen wedding venue will be hosting more than one wedding on the same day as YOUR wedding, inquire as to where the tuxedos will be stored.

What time does the bar close, and what time do we have to be out of the building?

The most important question is, of course, until what time can we continue to party. At the end of the night, a good wedding venue will not go around and throw guests out the door; however, they will expect your wedding guests to leave at the appropriate time. Confirm with the venue what time the last orders at the bar will be taken and what time the music must be completed before you arrive.

Ensure that your DJ is aware of the closing time and that he has everything set up for the last dance and farewell to the newlyweds at the conclusion of the evening.


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