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Tying the Knot in a Unique Way: 8 Offbeat and Hilarious Destination Wedding Ideas

Fall 2022 Wedding

Here are some fun ways to celebrate your wedding

A "Trashed the Dress" photo shoot: Have a little fun and let your hair down after the ceremony by trashing your wedding dress in a unique and memorable way. For example, you could jump into a pool fully clothed, or have a food fight in a local market.

"Wedding Moon" honeymoon: Combine your wedding and honeymoon by getting married on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort where you can enjoy all the amenities and activities on offer.

"Eloping" package: If you're looking for something more intimate and low-key, consider an "eloping" package where you and your partner can tie the knot in a secluded spot with just the two of you and a celebrant.

"Wedding on Wheels": For the adventurous couple, why not get hitched while on a road trip or on a moving train or bus.

"Underwater wedding": For the aquatic lovers, take the plunge and exchange vows while scuba diving or snorkeling.

"Fantasy wedding": Have a fairy-tale or fantasy-inspired wedding by renting a castle or getting married in a theme park or a movie studio

"Glamping wedding": For the outdoorsy couple, have a glamorous camping wedding, in a beautiful nature setting with all the comfort of a hotel.

"Wedding on Ice": For the winter sports enthusiast, get married on a ski slope or an ice skating rink.

These ideas may not be for everyone, but they're definitely unique and will make for an unforgettable and funny wedding experience for you and your guests.


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