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Friday, 14 June 2019

Luxury REAL Gold Foil Favor, Gift Tags for Wedding and Bridal Shower

Modern Foil Bridal Wedding Shower Couple Bicycle Favor Tags
Add Luxury and elegance to your wedding favors and bridal party gifts with these wonderful REAL gold foil gift tags! They come in 6 different shapes and are available with or without twine. I have designed these myself to ensure all the details can be edited to suit your exact wedding gift needs.

Each gift tag comes in a set of 12 and has real gold foil on the front and print on the reverse. There are template text fields for you to add names, event, date and a monogram and a thank you message as desired.

I am featuring a small selection here showing the front (real gold foil) and the printed background, and you can view the full wedding gift and favor tag selection HERE.

Modern Foil Bridal Wedding Shower Couple Bicycle Favor Tags
This view shows the printed reverse (not real foil).
You can use these tags to add glamor to wine and Champagne bottles, to table arrangements and decorations, to thank you favors and bridal party gifts. You can also use them at your wedding, couples, bridal shower event. The gold foil images on each tag vary so do check out the whole range to find your perfect fit.

Gold foil designs (super shiny) include bride and groom sharing a first dance, happy couple on a bicycle, love birds, hearts, wedding cake, Champagne flutes and so much more.

New designs added often. If you have a special request, don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll see what I can do!

GOLD Foil CUPID Bridal Wedding Shower Thank You Favor Tags
This view shows the printed reverse (not real foil).

12 x REAL FOIL Modern Thank You BRIDAL SHOWER Favor Tags
This view shows the printed reverse (not real foil).

Modern Chic Real Gold Foil Bridal Wedding Shower Favor Tags
This view shows the printed reverse (not real foil).

12 x REAL FOIL Modern Thank You BRIDAL SHOWER Favor Tags
This view shows the printed reverse (not real foil).

Eucalyptus themed Wedding

Eucalyptus HerbariumEucalyptus and greenery in general has become a major trend for weddings. I think it probably has something to do with the idea of wild woodland and everything that is mysterious really. The enchanted forest has a lure for the wild at heart and eucalyptus leaves are a subtle take on the theme leaving the rest up to your imagination.

As a wedding invitation designer, I can vouch for this trend as I have sold quite a lot of wedding stationery based on this theme. If you are at a loss for a theme for your big day then you may want to consider this, particularly if you were contemplating an outdoor country garden and/or rustic backyard or even bohemian wedding. Different types of eucalyptus leaves are available on amazon, ebay and other places at very reasonable prices.

Garden roses, anemones, ranunculus, peonies, and proteas are very conducive to the mix as are pastel blush florals and soft greens. Location wise, a botanical garden is of course ideal maybe with trees, creeks, wooden benches and maybe even fountains. I would imagine all of this is very affordable. The rest is obviously up to your imaginations!

Of course all of this is really conducive to those looking to have a magical fairytale wedding such as cinderella but I digress! Let's not forget the eucalyptus lol. No koala bears were harmed in the writing of this post.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Combining Your Wedding Destination and Honeymoon

Safari Passport Invitation

There are travel companies that offer tailor-made exclusive wedding destinations that include safaris and tours in Africa, Asia and South America.

Post-Wedding Plan Tips

  • Make sure about the Dates - investigate local holidays. 
  • Weather  - what is the best time of the year.  
  • Transport facilities - for you and your guests
  • Venues- luxurious and affordable accommodations 
  • Language  - just in case nobody speaks English. 

Wedding Planners

Once you’ve nailed down your wedding location, the next step is finding the right wedding venue. Many resorts and venues roll out the red carpet for couples tying the knot away from home. 

If you can manage a professional wedding planner since they'll make sure everything is under control, good advice is spending more days in your destination after the wedding than before. Save as much of your time as possible for the honeymoon.

Use a reputable post-event shipping company to ship all the wedding clothing, accessories and gifts, if you held your wedding shower nearer home.

Safari Boarding Pass 2 by TerraCosmos

Big Cats Weddings There are travel companies that tailor-make exclusive safaris and tours in Africa, Asia and South America.

Coordinate your travel plans with your wedding planner or family members and choose wedding invitations that include links to your website with all the information necessary for your wedding destination. A destination wedding means lots of pre-and post-event shipping, so plenty of advance planning is of the utmost importance to create a memorable event.

Africa is an Exotic Wedding Destination

There are numerous safari lodge wedding venues to choose from. Witwater Safari Lodge & Spa is a good example. It offers breathtaking views of the Waterberg mountains and a view of the Phalala River which offers its peace and serenity to the moment.

Safari Wildlife Destination for a Wedding Getting Married in Africa

In South Africa, couples must first register an intention to marry with the Department of Home Affairs and apply for a marriage certificate at least three months prior to your intended wedding date.

In Kenya, couples need to apply for and obtain a certificate or a license from the Registrar of Marriages in order for them to have a wedding in the 'bush'.

Guests should plan to stay in Nairobi for up to 4 days for all arrangements to be confirmed. Kenya weddings have wide-ranging appeal for their luxury and affordability.

Watercolor Floral Safari Wedding

Party Activities

Participate in activities that you can repeat decades later when you revisit your memorable wedding destination.

Make sure that your Honeymoon is at a different location by changing to a more luxury hotel that is just a short drive away so you can feel you've arrived in an entirely new destination.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Elegant Eucalyptus Leaves Bridal and Wedding Invitations

Eucalyptus is a popular plant appearing in 'Greenery' themed bridal bouquets as well as large bloom wedding flower arrangements. As such it makes perfect sense that this popular leafy item be a required feature of botanical themed wedding invitations.

Featured here is a wide range of elegant Eucalyptus wedding invites designed by myself and other designers some of which have matching stationery.

Click on the image links to enter the Designer's page to view full size and coordinating stationery (rsvp, details, seating charts) featuring ekegant eucalyptus designs.
Elegant Eucalyptus Modern Wedding PHOTO OVERLAY Invitation
Elegant Eucalyptus with PHOTO OVERLAY Invitation
by LeahG

This modern invitation has the best of all worlds! You can add your own couples photo which sits elegantly behind (via an opaque panel) the text fields and it has an over lay border of Eucalyptus!

Wordly Eucalyptus Greenery Monogram Wedding Modern Invitation
Wordly Eucalyptus Monogram Wedding Modern Invitation
This Eucalptus themed invitation features the turquoisse, sea green shades and handwriting as part of the design. It is unique and may appeal to literary fans.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Watercolor Wedding Timeline Icon Invitation Suites

This wedding suite is perfect for the Boho bride who wants something modern, fresh and unique! It is a wedding timeline invitation suite with watercolor wedding themed icons and trendy handwritten style typography. One of my own creations that I hope you enjoy looking at as much as I enjoyed creating it!

I've designed the timeline to fit most wedding day programs with icons for ceremony, cocktails, cake cutting, speeches, first dance and so on. If however you want something different drop me a line and I'll see what I can do! If your wedding is very unconventional you will require a fresh custom wedding invitation design.

Whimsical Wedding Timeline Collection 

 This is another of my wedding timeline invitation suites, this time it features whimsical animal characters and a doodle handdrawn artistic style.