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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Combining Your Wedding Destination and Honeymoon

Safari Passport Invitation

There are travel companies that offer tailor-made exclusive wedding destinations that include safaris and tours in Africa, Asia and South America.

Post-Wedding Plan Tips

  • Make sure about the Dates - investigate local holidays. 
  • Weather  - what is the best time of the year.  
  • Transport facilities - for you and your guests
  • Venues- luxurious and affordable accommodations 
  • Language  - just in case nobody speaks English. 

Wedding Planners

Once you’ve nailed down your wedding location, the next step is finding the right wedding venue. Many resorts and venues roll out the red carpet for couples tying the knot away from home. 

If you can manage a professional wedding planner since they'll make sure everything is under control, good advice is spending more days in your destination after the wedding than before. Save as much of your time as possible for the honeymoon.

Use a reputable post-event shipping company to ship all the wedding clothing, accessories and gifts, if you held your wedding shower nearer home.

Safari Boarding Pass 2 by TerraCosmos

Big Cats Weddings There are travel companies that tailor-make exclusive safaris and tours in Africa, Asia and South America.

Coordinate your travel plans with your wedding planner or family members and choose wedding invitations that include links to your website with all the information necessary for your wedding destination. A destination wedding means lots of pre-and post-event shipping, so plenty of advance planning is of the utmost importance to create a memorable event.

Africa is an Exotic Wedding Destination

There are numerous safari lodge wedding venues to choose from. Witwater Safari Lodge & Spa is a good example. It offers breathtaking views of the Waterberg mountains and a view of the Phalala River which offers its peace and serenity to the moment.

Safari Wildlife Destination for a Wedding Getting Married in Africa

In South Africa, couples must first register an intention to marry with the Department of Home Affairs and apply for a marriage certificate at least three months prior to your intended wedding date.

In Kenya, couples need to apply for and obtain a certificate or a license from the Registrar of Marriages in order for them to have a wedding in the 'bush'.

Guests should plan to stay in Nairobi for up to 4 days for all arrangements to be confirmed. Kenya weddings have wide-ranging appeal for their luxury and affordability.

Watercolor Floral Safari Wedding

Party Activities

Participate in activities that you can repeat decades later when you revisit your memorable wedding destination.

Make sure that your Honeymoon is at a different location by changing to a more luxury hotel that is just a short drive away so you can feel you've arrived in an entirely new destination.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Top 10 Most Popular and Cheapest Honeymoons 2019


The top 10 honeymoon destinations 2019 are:

According to Instagram (and Hello magazine who collected the data)

The three destinations that feature in both lists are Bali, Greece and Thailand, so it might be fair to assume these are in fact the TOP places for destination honeymoons at this current time.

The 12 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019

  1. South Africa.
  2. Zanzibar.
  3. Armenia.
  4. Serbia.
  5. Transylvania
  6. Romania.
  7. George Town
  8. Penang
  9. Malaysia
  10. Moscow
  11. Taipei
  12. Taiwan

Two destinations that feature increasingly in search results for the most popular and cheapest honeymoon destinations are Thailand and Taiwan.

What are the differences between Thailand and Taiwan?

I've been doing some research and conclude that at this current time (2019) two of the most popular places to honeymoon are Thailand and TaiwanYou can view the results and other popular honeymoon destinations below. There are many reasons for this not least:

  • Taiwan is located in East Asia while Thailand is located in South East Asia.
  • Thailand is on the Asian mainland. Taiwan is an island south of Japan and north of the Philippines. Thailand is land, Taiwan is island.
  • Distance from Thailand to Taiwan is 2,262 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 1,406 miles.
  • Taiwan official language is Mandarin and Hokkien while Thailand official language is Thai language.
  • Majority of people in Taiwan are Chinese while in Thailand, majority are Thai.
  • Taiwan has a President as their country leader while Thailand have a King.
  • Taiwan (formerly named beautiful island) is apparently very much cleaner and well kept in comparison to Thailand. The municipalities pick up trash twice a day and with a service like that they can probably put most countries to shame. Thailand is less clean but they're working harder at going green.
  • Taiwan people have a longer life span than those in Thailand
  • Taiwan's infant mortality rate is lower than in Thailand
  • Taiwan has a lower birth rate than Thailand
  • Taiwan boasts a better average salary than for Thailand
  • Taiwan experiences less income poverty than Thailand
  • Higher rate of employment in Thailand compared to Taiwan
  • Thailand has more coastline than Taiwan
  • Higher taxes in Taiwan than Thailand

Top 7 most searched travel destinations for 2019

  1. Maldives
  2. Tahiti
  3. Grand Canyon National...
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Amalfi Coast
  6. Great Barrier Reef
  7. Santorini

Where are you heading for your wedding honeymoon in 2019?

Friday, 12 April 2019

Destination Beach Wedding - Plan Ahead For Your Guests

Magnetic Wedding Save The Date PHOTO CALENDAR Magnetic Invitation

Book early and let your guests know so they can plan ahead

Destination Wedding Save The Date ADD PHOTO + MAP Magnetic Invitation
If you're having a destination wedding, flying or sailing abroad you want to give your guests a good amount of notice. They may need to book time off work, make arrangements for children and pets, and start saving for flights, hotels, clothing and that all important wedding gift!

The save the date featured left allows you to add a photo of yourselves AND your destination (background) along with handy reminders for your guests regarding how they need to plan ahead for your destination wedding.

A years notice is not unreasonable

Beach Wedding Collection
Giving them a years notice also means they can choose for this to be their annual vacation week/destination saving them the cost of two holidays.

A great idea for save the dates that won't be stored in a drawer and forgotten are the new magnetic save the date cards that your guests can attach to their fridge ensuring a daily reminder of your big day.

With this in mind choose something attractive, as they will be looking at it everyday! A save the date featuring a couples photo of yourselves is a nice idea as it can double as a nice little keepsake. Have a look at the collection of destination beach themed invitations, save the dates and other items for your away wedding here.

You can opt for something specific to your destination, a boarding pass, travel ticket, themed save the date, or one of many other template designs.

Beach Wedding Collection

Destination Wedding Save The Date Rustic Tag Invitation

The designer says: Grunge Kraft Brown Paper Save The Date Destination Wedding Luggage Tag Photo Card. This modern grunge save the date flat photo card features a luggage tag die cut shape design with a heart ink stamp on a brown kraft paper background. The back of the card has a matching plane icon pattern design. This design is for a tropical, summer, spring, fall, autumn or winter destination wedding. Designed by fat*fa*tin. Easy to customize with your own text, photo or image.

This vintage travel luggage tag themed save the date is perfect to give your guests plenty of advance notice of your planned destination wedding! Add the dates of travel and the destination and then they can pop this magnetic save the date on their fridge as an ongoing reminder of the plans they need to make to ensure they can join you on your wedding day. They might require time off work, to plan for the unexpected expense, pet and childcare cover and more. The more advance notice you can give them that you're travelling for your wedding the better.

The designer says:sea foam colors vintage wedding invitations boarding pass tickets for tropical wedding in the island on the boat, yacht or for cruise wedding. Full of unique nautical details: ancient anchor drawing, old ropes and knots, beautiful typography and everything completed on a antique paper effect background. You can tie it off with twine to make it more special and interesting.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Nautical Themed Destination Wedding Planning

Timeless elegance is guaranteed with a nautical themed wedding

You don't need to be getting married aboard a ship or yacht to make the most of this popular trend.

Destination weddings which are near the sea provide the perfect backdrop for this trending destination wedding color scheme.

Nautical Invites and Partyware for all Occasions

Whether you favor the color combos navy blue and white or want to add a flash of bright red, the nautical theme oozes class.

Nautical Invites and Partyware for all Occasions

Also popular this wedding season are nautical invitations which feature floral decorated anchors and ships wheels.

If this sounds too fussy for your tastes, there are the simple words of 'love' written with nautical rope for a modern, minimalist look.

A Nautical Wedding
Have a look at the variety of nautical wedding invitations and matching stationery here along with my hand picked decorations and other goodies to create the 'stage' for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Don't forget your nautical themed save the dates which are especially important for destination weddings as your guests will require more than the usual amount of notice.

A Nautical Wedding by Simon Lake

Nautical Knot Burlap Watercolor Save the Date 

 nautical save the date modern photo rope
The designer says: The perfect Save the Date for a nautical themed wedding or event.

This product features a navy blue watercolor striped background with a rope tied in a nautical knot. Bordered with a burlap-look texture.

The perfect blend of timeless nautical style and rustic modern accents.

Add 3 of your own engagement photos to fully customize the card. Square format photos work best with this product.

The designer says: The perfect invitation for a nautical themed wedding or event.

This product features a navy blue watercolor striped background with a rope tied in a nautical knot. Bordered with a burlap-look texture.The perfect blend of timeless nautical style and rustic modern accents.

Your nautical wedding won't be complete without some elegant accessories and decorations. Have a look at these anchor, rope and sailing boat theme wedding items.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Thailand Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Looking for somewhere different to get married, somewhere with fabulous beaches, tropical climate and palm trees. You might be thinking of a destination wedding in Cyprus, the Greek Islands or Italy but if you're looking for something a bit more adventurous with lots of culture, take a look at Thailand

Thailand is such a wonderful destination with luxurious temples around every corner, sun soaked beaches, lively cities and interesting small villages. It's a place where memories are made that will last a lifetime.

There are several resorts where weddings can be arranged with western style weddings ceremonies exchanging vows and rings in luxury hotel settings or on the beach. Alternatively you can go for a Buddhist Temple wedding experience involving chanting monks, blessings and candle lighting.

These are just a few of the Thai resorts where hotels offer wedding packages 

  • Khao Lak
  • Koh Phangam
  • Koh Phi Phi
  • Koh Samui
  • Krabi
  • Phuket

It's advisable to get a reputable company to handle the arrangements for you as not only is the language very different, the writing is very different also. For example the word wedding in Thai looks like this งานแต่งงาน , so it could get confusing

When the wedding is over and all your paperwork is in order you can if you wish take off for a romantic honeymoon for just the two of you on one of the small Thai Islands. I can personally recommend Koh Kood Island where I spent a few days this year, but definitely not for people looking for nightlife, it's very low key and ideal for just relaxing in the sunshine on one of the glorious beaches. ­

But if your not wanting to relax there are Thai islands with lots going on and Bangkok is oozing with magnificent temples or you can hop and off the local ferries visiting different villages with their colorful local markets.

Thailand is known as the land of a thousand smiles and this shot taken in the local market certainly depicts this.

If you're looking for a wedding with a difference and a holiday of a lifetime  Thailand will definitely fit the bill.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Arranging A Destination Wedding In Cyprus

Cyrpus beach wedding ideas

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus is a popular European destination wedding location and it has so much more to offer!

Weddings Abroad Destination Cyprus Matching SetFun, sun, beauty, sight-seeing, relaxation and an active nightlife is what you will get with a Cyprus destination wedding.

Imagine gliding in sandals across the golden sands while feeling the light sea breeze ruffle your hair. You catch the natural scent of the sea while hearing only the sound of gently crashing waves as a backdrop to your chosen wedding music. It's magical and relaxed and you have no need to rush off to pack for a honeymoon because you're already there!

With abundant sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches,  historic and picturesque attractions, exotic and tasty food it is no wonder Cyprus is such a popular destination for weddings. Did I mention the nightlife? For livelier couples shopping and nightlife are a great added bonus.

Destination Cyprus Matching Set

FAST ACCESS - to fast access everything you need for your Cyprus destination wedding visit my personally selected guides, clothing and other items curated for you via my Amazon influencer page HERE

Wedding Invitation and Stationery Sales

 Wedding sales, coupons

Where to get married in Cyprus?

All destinations were not created equal so make a wish list of the 'type' of wedding/vacation you want. Do you want to see the sights, chill by a pool, enjoy ocean sports and games, enjoy the busy nightlife and shopping? Your wish list will help you and your travel agent decide which is the best location.

They may advise you to check out Limassol and Aiya Napa if you want a great nightlife and shopping. They are also known for their tourist attractions and are popular destinations for weddings. Paphos to the West of the Island of Cyprus retains its old rustic charm while being a growing centre for tourism and may suit those who want something more serene. Another popular destination for a Cyprus wedding is Protaras.

How to get married in Cyprus - legalities

Your travel agent will be able to assist you with finding out about the legal requirements for getting married in Cyprus and advise you about everything you need for your special day.

They can provide a full wedding package or just take care of flights and accommodation. They can also advise you on the many different venues and locations you can choose for your wedding which include, beaches, gardens, churches, town halls, hotels and more.

You can alternatively shop online via Amazon for one of their many guides to getting married in Cyprus. They have guides re the legalities and re the various locations and their distinct attractions. Page down to view my selection. You can see everything they have on Cyprus weddings HERE.

Getting married in Cyprus is relatively easy but you will need to make sure you have copies (two for safety) of various legal documents pertaining to your identity, single/married/divorced/widowed status and so on. You can find a comprehensive list of requirements and fees relating to getting married in Cyprus via: Getting-married-in-Cyprus-guide - Amazon

Destination Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Save The Date
Destination wedding save the dates Cyprus

Your guests will have a LOT of planning to do themselves if they're joining you for your Cyprus destination wedding, so get those save the dates out at least a year ahead of time, so they can save, book time off and make other arrangements as needed. They will be planning for a short holiday and so will need the sort of advance notice that holiday planning requires.

 Cyprus save the date

Destination Wedding Invitations -Cyprus

About two months before the wedding, send out the invitations with all the particulars. It may be the case your guest list is small and you will instead have a wedding reception in your home town upon your return. This will ensure all your friends and family are happy and enjoying celebrating your wedding. You can have a recording on hand screening your destination wedding ceremony during the event.

 Cyprus destinationw edding invitations boarding pass

Wedding Destinations Abroad Guest Information
Wedding Destinations Abroad Guest Information

Planning Your Cyprus Wedding Decor/Catering/Entertainment

With the nitty gritty of the legalities out the way you can focus on the more pleasant wedding arrangements such as the invitations, the dress, bridal party clothes and all the decorative, reception, catering and music aspects. Some features of the decor and reception, catering may be included in your wedding package. Check the details thoroughly and ask questions about anything you're uncertain of.

Questions to ask your venue host:

  • Are candles on the beach allowed
  • Can you have music/ a dj on the beach and until what time
  • Is alcohol allowed on the beach?
  • How can you late can you remain on the beach?
  • Can you have a BBQ, grill food on the beach?

Destination Wedding Guests Needs

Your guests may be suffering from jet lag, may have had long waits in airports, long drives to the hotel and now be sitting or standing in hot sun on the beach. It will all be worth it of course, but for their comfort give some consideration to all this and ensure their comfort as much as possible.

Prepare the following for your bridal party and guests comfort
  • Shade for guests to sit out of the hot sun
  • Hydration for guests they might waiting in hot sun for a while
  • Hand fans for guests
  • Bug spray
  • Seagulls (be aware of them!)
  • Other tourists (you might need a permit to have use of a section of beach or it will be included in your package).
  • Cover food/keep it cool
  • Washroom facilities near the site

What to wear for a beach/destination wedding

Light and airy for comfort is the name of the game for a beach wedding! Perspiration and hopping barefoot on hot sand is not attractive and neither is hobbling down the aisle on heels that are sinking into the sand. So put on your practical hat and give comfort and glamour a big consideration. They go hand in hand for a beach wedding.

Not all Cyprus couples will be marrying on the beach, so you can of course dress accordingly for those other venues, wherever they are.

Beach wedding footwear for bride and groom

Foot wear is important! You as a bride don't want to be teetering across the sand in heels (have you ever tried walking on sand in heels?) it won't be catwalk style that's for sure.

Flipflops might be too casual so instead a pretty diamante encrusted beach wedding sandal is a good choice. Nice and airy, with protection from the heat of the sand.

For the groom a male version of a smart sandal or a casual loafer shoe accompanied with a shorter trouser leg (trendy calf length) will look smart and in keeping with the beach theme. The groom can also roll up loose pant legs for photos taken next to or in shallow sea waters.

Wedding Dress

Below is a selection of wedding dresses suitable for beach weddings. Consider the venue and the weight of the dress and how you will pack it for travel. For a beach wedding the dress (usually white) can be short and lacy, or long and floaty but light material with minimal detailing.

You can also detract from those traditional choices with a modern wedding dress with blue ombre shading on the skirt, or a bohemian, hipster style summer dress with floral embroidered detail. Coral is a trending color for weddings this season. You have a lot of choice. As noted above the aim is comfort and staying cool.

The grooms beach suit

The groom can wear a formal suit, but for a hot beach wedding I'd opt for a modern trendy more casual alternative, such as calf length trouser, turn ups or even a roll up. Shirt can be formal but worn out and without a tie, or Hawaiian with floral pattern. A straw boater style hat would compliment the look. Have a look at the suggestions .

Bridal Party clothing

Apply the same consideration for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, flowergirls, pageboys, ring bearer, best men, mothers and fathers of bride and groom as for the bride and groom. Cool and comfortable! Colors can match the theme of your wedding, with light airy dresses (any length), sandal type shoes, shorts and casual shirts for the men.

For more destination wedding stationery check out FlissB designs Here:

Shall We Do It On The Beach! Destination Weddings

Santorini Greek Island Weddings Destination Set
Getting married abroad has become very popular largely due to the sunny climates which are very appealing when compared to the unpredictable weather here in the UK. A rainy day in Scunthorpe or a beach wedding in Cyprus; it's a no no-brainer really. No offence to anyone in Scunthorpe it's just the first name that came into my head.

Perhaps you're thinking of getting married abroad? it's such a big decision which will affect one of the most important days of your life. So before getting carried away with magazine pictures of beautiful brides and grooms running along exotic sandy beaches; do some research.

Facebook has a number of friendly groups, just search wedding groups, destination weddings, brides or similar and you will soon find them. Don't be afraid to ask questions and read other peoples experiences.

Visit your local travel agents ask if they cater for destination weddings and see what advise they can give you. Especially regarding places suitable at the time of year your looking to get married.

Speak to the people you really want to be present at your wedding; see if they
could come and if they have any date restrictions for when it would be possible
with regards to work, school holiday or other commitments.

Get some quotes from tour operators/ travel agents and wedding planners. Most
people find that all in all it works out less than getting married at home mainly
because it's usually a much smaller group of people to cater for but obviously
it depends on where you have in mind.

Think carefully about after the actual wedding day; do you really want to spend
your honeymoon with mum, dad and the rest of the family. Me personally the more the merrier.

Some couples have a post wedding party when they return so that they can celebrate with friends and family who were unable to go abroad. It's a great chance to get some more use out of your wedding dress and usually brings in some extra gifts!

Done your research and still want to do it; now you just need to decide on
destination; the choice of which is ever increasing. There's French Castles,
Greek Islands, Cyprus Beaches, Exotic Thailand Temples, The Caribbean and the list goes on. I will be popping back to blog about some of the destination choices soon so be sure to follow.