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How To Plan A Low Budget Wedding

WOW Your Guests And Have A Perfect Day With A LOW Wedding Budget Whether you have a small wedding budget or simply don't want to spend a fortune on your wedding (other priorities) we have tips and advice that will ensure you have a classy elegant wedding that doesn't break the bank!

Your friends and relatives will ask you afterward how you managed to pull off such a lovely wedding on such a small budget. You can direct them here!
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How to plan a low budget wedding part3

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How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Friend/Family - this is, of course, the cheapest solution to wedding photography and videography, however, be aware that this person won't want to spend all their time (despite the fact it is your day) taking photos and they may not take the photos you want them to take, so even if you do rely on a friend or family member re this DO try to have an element of organization agreed with them beforehand, re what group pics you want and where they need to be when, etc. And don't forget them in your thank you speeches and with gifts!

Have a Facebook Page - Create a page for all your guests to upload the wedding photos they took of your day, you will definitely have some there that are wonderful, unexpected and worthy of a place in the wedding album. You can pick your favorites, save them and upload to a site like SnapFish for cheap printing!

Book a student photographer, qualified new in busin…

How To Plan a Low Budget Wedding part 2

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Chinese Dress Supply - You can make huge savings.
From what I've seen so far re China Dresses on Facebook groups is that the bride while delighted, often the dress isn't quite like the promotional photo, so make sure you read the reviews and keep your expectations realistic!
Most importantly ensure your measurements as provided to them are spot on.

Borrow - sometimes a family member or friend has a wedding dress that they are happy to loan you with no cost to you other than specialist cleaning afterward.

Make it Yourself - if you have the skill why not? I saw a beautiful wedding gown recently a bride crocheted! It was stunning. Many of us don't have those skills however, but if you do ... worth considering and what a wonderful sentimental keepsake that would make.

Buy a Prom Dress Instead - many prom dresses look a lot like wedding gowns and they're much cheaper.

Making Savings On The Bridal Party
Bridesmaids, Maids of Honor…

25% off Greenery Themed Wedding Invitations From Vitstaprint

25% off with coupon code INVITE25 - ends 2020-6-30

Vistaprint is a popular choice among wedding couples over at the Low Budget Wedding Group not just because they offer such a great variety of products but because they offer the best value. Their prices are among the lowest I've seen and yet their quality remains high. They have easy to use design tools and a variety of custom design services to help you create a unique one-of-a-kind wedding invitation set. And unique is what most wedding couples (especially the bride) want for their wedding day.

I've been across to Vistaprint today to see what's new. In doing so some wonderfully elegant and modern Greenery themed wedding suites caught my eye and I've highlighted a few for you to view below.

Strike while the iron is hot but if you're undecided why not request a free sample pack of your favorite designs.

$50 CREDIT when you order Greenery Wedding Invitations featuring REAL GOLD FOIL accents

This is my current favorite Minted wedding collection. Simple yet elegant and very on-trend with a greenery leaf theme. Ordering from Minted is easy and you have multiple options including being able to have your names and other text details in real gold foil!
If you're having a botanical greenery themed wedding, this leafy vine wedding stationery collection cannot be faulted. It has stunning real gold foil accents which the images here don't do justice so visit the site for a better look! Also available in Kraft for a rustic, country, fall-themed wedding.
Order a FREE sample or better still order your stationery now to take advantage of the $50 credit valid until the 13th of April!
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Will you be wearing a Facemask at your wedding?

Fashion Facemasks for Weddings
In the fight against Caronavirus Zazzle (the print on demand company that I create designs for and whose designers I promote) have brought out a new line of customizable facemasks.

Gold Hearts Couples Initials 
The facemasks are not PPI and don't purport to be, they're mainly what I'd call fashion streetwear but with the added bonus that there is an insert section that allows you to add a surgical mask or filter increasing their ability to provide some form of limited protection.

You'll need to check out the full product details for more info regarding the 'health and protection benefits' as it gets pretty complicated when they're discussing recommendations from the CDC and so on.

It occurred to me that when this pandemic finally goes away (and please let's all pray it does so soon) we will be left feeling somewhat vulnerable and I believe our behavior when in large crowds, such as concerts, cinema, festivals, sports games (…

The Wedding's Off! Now What? How to Cancel Your Wedding

up to 50% off Change the Date, Postponement Cards

The Wedding's Off! Now What? By Laura Firenze
While not an everyday occurrence, we all know that not all proposals end with a marriage. If a couple has made the difficult decision to break off their engagement, there are more steps that need to follow.

This is a list of things that must be done in the event of a canceled wedding.

1. Notify your family and the wedding party. 

Naturally, most brides will turn to their moms first in such an upsetting time, and it would be absolutely fine for the mother of the bride to inform other family members. It would be ideal for the bride to inform each of her bridesmaids personally of the change in plans while thanking them for all they have done for her.

If the bride already gave her attendants gifts like wedding jewelry, they should be allowed to keep them. In the case that the bride is too distraught to call up each of her bridesmaids to break the bad news, her maid of honor could take over t…

Do I Need To Cancel My Wedding Due To Coronavirus?

up to 50% off Sorry Change of Plans Wedding Cards

With the current pandemic, Coronavirus Covid19 sweeping the word, more and more couples are coming to the realization their wedding has to be canceled. Social distancing, isolation and lockdown dictate that gatherings of any size are now off the table for a couple of months at least. And no one really knows how long this thing will last.

If you are part of one of those couples, I know this is a deeply upsetting time.

You have money, time and emotions deeply invested in your wedding. Will you have the energy to start all over again if it has to be canceled?

And if you are canceling, what are your options and where should you start?

What I'm seeing over at the LowBudget Wedding Group is brides-to-be are mainly allowing two-months ahead of their wedding due date to make a decision as to whether to cancel, postpone, elope, etc.

Some whose wedding date is less than two months away have already made that decision.

They may be going ahead w…

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget - Wedding Budget Tips

By Velica Galaud

Having limited funds is causing many people to consider postponing their wedding. Don't put it off yet. There are ways to save for those needing low budget weddings that may keep you from needing to postpone.

You can actually have a wonderful dress, wedding, reception, and honeymoon for much less than many people realize. Here are wedding budget tips for how to plan a wedding on a budget even when it is a low budget.

Wedding dresses on a budget
Non-White Wedding Dress TrendDo With Your Dress After The WeddingPlus Size Wedding DressesYour Big DayRustic-Themed Wedding

If you don't have the means to be on the cutting edge of style and you can appreciate the beauty of dresses that may be last season's or earlier design, you can save substantially by buying off of the sales or clearance rack. Also there are bridal stores around that once or more often during the year have major discounts that future brides line up or even camp out for.

If you take advantage of on…

Love Finds A Way - How To Have a 5 Person Wedding in Isloation

UPDATE: Many places around the world are now in full Lockdown so weddings and gatherings or ANY size are on hold while people are advised to stay home.

" I've been saving and planning my dream wedding for two years and now it's a month away and our venue have just contacted us to say they're canceling the booking! They've offered us a date for next year!! I am so low now and can't stop crying. I don't know where to start canceling and rebooking not to mention family and friends who are traveling and paid for hotels and more. It's a nightmare. What do I do I still want to get married, especially now when it's all going crazy...."

These are the familiar words of brides we are seeing on our Low Budget Wedding Group.

As the reality of Coronavirus is sinking in and governments are closing things down and implementing strict isolation measures, couples who have been planning their dream wedding to celebrate with family and friends are now faced with …
Disclosure: We are affiliated with household names and leading brands Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, Minted, Vistaprint, Moonpig, Cocomelody, IWOOT, to name a few.

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