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Gift Ideas for Parents of the Bride and Groom

 Parents of bride and groom poem gift
Poem for parents of Bride and Groom
As a mum of two teenagers, their marriages are very much in their future but like all mums marriages and weddings are something I daydream about from time to time. I'm going to be the mother of a bride and a groom at some point (I have both a son and daughter). it's quite a daunting prospect! I'm not actively thinking about my thank you gift but for the purpose of this article I'm entering that headspace and wondering what I'd appreciate the most.

I can honestly say that all any mother or father wants is for their kids to be happy and seeing them happy on their wedding day with a bright married future ahead is all the gift of thanks that we want. There really isn't anything 'material' beyond that a son or daughter can gift us other than a simple token of their appreciation, more to satisfy their needs and the tradition of gifting the bride and grooms parents more than anything else.

This is perhaps why most bride and groom parent gifts are fairly simple and inexpensive. They represent a token and gesture of thanks and appreciation while the words inscribed (ideall  the gift will be eprsonalized in some way) carry the depth of feeling and sentiment.

My advice on this basis is to spend more time thinking about what to have inscribed on the gift or written inside the thank you card. The gift can also be handmade which all parents love when it comes to gifts from their children. We will never ever grow out of enjoying our children's handmade gifts even when they're adults. They don't need to be perfect, infact a wibbly wobbly handmade gift is imperfectly perfect!

So try not to fret too much about the cost of the gifts for your parents, think more about how to make them sentimental keepsakes.

For some parents they might be experiencing a sense of loss if their son or daughter is leaving home for the first time after getting married. They may feel a sense of handing over responsibility of their child to their new husband or wife. It's quite a big deal! Consider all these things when crafting your thanks, whether it be in a speech or a message on a gift or inside a card.

Featured here are my ideas both bought and DIY along with some verses that might capture what you want to say. We're not all wordsmiths, I know I'm not! And it's not cheating to use lyrics from an appropriately worded song or poem.

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