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How To Find The Envelope Size For My Invitations - Budget and DIY

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If you're making your own wedding invitations or choosing a budget wedding invitation option that doesn't include envelopes you might be wondering what size envelopes you should buy. There are lots of envelope merchants online and on the High Street.

Two things to note: 
  1. The insert (invitation) should always be smaller in dimension than the envelope (usually around 0.25" length and width)
  2. The insert thickness may affect the fit.
The two most commonly used envelope styles for invtiations are  'Announcement and Baronial' with A6 and A7 sizes being the most common for invitations.

Examples based on the Announcement envelope style size chart shown below:

  • For 4.5"x 5.6" invitations the closest envelope size is A6 at 4.75" x 6.5" .
  • For 5.5" x 8.5" invitations A9 size envelopes are ideal at 5.75" x 8.75".
  • For Postcard size which on Zazzle is 4.25 x 5.6 the A2 size envelope is slightly larger but is less than 0.25" difference so you may need to try one to ensure the insert fits comfortably.

I found envelope size charts particularly useful regarding the sizes for the two different envelope types (and others).

Chart Credits - persmision to use granted by 17.7.20  

What Card Type Should I use For My Invitations

This is another question that often comes up when making your own wedding invitations or ordering budget options. I found some helpful info on paper weights HERE.

More on Invitation Envelopes by Lucy Greenswood 

Invitation envelopes are 4 3/4" tall by 6 1/2" long and are generally referred to as size A6 envelopes. Invitation envelopes do come in other sizes, such as the A7, which is 5 1/4" tall by 7 1/4" long. Some use size A9, which is just the right size for tucking something inside that, is about the size of half a standard sheet of paper. Size A6, however, are one of the more popular sizes for this purpose. One of the most common uses for the A6 size is for wedding invitations.

This style that have colors other than standard white are an interesting option. With as many color choices as there are today, it would be easy to find colors and papers that match the theme of any event. When selecting envelopes, do not forget that they are going to need to be printed. Dark colored offerings may pose a problem if you had planned to have the them machine printed, as printers do not usually print in white ink. Using address labels or light colored gel or paint pens are a solution to that problem. A custom stamp can be made and used with the light colored ink for return addressing.

Another option to consider is if you would like your envelopes lined or not. Having lined envelopes is not imperative, but it does have a way of dressing up plain envelopes into something a little fancier. Lined envelopes are also handy in that it helps conceal the envelope's contents. Envelopes tend to come in one standard weight, so if having a little thicker of an envelope is important, lined envelopes could be just what are needed.

Another component of the envelope to consider is the kind of flap that is preferred. Some of the standard flaps are the pointed ones (also known as Baronial envelopes), square flap envelopes that are also referred to as A-style, and square flaps with rounded corners.

Envelopes do not only exist as opaque -- there are also clear plastic envelopes that come in a multitude of colors and sizes (including the trusty A6). These plastic envelopes have a great potential for fun designs with invitations. Plastic is not the only fun material envelopes come in -- they can also be found in glassine and vellum.

A6 invitation envelopes are one of the most common kind of envelopes used and can be mailed using a single first class stamp. If you thought envelopes were one-size fits all, think again. Explore the many different colors, papers, and textures of the A6 envelope.
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