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How To Plan A Low Budget Wedding

WOW Your Guests And Have A Perfect Day With A LOW Wedding Budget

Whether you have a small wedding budget or simply don't want to spend a fortune on your wedding (other priorities) we have tips and advice that will ensure you have a classy elegant wedding that doesn't break the bank!

Your friends and relatives will ask you afterward how you managed to pull off such a lovely wedding on such a small budget. You can direct them here!


    free wedding samples kit vostaprint
  • Wedding Planners and Organisers
  • Set the Budget and then Set Budget Priorities
  • Beautiful Wedding Dress On A Small Budget
  • Making Savings On The Bridal Party
  • How to Save Money On Wedding Flowers
  • How To Have A Low Budget Wedding Reception
  • How To Save Money On Wedding Photography
  • How To Save Money On Wedding Catering
  • How To Keep Your Guest List Small
  • How To Save Money On Wedding Music
  • How To Save Money On Wedding Cars
  • Save Money By Being A DIY Bride
  • DIY Wedding Centrepieces and Table Decorations
  • DY Wedding Favors
  • Personalized Printed Invitations

Plan to fail if you fail to plan

Planning ahead and being organized is all-important for any wedding but especially so for a small budget one. A budget of $5000, £3000 I believe is realistic. If your budget is smaller than this then trim costs further by making savings on numbers attending, venue and dress. This article will show you how to keep £'s or $'s down without losing anything on style.

Best wedding planner Wedding Planners  and Organisers

To help you get organized you may want to invest in a wedding planner journal. The Knot wedding planner and organizer is especially popular among new brides to be. Another popular one which is super cheap can be seen below for under $10.

Up to 40% Custom Wedding Planners and FoldersOR .. you can start making savings right now and print off a FREE wedding planner checklist such as that provided by Martha Stewart. This is a very comprehensive wedding planning checklist that is available as a PDF doc. It includes a wedding timeline, budget planner, guest checklist, photography planner, music planner, flower planner and reception seating planner.

Up to 40% Personalized Wedding Planners and Folders

If you have a spreadsheet program, you can record wedding budget costs and schedules via that and update it easily as things change - they will!

FREE (for personal use) Wedding Planning Timeline Printable HERE

Set the Budget and then Set Budget Priorities

You'll have to budget for the following (this list is not exhaustive)

free wedding samples kit minted
  • Wedding Insurance
  • Venue incl. catering, entertainment, drinks, toast, decorations, flowers, favors
  • Wedding Cake
  • Registrar
  • Ceremony (officiant, church booking, etc. incl. flowers)
  • Bride and Groom wear /jewelry/underwear/shoes
  • Bridal Party, Groomsmen wear 
  • Flowers (buttonholes, brides bouquet, bridal party bouquets).
  • Table and Room Decorations
  • Invitations - 100 invites from $28 HERE!
  • Save The Dates
  • RSVPs and other stationery as desired
  • Hair, Makeup, Nails
  • Bridal party, Groomsmen thank you gifts
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Cars
  • Overnight Hotel
  • Honeymoon
From this list decide (as a couple) what is MOST important to you. Usually, a bride has an idea of where her main focus will be - invariably the dress and venue. If that's the case then from your total budget set aside the amounts you feel you NEED (not want) to spend on those two areas to get the best result as per your 'wants'.

This will give you an idea of what is left re all those other things and it is on those other things that you need to focus your energies regarding making savings. That's not to say you can't still make savings on your dress and venue, you can! But the most creativity will come from the items for which you have the least cash available.


Beautiful Wedding Dress On A Small Budget

Pre-Loved  - Worn once, specialist cleaned, can be as much as 75% less than the original purchase price.

If going this route ensure you allow a small budget in case you need alterations and give yourself a LOT of time to hunt down the perfect dress.

There are lots of Facebook groups and eBay lists etc. as well as Charity, Thrift stores that sell wonderful pre-loved wedding gowns.

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