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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Guarantee Wedding RSVP with Poems and Novel Reminders

Steel Blue RSVP Modern with Menu SelectionsThere are no guarantees in life but this is as good as it gets for helping your guests remember to RSVP by the deadline

I've been seeing a lot of Facebook posts by frustrated brides who have only received back a handful of RSVPs for their wedding by the time the deadline rolls around. They're now frantically chasing up invited guests via social media, email, text.

Magnetic save the dates and rsvp poems!

How does this happen?

More often it's the case that your invitation has been safely stored in a drawer, perhaps with other wedding invitations (they might be very popular!) with the wedding date itself noted on a calendar BUT NOT THE RSVP deadline date.

No offence is intended, they just forgot. And when you start reminding them, they can't reply right away because they now realise they need to make sure they are free on that day and can get there, afford the expense and so on. Resulting in yet more delays to your much needed rsvp reply.

Not all guests realise how important that RSVP deadline is, thinking to themselves, if they can make it they will be there on the day. They assume if they've been invited, they will be catered for. It needs to be communicated to guests on your rsvp details, that numbers must be confirmed to the venue and caterers ahead of time. There are various way to do this which you can see via the example magnetic save the dates and rsvps featured.

Note that rsvp's don't guarantee attendance but as some guests inevitably bring uninvited +1's and children you should find it balances out.

Anecdote: I invited a work colleague and her plus1 to my wedding and she asked if her three children could also attend. I generously said yes, catered and paid for them all to attend only for my work colleague (without notice) to attend on her own. So that was 4 rsvps that did not attend, however I had some 'randoms' show up from grooms work that made up the numbers. So don't worry too much about the potential chaos of who's coming and not. Go with the flow on your big day.


Save the Date Magnets
You can ensure your guests don't forget your deadline with a prominent magnetic (pop it on the fridge) save the date invitation and an equally prominent RSVP notification. Adding a humorous poem can help nudge them along! See below for rsvp poem suggestions.


These magnetic save the dates and rsvp reminders are available in various sizes and because they're magnetic card, the cost is no more than a regular non-magnetic card invitation.

What to do if guests still don't RSVP in time

1. A week BEFORE your rsvp deadline (not on or after the deadline)

REMIND your guests the deadline is approaching. You can do this via a Facebook post, emails (guarantees they see it), texts, phonecalls.

If you wait until the deadline, they will not be able to reply immediately because chances are they haven't worked out whether they can get the time off work, arrange childcare, manage costs and so on. They will need 'more time'.

When reminding them you can let them know that due to venue size and catering, if guests haven't replied by the deadline, it will be assumed they're declining and can't attend, which is very sad as you really want them there! But needs must.

2. If NO RSVP on the deadline

You can let people know the wedding details , numbers have been finalised and how sad you are that those who didn't rsvp have opted not to attend. In other words assume they're not coming. You might get a flurry or responses and how you handle those is up to you!

Wording samples and RSVP poems to get you through this tricky situation

This is my own (copyright LeahG):

"To our invited wedding guests

The venue is chasing and caterers are getting red

wanting numbers and payment so they can go ahead

making arrangements for all those who want to attend

Please RSVP by our deadline date (add here)

There can be no allowances for those who reply late

It's out of our hands

Thank you in advance for your timely RSVP"

Here's a RSVP poem as posted on a forum:

"I understand things are busy and I hope that you don't mind,

Me sending this short poem to hopefully remind

Our wedding is fast approaching as I'm sure you are aware,

To make our day extra special we would love to you there

No presents are needed, just a smiling face,

If you could let us know please, as there is no time to waste

Drop us a text or email or pop something in the post,

It's the wedding of the year, with us as the host!"

Another wedding forum suggestion

" A little reminder so you don't forget

a night of celebration you wont regret

A mark of the card,you know what to do

will help us figure out which table's for you."

You need balls to send this one!  forum

"I know you're not stupid 

I know you're not dumb 

So please don't you make me 

Pull out my gun 

The postage is paid

The address is written

Is there no time in your day

That you just might fit in 

Ten seconds or so 
To check yes or no 
My request is not crazy
So don't be so damn lazy"

I've seen other suggestions that if people's don't send back their wedding RSVP they should bring their own chair and a sandwich.

How to plan a Forest or Woodland Wedding

Outdoor weddings are limited only by your imagination

If you're a nature loving couple who dreams of  a canopy of trees framing you as you pose for wedding photos a rustic forest or woodland wedding offer charm and beauty in bundles.

There are though additional considerations for an outdoor weddings that don't apply to indoor weddings, so ensure you book a wedding venue with management that is experienced in woodland, forest, garden, outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.

How to plan your woodland wedding

Find a venue

Search engines are your best friend when it comes to finding a forest or woodland wedding venue in your area that has permission and is equipped to host weddings and wedding receptions. Anywhere else and you would likely have to apply for a special permit.

Having a venue that is set up to cater for weddings is preferable as they will cater for many of the things you will require that are particular to a woodland, forest wedding setting.

Check with your venue what they provide and what you need to provide yourself.

Woodland / Forest wedding  - things to consider

Forest Pine Trees Wedding Collection
  • Permit - do you need one
  • Waste disposal - you must leave nature as you found it and ensure nothing is left for animals
  • Toilets and washrooms (can guests access them from where you are)
  • Wet weather provision- always have a plan B when hosting a wedding outdoors incase of rain.
  • Ground cover (consider there might be muddy paths, waterlogged walkways)
  • Screening - have cover and protection against biting insects is welcome
  • Wheelchair access (ask your venue host about this).
  • A flat cleared area for seating, tables and more. The ground will need to be even or your tables and chairs will wobble!
  • Vehicle access - to transport chairs, tables, tents, guests as necc.
  • Drinking water - the usual facilities might not be within reach so you have to cater for basic comforts for guests.
  • Lights in the trees - you will want lighting in the evening and you might need to bring your own, safety first so ensure they're fit for the purpose
  • Fire precautions - if you have lanterns, candles, bbq, hog roast, grill fire safety in a wood is essential.
  • Bug spray for your guests - biting insects will enjoy your party, be prepared!
  • Animals - what is the local wildlife and how might they impact your wedding? You don't want an uninvited bear or deer joining the party!
  • Heating - forests and woods can be chilly due to a canopy of tree shielding you from the sun and more so as evening sets in so you will need some form of heating and guests should be advised to wrap up warm. Warm drinks served in the evening is also a good idea.
  • Wedding Dress - consider the length and a train and how it will be affected potentially dragging around in soil, leaves and even mud!
  • Shoes - woodland and forest walks in heels are not much fun and can lead to your heels becoming caught in the ground so consider your footwear and that of guests.
  • Photographer - hire a photographer experienced with the particular light, shade and perspective requirements for shooting photos and video in a woodland, forest setting. You want to make the most of this beautiful environment and capture it in photos for future generations and yourselves to enjoy.
This list is not exhaustive but it's a good starting place regarding the extras you need to think about when planning a woodland or forest wedding.

Mountain and Lakeside Weddings

If your woodland/forest wedding is situated in the mountains or in view of them, with a lake nearby then you have the best of all worlds regarding what nature has to offer. Invest in a fantastic photographer to make the most of the stunning scenery and capture the enigmatic light and perspective required for great photos. Once the wedding is over your photos (and perhaps video) are all that you will have to show future generations your special day, so of all expenses related to weddings, I believe this is one to give a good amount of consideration to.

If you have a family member or friend that is up to the task or who can supplement your professional photographer images, all the best.

Rustic Woodland and Forest Themed Wedding Invitations

Once you have found your venue you can start thinking about sending out rustic forest and woodland themed wedding invitations, save the dates and stationery extras. I have some wonderful rustic wedding collections for you to peruse.
This modern rustic kraft card wedding invitation features folk art love birds on a branch representing the bride and groom, a wooden heart engraved with the couples initials (printed graphics) and trending handwritten fonts. The text on both sides can be edited to suit your exact needs.

This elegant and modern wedding invitation features a rustic wooden heart with monogram of the bride and groom's initials and 4 photo templates for you to add couple photos of yourself enjoying happy and romantic times. It has a rustic wood printed background (available in different shades) and has text template fields for you to add your wedding details as desired in a modern format. Matching rsvp, thank you, save the dates, stickers and favor boxes are available.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Destination Beach Wedding - Plan Ahead For Your Guests

Magnetic Wedding Save The Date PHOTO CALENDAR Magnetic Invitation

Book early and let your guests know so they can plan ahead

Destination Wedding Save The Date ADD PHOTO + MAP Magnetic Invitation
If you're having a destination wedding, flying or sailing abroad you want to give your guests a good amount of notice. They may need to book time off work, make arrangements for children and pets, and start saving for flights, hotels, clothing and that all important wedding gift!

The save the date featured left allows you to add a photo of yourselves AND your destination (background) along with handy reminders for your guests regarding how they need to plan ahead for your destination wedding.

A years notice is not unreasonable

Beach Wedding Collection
Giving them a years notice also means they can choose for this to be their annual vacation week/destination saving them the cost of two holidays.

A great idea for save the dates that won't be stored in a drawer and forgotten are the new magnetic save the date cards that your guests can attach to their fridge ensuring a daily reminder of your big day.

With this in mind choose something attractive, as they will be looking at it everyday! A save the date featuring a couples photo of yourselves is a nice idea as it can double as a nice little keepsake. Have a look at the collection of destination beach themed invitations, save the dates and other items for your away wedding here.

You can opt for something specific to your destination, a boarding pass, travel ticket, themed save the date, or one of many other template designs.

Beach Wedding Collection

Destination Wedding Save The Date Rustic Tag Invitation

The designer says: Grunge Kraft Brown Paper Save The Date Destination Wedding Luggage Tag Photo Card. This modern grunge save the date flat photo card features a luggage tag die cut shape design with a heart ink stamp on a brown kraft paper background. The back of the card has a matching plane icon pattern design. This design is for a tropical, summer, spring, fall, autumn or winter destination wedding. Designed by fat*fa*tin. Easy to customize with your own text, photo or image.

This vintage travel luggage tag themed save the date is perfect to give your guests plenty of advance notice of your planned destination wedding! Add the dates of travel and the destination and then they can pop this magnetic save the date on their fridge as an ongoing reminder of the plans they need to make to ensure they can join you on your wedding day. They might require time off work, to plan for the unexpected expense, pet and childcare cover and more. The more advance notice you can give them that you're travelling for your wedding the better.

The designer says:sea foam colors vintage wedding invitations boarding pass tickets for tropical wedding in the island on the boat, yacht or for cruise wedding. Full of unique nautical details: ancient anchor drawing, old ropes and knots, beautiful typography and everything completed on a antique paper effect background. You can tie it off with twine to make it more special and interesting.

A Roaring 20's Gatsby Wedding

The great Gatsby inspiration 

Watching the 2013 Great Gatsby movie inspired me to create my own Gatsby style by using a luxurious shimmering gold silk texture draped through two wedding rings on a dramatic black background with a Deco style stripe to give the design a chic and glamorous look.

It should exude a sense of purposeful luxury in no uncertain terms.

Vintage 1920's Art Deco Gatsby Wedding Collection
Gatsby style is all about dramatic and eye-catching details. The luxurious Art Deco style is making a comeback in a big way! Some couples like to choose a trendy style that their guests will relate to.  Art deco has influenced a lot of couples even today to use for their most important celebration.

A wedding should be one of the most special occasions in your life. One way to make it even more special is to add personal touches throughout the entire process with gifts for your wedding guests that can all be personalized at Zazzle.

The Wedding Outfits

The Groom
Unlike today, men wore tailored suits to fit snug on the body. Black tuxedos and sparkly sequined dresses are a modern way to do 1920s wedding attire. When choosing a 1920s suit, find one that fits well, not baggy. A matching suit vest and pants are a must for a Great Gatsby look. 

A French cuff white shirt with cuff links is a must! ...I love the look of the white collar shirt for ’20s wear. It screams vintage. Don't forget the very important vintage style shoes. Color-wise anything goes. There's no such thing as too much sparkle.

The Bride
Bridal frocks of the Jazz Age were the epitome of footloose and fancy-free. They were shorter, reflecting the popularity of the flapper girl look. Brides also wore long-strand necklaces, oftentimes pearls layered around their neck.
Here is some great 1920’s inspiration from zazzle designers.

The Table Decor

The Great Gatsby Gift BoxA shimmery black tablecloth layered with embroidered gold linen, including  The couple's initials on plates, wine glass charms and wine bottle labels. The opportunities are endless. 

Welcome Bags
Personalize with the wedding couple's names and wedding date, and be sure to include a special message!

Decadent cookie favors make the perfect post-wedding treat. Box them up to make it a matching gift set so they're easy for guests to grab and go!

Nadine May

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Nautical Themed Destination Wedding Planning

Timeless elegance is guaranteed with a nautical themed wedding

You don't need to be getting married aboard a ship or yacht to make the most of this popular trend.

Destination weddings which are near the sea provide the perfect backdrop for this trending destination wedding color scheme.

Nautical Invites and Partyware for all Occasions

Whether you favor the color combos navy blue and white or want to add a flash of bright red, the nautical theme oozes class.

Nautical Invites and Partyware for all Occasions

Also popular this wedding season are nautical invitations which feature floral decorated anchors and ships wheels.

If this sounds too fussy for your tastes, there are the simple words of 'love' written with nautical rope for a modern, minimalist look.

A Nautical Wedding
Have a look at the variety of nautical wedding invitations and matching stationery here along with my hand picked decorations and other goodies to create the 'stage' for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Don't forget your nautical themed save the dates which are especially important for destination weddings as your guests will require more than the usual amount of notice.

A Nautical Wedding by Simon Lake

Nautical Knot Burlap Watercolor Save the Date 

 nautical save the date modern photo rope
The designer says: The perfect Save the Date for a nautical themed wedding or event.

This product features a navy blue watercolor striped background with a rope tied in a nautical knot. Bordered with a burlap-look texture.

The perfect blend of timeless nautical style and rustic modern accents.

Add 3 of your own engagement photos to fully customize the card. Square format photos work best with this product.

The designer says: The perfect invitation for a nautical themed wedding or event.

This product features a navy blue watercolor striped background with a rope tied in a nautical knot. Bordered with a burlap-look texture.The perfect blend of timeless nautical style and rustic modern accents.

Your nautical wedding won't be complete without some elegant accessories and decorations. Have a look at these anchor, rope and sailing boat theme wedding items.

Anyone for Tiffin? 1950s Tea Party Invitations - Rockabilly Bridal Shower

rockabilly wedding bridal shower teaparty vintage 1950s retro
On a warm summers day there is nothing better than strawberries and cream, a picnic blanket and polkadot parasols!

 rockabilly bridal shower teaparty retro vintage 1950sWhy not make this the theme for your Bridal Shower.

If you're a fan of 1950s fashion and music, are planning a retro vintage rockabilly styled wedding, then a tea party bridal shower (or for your wedding luncheon) is a great way to relax after a busy morning and gather your energy for an evening of rock'n'roll dancing whether it be at your wedding reception or your bachelorette party!

rockabilly bridal shower invitation retro 1950s vintage vinyl record
These invitations have text template fields so you can edit them accordingly to suit your exact needs.

For matching items, or custom edits just drop me a line and I will see what I can do! 

Set the theme for your rockabilly tea party with vintage 1950s style red and white polkadot tea pot, cups and saucers, a retro blue picnic or table cloth, dainty matching napkins and cake trays decorated with red cherries, strawberries and cupcakes.

Have some sparkling wine or Champers on hand to toast after you've enjoyed your bridal / wedding brunch.

Check out my handpicked Rockabilly Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations, Party Supplies and Decorations

Pin Up Girls Bridal Shower

The designer says:
"This vintage style bridal shower features two Pin Up Girls talking on the phone in their lingerie. A perfect invitation for the gal who loves all of the Fabulous fashions of the vintage eras.

This invitation will set the theme for the bridal shower! Ask your guests to wear Vintage Clothes and hire a Pin Up Photographer! Check it out... some versions with tattoos!

 rockabilly bridal shower invitation pinup girl
This vintage style bridal shower template features two Pin Up Girls with tattoos talking on the phone in their lingerie. A perfect invitation for the gal who loves all of the Fabulous fashions of the 1920's -1960's eras.

In charming pink with polka dots this invitation will set the theme for the bridal shower!

Ask your guests to wear Vintage Clothes and hire a Pin Up Photographer! Customize this invite with your own information. This card is customizable, available on multiple card stocks and is custom printed."

Red + Aqua - Retro Bridal Shower 

Red + Aqua - Retro Bridal Shower
The Designer says: "For the retro bride - She's got a great sense of humor and loves all of the Fabulous fashions of the 1940's - 1960's eras. This is the perfect Bridal Shower Invitation for a brunch or party that is especially girly.

A cute and funny vintage bride invites your guests to a one of a kind, super fun event. You can even request the guests wear vintage clothes! Fully customizable!"

Rockabilly Wedding / Bridal Shower Collection

Retro Rockabilly Alternative Wedding Inspired by retro 1950's fun Rockabilly style dresses and comic book graphics; a design ideal for couples looking for something a bit different.

Luscious red hearts, tattoo style swallows, red and white polkadots make this a wonderful collection for your Rockabilly wedding, bridal shower and reception.

Gossiping Housewife Shower Invitations 

Gossiping Housewife Shower Invitations The Designer says: "A fun 1950s, 1960s style retro housewife gossip bridal shower invite. This is the perfect bridal shower invitation for a unique wedding shower.

A group of cute and funny vintage girlfriends invite your guests to a one of a kind event. Request the guests wear vintage clothes! Fully customizable!

You can even change the words in the voice bubbles. This invite is available on multiple card stocks and is custom printed."

Look at this fun 1950s, 1960's style retro housewife gossip bridal shower invite. This is the perfect bridal shower invitation for a really unique wedding shower. A group of cute and funny vintage girlfriends invite your guests to a one of a kind event. Fully customizable! You can even change the words in the voice bubbles. This invite is available on multiple card stocks and is custom printed.

Rockabilly Photo Wedding Invitation , Engagement, Couples Shower

You can edit this invitation for ANY couples event, just add your own photo and edit the event details as required! Fun red and white polkadot with black for a Rockabilly wedding event.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Let's Taco 'Bout Love! Fun Fiesta Wedding Events

 fiesta couples wedding shower invitations photoThese are Nacho Average Fiesta Couple Shower Invites!

Zazzle, world leader in print on demand products not only offers great template fiesta invites for weddings, couples showers and rehearsal dinners but they offer custom design! Many of the Zazzle designers are happy for you to request custom edits, matching items and may even create something from scratch! Enter  ZAZZLE here or via any image/link and under the chosen fiesta couples invitation click on the CONTACT DESIGNER Tab.

Alternatively, leave a comment here and as a designer myself, I will assist you.

I have a wide variety of couples shower invitations including those with watercolor folk art style flowers, traditional cockrels and cacti, fun ones with Llama and various Mexican fiesta graphics and my more recent 'taco bout love' collection which includes some with a photo option.

Page down for more great fiesta couples shower invitations by other talented designers.
Taco Bout Love - Modern Fun Fiesta Wedding Invites
Taco Bout Love - Fiesta Wedding Invites
by LeahG

This kraft card invitation featuring watercolor cacti, succulents and the words 'taco bout love' is Kraft card but can be transferred to other card types and card sizes with different shaped edges. Lots of options! If you need any help editing your invitation just drop me a line. In my collection (above right) you will find new magnet save the date style wedding invitations which can be used for couples shower, bridal shower and other events as desired.

 fiesta couples shower invitation folk flowers
This couples shower invitation features pretty watercolor flowers, two roosters (birds) and cacti. Modern handwritten and calligraphy style fonts.

 Fun fiesta couples shower invitations

This is a fun colorful fiesta couples shower invitation with mexican themed graphics and quirky typography. You're nacho average couple why have an average invitation! View the complete collections here:

Fiesta Engagement Partyware and Invitations
Fiesta Engagement Partyware and Invitations
by LeahG

Modern fun fiesta themed party supplies and gift wrapping items with text template fields for you to personalize them. Decorated with pretty watercolor folk art style flowers and leaves and trendy modern handwritten typography.
Fiesta Couples Showers Folk Art Flowers Invitation
Fiesta Couples Showers Folk Art Flowers Invitation
by LeahG

Minimalism is the theme of this fiesta couples shower invitation with modest watercolor floral arrangement, cockrels and cacti.

Watercolor let's talk about love couples shower invitation designed to be quickly and easily customized to your event specifics. 
Fiesta Couples Shower Invitation Taco Bout Love
Fiesta Couples Shower Invitation Taco Bout Love
by HappyPartyStudio

Fiesta Couples Shower Invitation Taco Bout Love invitation with cactus. Perfect for baby shower, couples shower, bridal shower, etc
Taco Bout Love Invitation Couples Fiesta Shower
Taco Bout Love Invitation Couples Fiesta Shower
by PixelPerfectionParty

Amazon also do a massive range of fiesta couple shower invitations.