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15 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Wedding

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Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

Whether you have a limited wedding budget or simply do not want to spend a fortune on your wedding (other priorities), we have 20 tips on how you can make significant savings on your wedding while still having the wedding of your dreams. As part of the low budget wedding network, many of our couples have done exactly this and you can too. 

Planning is the key to executing a great low budget wedding

Being organized and planning ahead of time is essential for any wedding, but especially for one on a tight budget. A budget of $5000 to £3000 seems reasonable to me. If your budget is less than this, you can cut costs even further by reducing the number of attendees, venue, and attire. 

15 ways to reduce the cost of your wedding

1. Guest List on a Budget 

Reduce it

Fewer guests imply a smaller venue and fewer mouths to feed. Think about not having plus ones or children (these are not popular choices but they do keep the guest list down). There are several ways you can inform your guests that you must limit the number of guests due to the venue's capacity or your budget. Including a poetically worded enclosure with your wedding invitation (or through your wedding website) will convey the message for you. However, keep in mind that this is an unpopular option.

2. Wedding Venues on a Budget

Consider a family home or a garden as your venue.
Backyard and garden weddings are more popular than ever, especially with the Pandemic and the need to host events outdoors with limited space and numbers. They no longer have the negative connotation that they once did, and they complement rustic wedding themes beautifully. You can save a lot of money by having your wedding at your or your family's home. If the weather isn't cooperating, rent a marquee.

3. Wedding Food on a Budget

Have a potluck
Set up a potluck catering arrangement in which each guest brings a food dish to save money on catering. This is a popular option for low-cost weddings. Ensure that food safety regulations are followed.

4. Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Save money on flowers by growing your own
Grow your own flowers and use them to make your bridal bouquet, table decorations, and other DIY arrangements to save money on flowers. This is something you should start thinking about a long time in advance. Another option is to ask friends or family members who have green thumbs if you can have flowers from their gardens.

5. Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Save money on paper invitations and go digital
Set up a free wedding website and use social media to send out save the dates and invitations. This is an environmentally friendly option as well as being a cost-effective one. Paper and card invitations are still the preferred choice though because guests often keep them as keepsakes. The low budget wedding network offers low-cost budget invitations, allowing couples to have a high-quality paper solution for a fraction of the regular price. Best of both worlds.

6. Wedding Budgeting Checklists and record Keeping

Stay on budget with a free app
To stick to your wedding budget, plan, and track your spending, using a free app. The low-budget wedding network provides free downloadable and printable checklists that will also help you to be organized and stay on budget.

7. Wedding Cars on a Budget

Save money on cars by using your own/families cars
Borrow a car from a family member or a friend to get to the ceremony or venue. By providing your own vehicle, you can save money on car rentals. To make them look like wedding cars, wrap them in a satin ribbon (clean them first). If you borrow a vehicle, make sure to supply your own fuel and have it cleaned before and after.

8. Wedding Reception on a Budget

Keep the ceremony and reception in the same place.
Having your wedding and reception in the same location allows you to save money not only on multiple venues but also on transportation to and from those venues.

9. Wedding Date on a Budget

 Schedule your reservation for the off-season and on a weekday.
You can reduce the costs of a wedding venue in some cases by as much as half just by changing the day of the week or having it out of season.

10. Wedding Photographs on a Budget

How to save money on photographs
If you want to save money on photos, hire a talented photography student at a significant discount. Alternatively, enlist the assistance of a talented family member (or two) who has access to a good phone. Some couples have disposable cameras as favors for guests to take photos but for better quality, I'd have a sign where you ask your guests to share photos to your wedding social media pages using a specific hashtag. You will then have access to hundreds of photos and can select the best for your wedding album. 

11. Wedding Cake on a Budget

How to make savings on your wedding cake 
There are some well-known stores that sell wedding cakes which with a little creative flair you can make them look just as good as one from a talented cake maker. Alternatively consider cupcakes, a cheese tower, cake layers that are fake (not real cake, just iced on the outside), and one tier which is real to share with guests. Add fresh flowers on the day for a beautiful decoration, or fake flowers.

12. Wedding Dress on a Budget

How to save money on the wedding dress
Preloved wedding dresses have only been worn once in most cases and so with cleaning and proper storage you can benefit from massive savings. Online stores also offer great value wedding dresses - ensure you read the reviews and sizing guides very carefully.

13. Wedding ceremony on a Budget

Have a joint wedding
Think about having a joint wedding with another couple. If you are close with the other couple this could work out really well and cut both your costs in half. If you happen to share the same friends and family even better as that keeps the guest list the same as for one wedding. Your guests will also appreciate not having to cover the cost of attending two weddings.

14. Eloping on a Budget

Elopement is a popular choice for couples these days, and it no longer carries the stigma that it once did. You can always have a wedding reception when you're back home.

15. getting Married Abroad on a Budget

Get married abroad

Destination weddings can be less expensive if you choose a package deal and guests pay for their own transportation and accommodation. You will save money by not paying for a separate honeymoon.

I hope you have found these money-saving budget wedding planning suggestions to be useful. More wedding planning advice, guides, and checklists can be found on my blog and via my Facebook group.

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