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What Size Envelopes Do I need For My Custom Invitations - by Zazzle Creator LeahG

Welcome to the Low Budget Wedding Network®. I am LeahG™ the Founder of  The Budget Wedding Range on Zazzle. I was looking for lower priced alternatives to the existing invitations available on Zazzle for my low budget brides on my FB Group facebook.com/groups/bridesonabudget.
After doing research into Zazzle's available paper and card products I made a discovery. Zazzle's 'sheet paper stock' SEMI-GLOSS was the exact same weight and thickness (12.5 pt thickness / 110 lb weight) as their SEMI-GLOSS invitation paper/card stock. This meant that despite a significant price difference (0.61 v 2.00+ per unit) I could offer low budget couples the same great design on the same weight/thickness paper/card for a substantially lower price. The catch is no envelopes included and not the same sizes on offer for 'sheets' as for 'flat card invitations'.  

As such I have written a guide to finding the envelopes you need to fit your Zazzle budget sheet invitations (along with details re paperweights and card types) and any you might decide to make yourself at home. Please feel free to ask questions in comments and do join our Budget Bride Group here for tips and advice, fun and to share your wedding planning journey.  

UPDATE - since writing this Zazzle has embraced this budget range, other designers have hopped on board and envelopes are now available as an add-on for 'sheets' and postcards! I meanwhile have expanded my range and have several thousand budget range wedding invitations available on Zazzle for you to choose from.  Please support my initiative by purchasing direct from my stores and collections.


If you're making your own wedding invitations or choosing a budget wedding invitation option that doesn't include envelopes you might be wondering what size envelopes you should buy. There are lots of envelope merchants online and on the High Street.

Two things to note: 
  1. The insert (invitation) should always be smaller in dimension than the envelope (usually around 0.25" length and width)
  2. The insert thickness may affect the fit.
The two most commonly used envelope styles for invtiations are  'Announcement and Baronial' with A6 and A7 sizes being the most common for invitations.

Examples based on the Announcement envelope style size chart shown below:

  • For 4.5"x 5.6" invitations the closest envelope size is A6 at 4.75" x 6.5" 

  • For 5.5" x 8.5" invitations A9 size envelopes are ideal at 5.75" x 8.75".

  • For Postcard size which on Zazzle is 4.25 x 5.6 the A2 size envelope is slightly larger but is less than 0.25" difference so you may need to try one to ensure the insert fits comfortably.

I found CutCardStock envelope size charts particularly useful regarding the sizes for the two different envelope types (and others).

what size envelope do i need

what type of card are invitations
What Card Type Should I use For My Invitations

This is another question that often comes up when making your own wedding invitations or ordering budget options. I found some helpful info on paper weights HERE.

what type of cardstock are zazzle invitations?

How to transfer designs to new products in zazzle

As you can see the semi-gloss for sheets / flat card invitation and postcards are the same weight. The difference is re size and the variety of options that come with that specific product type. As such I have added my designs to all the above to provide the widest variety of price range ensuring all engaged couple's budgets regarding invitations, save the date are catered for. If you are not able to find the product to match your price needs, you can TRANSFER the design to other product types or message me for assistance

I hope you have found this helpful. Let me know if you have any further needs in comments.

Please support my initiative by purchasing direct from my stores and collections.

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