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What Questions Do I Need To Ask When Booking A CHURCH Wedding

One of the brides-to-be on my Wedding Group asked what questions her and her husband-to-be should ask before booking a Church wedding ceremony. Group members did not disappoint and replied with many important things you need to know before you commit to a particular Church.

  • How early should you arrive before ceremony? 
  • How many guests can be seated?
  • Can guests stand, how many?
  • Can guests , photographer take photos during ceremony and if not when? 
  • Length of service? 
  • Cost and when is payment due?
  • Can you have hymns , music? 
  • Can you decorate the aisle and church with your own flowers?
  • Can you use confetti?
  • Are you allowed to decorate (other than flowers) and if so, how early can you get in to decorate if you’re decorating?
  • Is there a hall you can later use for the reception and what is the cost?
  • If yes, do they have tables, chairs, linens? 
  • Are you responsible for cleaning them, and is there a fee for them to be cleaned? What time frame do you have for setting up and cleaning up?
  • Do they allow dancing in the reception venue?
  • Is there a kitchen for catering/making food on site? 
  • Is there an extra fee for that? 
  • Is there any kind of sound system in the church or is there just the usual piano and/or organ?
    • Is anyone from the church able to set up the sound?
    • Can you get ready there? 
    • Are you able to use real flames (candles)?
    • Are there any requirements to using the facility (ie. are you required to take premarital counselling with their pastor/priest)?
    • Can we take photos in the Church gardens (do you have gardens).
    • Do you have disabled access?
    • Do you have toilets?
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    Thank you all for such wonderful helpful suggestions!

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