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Shall We Do It On The Beach! Destination Weddings

Santorini Greek Island Weddings Destination Set
Getting married abroad has become very popular largely due to the sunny climates which are very appealing when compared to the unpredictable weather here in the UK. A rainy day in Scunthorpe or a beach wedding in Cyprus; it's a no no-brainer really. No offence to anyone in Scunthorpe it's just the first name that came into my head.

Perhaps you're thinking of getting married abroad? it's such a big decision which will affect one of the most important days of your life. So before getting carried away with magazine pictures of beautiful brides and grooms running along exotic sandy beaches; do some research.

Facebook has a number of friendly groups, just search wedding groups, destination weddings, brides or similar and you will soon find them. Don't be afraid to ask questions and read other peoples experiences.

Visit your local travel agents ask if they cater for destination weddings and see what advise they can give you. Especially regarding places suitable at the time of year your looking to get married.

Speak to the people you really want to be present at your wedding; see if they
could come and if they have any date restrictions for when it would be possible
with regards to work, school holiday or other commitments.

Get some quotes from tour operators/ travel agents and wedding planners. Most
people find that all in all it works out less than getting married at home mainly
because it's usually a much smaller group of people to cater for but obviously
it depends on where you have in mind.

Think carefully about after the actual wedding day; do you really want to spend
your honeymoon with mum, dad and the rest of the family. Me personally the more the merrier.

Some couples have a post wedding party when they return so that they can celebrate with friends and family who were unable to go abroad. It's a great chance to get some more use out of your wedding dress and usually brings in some extra gifts!

Done your research and still want to do it; now you just need to decide on
destination; the choice of which is ever increasing. There's French Castles,
Greek Islands, Cyprus Beaches, Exotic Thailand Temples, The Caribbean and the list goes on. I will be popping back to blog about some of the destination choices soon so be sure to follow.

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