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Sunflower Wedding Theme

Budget Rustic Sunflowers Photo Wedding Invitations

Sunflowers are more popular than ever 

Sunflowers not only add a much needed splash of yellow color to a bridal bouquet and table decorations but their large robust flower heads make a budget friendly and practical wedding flower choice.

Budget Classic Blue Sunflowers Floral WeddingSunflowers are usually around for Summer and Autumn weddings, and if you don't mind fake Sunflowers, then you can have them for any season.

You can source great artificial Sunflowers via Amazon.

This year you will see Sunflowers combined with Pantone's color of the year 'classic blue' along with Navy Blue. Blue and yellow are a popular choice for wedding colors.

Adventure Awaits Rustic Sunflowers Bridal Shower InvitationSunflowers are also great teamed with rustic elements such as wood, burlap and lace as seen here in these 'Adventure Awaits' themed bridal shower invitations.

Sticking with the rustic theme, Sunflowers can be used to decorate cowboy hats, leather cowboy/girl boots and mason jars for an authentic Southern wedding look.

Alternatively you might prefer to pop a single stem in a glass vase or mason jar and use a round log cutout as a base. You can source all of these items easily and inexpensively via Amazon.

Budget Sunflower Wedding Theme Lavender PurpleAnother top favorite (and one of my own) are Sunflower and Lavender themed weddings!

They lavender is a trending color this year and the addition of the bright yellow Sunflower really makes the color pop.

Rustic Sunflower Bridal Shower Ampersand Couples
Have a look a these Sunflower themed invites, table decorations and room decor ideas. If you're making a Pinterest mood board for your wedding these will make a great addition!

From $0.09 Sunflowers Rustic Wedding Please do share your Sunflower inspired Pinterest mood boards via comments below. 

From $0.09 Sunflowers Rustic Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates and party/eventware