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Friday, 12 April 2019

Destination Beach Wedding - Plan Ahead For Your Guests

Magnetic Wedding Save The Date PHOTO CALENDAR Magnetic Invitation

Book early and let your guests know so they can plan ahead

Destination Wedding Save The Date ADD PHOTO + MAP Magnetic Invitation
If you're having a destination wedding, flying or sailing abroad you want to give your guests a good amount of notice. They may need to book time off work, make arrangements for children and pets, and start saving for flights, hotels, clothing and that all important wedding gift!

The save the date featured left allows you to add a photo of yourselves AND your destination (background) along with handy reminders for your guests regarding how they need to plan ahead for your destination wedding.

A years notice is not unreasonable

Beach Wedding Collection
Giving them a years notice also means they can choose for this to be their annual vacation week/destination saving them the cost of two holidays.

A great idea for save the dates that won't be stored in a drawer and forgotten are the new magnetic save the date cards that your guests can attach to their fridge ensuring a daily reminder of your big day.

With this in mind choose something attractive, as they will be looking at it everyday! A save the date featuring a couples photo of yourselves is a nice idea as it can double as a nice little keepsake. Have a look at the collection of destination beach themed invitations, save the dates and other items for your away wedding here.

You can opt for something specific to your destination, a boarding pass, travel ticket, themed save the date, or one of many other template designs.

Beach Wedding Collection

Destination Wedding Save The Date Rustic Tag Invitation

The designer says: Grunge Kraft Brown Paper Save The Date Destination Wedding Luggage Tag Photo Card. This modern grunge save the date flat photo card features a luggage tag die cut shape design with a heart ink stamp on a brown kraft paper background. The back of the card has a matching plane icon pattern design. This design is for a tropical, summer, spring, fall, autumn or winter destination wedding. Designed by fat*fa*tin. Easy to customize with your own text, photo or image.

This vintage travel luggage tag themed save the date is perfect to give your guests plenty of advance notice of your planned destination wedding! Add the dates of travel and the destination and then they can pop this magnetic save the date on their fridge as an ongoing reminder of the plans they need to make to ensure they can join you on your wedding day. They might require time off work, to plan for the unexpected expense, pet and childcare cover and more. The more advance notice you can give them that you're travelling for your wedding the better.

The designer says:sea foam colors vintage wedding invitations boarding pass tickets for tropical wedding in the island on the boat, yacht or for cruise wedding. Full of unique nautical details: ancient anchor drawing, old ropes and knots, beautiful typography and everything completed on a antique paper effect background. You can tie it off with twine to make it more special and interesting.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Wedding Planning 101 - Fail To Plan And You Plan To Fail

Stress Free Wedding Planning With These handy Tips

Watercolor Wedding Invitations Contemporary
Wedding Planning can be a challenge but it can also be great fun if you do your research and plan ahead.

To increase your fun factor and avoid stress, myself and fellow authors and wedding stationery designers have created a blog that is packed full of inspired ideas for wedding themes as well as tips and advice on budgeting, DIY decoration and so much more.

We also advise on how you can avoid all those little niggles that can throw a spanner in the works. You can navigate the guest list, seating, plus 1 and kids issues with a few well worded invites and signs.

Page down to view our most popular advice and trouble shooting guides along with personalized wedding template signs and details card that you can use to let your guests know what your plans are for the big day!

Wedding Trends

Wedding Burnt Orange Pink Collection
When it comes to what's trending for weddings in 2019 and 2020 we have daily/weekly blog updates along with future forecasts as well as a 'design on demand' service to ensure your wedding invitations and accompanying stationery are all bang up to date! Subscribe so you don't miss out.

In the meantime page down for a list of trending wedding theme and this years wedding colors, linked to great wedding invitation and stationery collections so you can start creating your wedding ideas moodboard!

Moodboards can easily be created via Pinterest, just open an account, create a board and start pinning your favorite wedding theme items.

Image - left: Wedding Burnt Orange Pink Collection

Wedding Planning 101

Planning your wedding and getting married should be a wonderful memorable experience. Without great planning, your wedding can be stressful and you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the escalating costs, the family politics and the sheer volume of what you need to do.

To ensure your wedding goes without a hitch and you remain sane throughout the process follow these simple wedding planning tips.

Info: Check out these modern and fun wedding 101 Guides via Amazon

1. Enlist help

Recruit your most creative, organised, enthusiastic friend or family member to help you plan your wedding. This will immediately cut your stress and your workload down by at least half. That is, if you are able to fairly delegate and share the responsibilities.

Use the following 'wedding planning things to do' list to help divide the responsibilities between you.

2. Book the Venues

Book the church or wedding ceremony venue. Give yourself ample time to plan for the wedding and for guests to ensure they are free on the day. Anything from one year to two years is usual for an advance wedding venue booking.

There are great articles on this blog re Destination Weddings if that's what you have in mind! Whether you're taking family and friends or planning an elopement with a wedding reception back home afterwards, we have tips to get you started! Guides on destination weddings via Amazon here.

3. Apply for the licence

Depending on where in the world you are, the rules re marriage licences will vary. Ensure you are compliant and do whatever is required according to your states laws.

4. Set the budget

The size of the budget will determine every other action you take in planning your wedding, so spend time practically working out an accurate wedding budget based on what you can afford and what you believe is reasonable to spend on this one special day.

Parents of bride and groom may offer financial support. Do not take this for granted. If parents do announce they will cover the cost then they will presumably set the wedding budget for you. Ensure you respect the limit imposed. Once you have the budget you need to divide it up to cover the many costs associated with wedding planning and execution.

Costs you need to consider:

  • Wedding Insurance
  • Ceremony Costs  and Licence Fees
  • Reception Venue and Catering including beverages (bottling fees)
  • Wedding invitations as associated items ie rsvp, save the dates etc.

You can buy a wedding stationery suite that will include coordinated items for all the above or you could make your own! There are lots of online resources to help you to create your own wedding invitations. These include wedding invitation templates, printables and craft items. If you are making handmade wedding invitations, allow yourself sufficient time to do so.

  • Flowers including bridal bouquet, ceremony venue flowers and center table arrangements 
  • Decorations for ceremony and reception - ribbons, flowers, bunting, balloons
  • Bridal Dress, underwear, reception outfit, shoes, jewelry, accessories
  • Groom suit, cuff links, accessories, shoes
  • Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, nails
  • Paige boy suits
  • Best man outfit
  • Hair dressing, makeup fees
  • Bridal Party and Thank You Gifts
  • Car Hire for bride, groom, family
  • Wedding cake
  • Boboniere
  • Wedding favors
  • Hotel room hire
  • Honeymoon
  • Cleaning fees

5. Create a Wedding Guest List - things to consider 

Who is coming? How many can you afford to cater for? Should they attend the marriage ceremony, the cocktail hour and the wedding party reception or just the reception? Some people have only close friends and family for the wedding ceremony and include a larger guest list for the evening reception entertainment which may include work colleagues and casual friends.

Children are a consideration as some prefer not to have children at their wedding while others are more than happy to encourage a family wedding environment. If you are including children in your guest list remember to accommodate their needs when catering the reception and planning entertainment.

6. Pick a Wedding Theme

Most brides like to have a 'theme' for their wedding, even if only to establish that it will be a traditional white wedding theme.
When considering a theme for your wedding consider what reflects the personality of you and the groom and what can easily be managed within the scope of the wedding budget.
Modern Geometric Invitations - Christmas

Popular Themes for 2019/2020

Bless This Home Timeline Collection

Bless This Home Whimsical Collection

by LeahG Designs

Wedding invitations featuring a handy timeline are popular, and this one (my own design) features quirky watercolor graphics with template text fields for you to add your own unique wedding timeline text.

Click on the image to view larger version

Trending Wedding Colors :

    Black and White Contemporary Wedding Collection
  • Coral and Turquoise or other color combinations
  • Black and White
  • Blush Pink and Gold
  • Pink and Blue
  • Navy Blue/Copper
  • Ultra Violet/Purple and Emerald Green

Wedding invitations for 2019 and 2020 

Wedding invitation color and graphics schemed for the coming year include minimalist with a lot of white space, feminine handwritten style fonts, leaves in both spring and dark tropical with watercolor graphic elements.

Popular colors are midnight blue, ultra violet, turquoise and last years favorite blush pink and gold. We're not ready to let go of that glamorous color combo yet! As a surprise we're also seeing more corporate styled invitations, with monochrome photos, block lettering and simplistic yet stylish look.

Image : Black and White Contemporary Wedding Collection

7. Marriage Ceremony Venue

Knowing your wedding theme will help determine where you want to get married. Select somewhere that sets the tone for your themed wedding.
A small chapel or church for a traditional wedding for close family and friends or an outdoor garden ceremony for a more rustic, country themed wedding. Weather will be a factor as will guest numbers and budget.

8. Wedding Reception

When deciding where you would like to hold your wedding reception, evening party or cocktail hour consider how your guests might travel from the ceremony venue to the reception and how long they might be at a loose end in between.
You may need to budget for transport for guests, allow for ample parking and prepare detailed directions. For guests who have to travel some distance to attend your wedding, you may also need to arrange overnight accommodation or provide a list of local hotels.

Wedding Planning Guides

If you want to be fully prepared for your special day, time line carefully calculated, checklists and  budget in place etc. you could do worse than to equip yourself with Best Selling The Knot wedding planning guide .

This particular guide is packed with lots of new ideas. It's always been a hot favorite with brides because it's so darn helpful!!

Some of the goodies you'll find inside:

  • Timelines and worksheets for scheduling and budgeting
  • Money-saving tips
  • 8 tabbed dividers packed with color photos of centerpieces, table settings, favors, and more
  • Color swatch page for mixing your own wedding palette
  • Information on choosing your vendors, including checklists of key questions to ask
  • Ideas galore
  • Pockets for collecting tear sheets, contracts, business cards
  • Removable stickers on the front, spine, and back so you can make the binder your own
It's a must have! Life is so much easier when you're well organized. If you don't want to splash out on one of those, there are free checklists online you can print out yourself. Martha Stewart is a good source.

Have you seen the Bridechilla Guides??

Start Making Savings NOW With Wedding Sales

You can save a LOT of money on wedding items by buying just after the season has ended. Wedding trends don't change that much (not noticeably to the novice) so buying last seasons stock at a massive discount could be a great way to make savings. Wedding Invitation and Stationery Sales

 Wedding sales, coupons

Note: This article is an updated version of one I wrote a while has since been plagiarised many times. Please do not support sites that steal content and anyone found to be taking content re this site will be issued a DMCA take down notice.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

5 Important Tips To Save On Wedding Flowers

Vintage weddings are romantic and don't have to be costly 

Add vintage to your wedding event with romantic botanical flowers including soft colors and plenty of greenery. When we think of flower arrangements for our weddings we can hear the cha ching of our event's budgets climbing higher.

However, there are some simple ways to save on the flower budget for your wedding. In this brief blog post I'll tell you some great ways to save on your wedding flowers that are easy to follow. 

5 Important Tips to Save on Wedding Flowers

1.  Know Your Floral Budget
Before sitting down with your florist know how much you have to spend on flowers. Be honest with the floral expert and they will be able to give you the best advice on what kind of flowers you can afford. 

2. Keep Floral Choices Local and Seasonal
If you are choosing local flowers you will not only save money on transit, but will have the freshest blooms to choose from. Better yet, choose flowers that are in season and local. Your florist will know and understand and can suggest options.

3. Be Open to the Florists' Suggestions
Your florist is an expert, if they suggest cost cutting flowers you would hesitate to choose readily hear them out. They may show you varieties of flowers in the same floral family that will not be familiar to you. Keep an open mind and ask for examples. 

4. Choose Less Flower Types
The fewer types of flowers and foliage the cheaper it should cost. If the florist is using two different stems (flowers or foliage) instead of six, the cost of the flowers and labor should decrease. Keep the arrangement full and simple to get the more bang for your buck.

5. Reuse Floral Arrangements
Those bridesmaids bouquets can be used to add color to the cake table or guestbook table. The aisle decorations from the wedding venue can be used at the bride and groom's table at the reception. Be creative and use floral arrangements in various places for each event of your wedding.

Vintage Botanical Wedding Paper Products

One very easy way to create an expectation of what your wedding theme will be for your invited guests is the wedding stationary you will use. There is no need to have to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding save the date cards, invitations and other paper wedding needs. 

My Vintage Peonies Botanical Wedding set will help you along the way to presenting your romanic botanical wedding in the best possible light.

Botanical design elements

I started this botanical wedding set with a soft and fresh spring green. The flowers are alabaster peonies with a hint of blush pink. 

Matching buds and green foliage enhances these stylish but casual wedding paper products. There also includes a gold edged area where you'll see elegant hand lettering and easy to read fonts used in an elegant black.

As always all the text you see can be personalized to meet your wedding needs. Don't forget to save even more money by visiting Zazzzle's Coupon Page. Their discounts change often and you may find yourself saving even more money by visiting.

Feel free to leave comments regarding your experience with florists. Add questions regarding the Vintage Peonies Botanical Wedding set too!

Saturday, 9 March 2019

How To Plan A Low Budget Wedding

You Can Still WOW Your Guests And Have A Perfect Day With A Small Wedding Budget - Here's How

Whether you have a small wedding budget or simply don't want to spend a fortune on your wedding (other priorities) we have tips and advice that will ensure you have a classy elegant wedding that doesn't break the bank! Your friends and relatives will ask you afterwards how you managed to pull off such a lovely wedding on such a small budget. You can direct them here! ;)

Plan to fail if you fail to plan

Planning ahead and being organized is all important for any wedding but especially so for a small budget one. A budget of $5000, £3000 I believe is realistic. If your budget is smaller than this then trim costs further by making savings on numbers attending, venue and dress. This article will show you how to keep £'s or $'s down without losing anything on style.

Wedding Planners  and Organizers

To Help you get organized you may want to invest in a wedding planner journal. The Knot wedding planner and organizer is especially popular among new brides to be.

OR .. you can start making savings right now and print off a FREE wedding planner checklist such as that provided by Martha Stewart.

This is a very comprehensive wedding planning checklist that is available as a PDF doc. It includes a wedding timeline, budget planner, guest checklist, photography planner, music planner, flower planner and reception seating planner.

If you have a spreadsheet program, you can record wedding budget costs and schedules via that and update it easily as things change - they will!

Set the Budget and then Set Budget Priorities

You'll have a budget that includes dress, venue, catering, invitations, cake , photographer, cars, gifts, decorations etc. and then decide as a couple what is MOST important to you. Usually a bride has an idea of where her main focus will be - invariably the dress and venue. If that's the case then from your total budget set aside the amounts you feel you NEED (not want) to spend on those two areas to get the best result as per your 'wants'.

This will give you an idea of what is left re all those other things and it is on those other things that you need to focus your energies re making savings. That's not to say you can't still make savings on your dress and venue, you can! But the most creativity will come from the items for which you have the least cash available.

Beautiful Wedding Dress On A Small Budget

Pre-Loved  - Worn once, specialist cleaned, can be as much as 75% less than the original purchase price. If going this route ensure you allow a small budget in case you need alterations and give yourself a LOT of time to hunt down the perfect dress. There are lots of Facebook groups and eBay lists etc. as well as Charity, Thrift stores that sell wonderful pre-loved wedding gowns.

 budget wedding dresses china
You can make huge savings. From what I've seen so far re China Dresses on Facebook groups is that the bride while delighted, often the dress isn't quite like the promotional photo, so make sure you read the reviews and keep your expectations realistic! Most importantly ensure your measurements as provided to them are spot on.

Borrow - sometimes a family member or friend has a wedding dress that they are happy to loan you with no cost to you other than specialist cleaning afterwards.

Make it Yourself - if you have the skill why not? I saw a beautiful wedding gown recently a bride crocheted! It was stunning. Many of us don't have those skills however, but if you do ... worth considering and what a wonderful sentimental keepsake that would make.

Buy a Prom Dress Instead - many prom dresses look a lot like wedding gowns and they're much cheaper.

Making Savings On The Bridal Party

Bridesmaids, Maids of Honor, Mother Of the Bride, Groomsmen, Bestman, Father of the bride, Flower girls ...

Wow it's an endless list with a LOT of expenses re outfits, shoes, grooming, hair and makeup for the ladies and gifts afterwards. The best way to keep costs down in this regard is to keep your bridal party small to non-existent. This may however NOT be possible if you have a large family who and friends list who want to be part of the special day. So what to do? Explain to your bridal party you're on a budget and so plan to keep things simple but elegant.

Ask them if they'd consider wearing something in the color scheme you're planning so they can take their place in the Bridal Party but explain that you can't purchase their outfits for them. If you're not dictating what they wear (outside of color theme) then this request is NOT unreasonable as they'd generally be buying something to wear to your wedding in any case. if they can't do this, they themselves are opting out of the bridal party and so that takes care of the 'we want to be in it' ordeal!!

You can also make savings on occasion buying pre-loved bridal party outfits but you then of course have the difficulty of finding a set that fits your bridal party!

How to Save Money On Wedding Flowers

DIY I made my own floral centerpieces for the reception tables and was able to use the flower arrangements left behind from the previous wedding! Matching it all up wasn't my priority so I took what was offered. If you're going this route, have a few practice runs so you know what you're doing and what flowers work best. You can be very creative with rustic themes, using glass jars as vases and strings of LED lights.

Artificial Flowers - there are many silk, paper, rubber wedding flower options today that look every bit as fabulous as the real thing and of course they last longer and you don't have to worry about timing and storage. You can also try your hand at making these yourself following a YouTube tutorial to make further savings.

How To Have A Low Budget Wedding Reception

Have it at home - In the Garden

Obviously you can only do this if you have the space! If you're planning a garden wedding reception, this will incur costs as you have to prepare for good and bad weather and that means shelter, possible heating and waterproofing. Unless of course you've also got room indoors! A garden wedding reception with a BBQ is a great way to save money and super fun and relaxed.

Book a local community hall, pub, church room

There are many places within most communities that have room hire services for weddings and they're not expensive especially if you agree to provide the decorations yourself.

Go to the local Bar and Guest Pay For Themselves

To avoid the cost of hiring a room, you could make an arrangement with your local bar and food landlord to make a space for you, which they'll be happy to do with all that lovely trade coming their way. Then the guests can pay for their own food and drinks.

Book a mid-week, out of season wedding date

If you do this you can make massive savings on wedding venues. If the time, day of the week and the month of the year are less popular for weddings, you can sometimes save as much as 50% on the cost. Make sure you check their terms when booking and that any fee quoted is the same when the date swings by!!

Read all contracts thoroughly and DO spend money on wedding insurance if parting with big sums of cash.

How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Friend/Family - this is of course the cheapest solution to wedding photography and videography however be aware that this person won't want to spend all their time (despite the fact its your day) taking photos and they may not take the photos you want them to take, so even if you do rely on a friend or family member re this DO try to have an element of organization agreed with them before hand, re what group pics you want and where they need to be when etc. And don't forget them in your thank you speeches and re gifts!

Have a Facebook Page - Create a page for all your guests to upload the wedding photos they took of your day, you will definitely have some there that are wonderful, unexpected and worthy of a place in the wedding album. You can pick your favorites, save them and upload to a site like SnapFish for cheap printing!

Book a student photographer, qualified new in business, out of season - all these will offer cheaper photographer rates than for seasoned professionals, established in business and of course will be cheaper off-peak.

How To Save Money On Wedding Catering

  • Keep your guest list small
  • Have a Buffet rather than a pre-set meal
  • Do your own catering and rope in friends and family with culinary skills to help!
You can still have a sit down meal with a buffet menu. Be organized so people aren't getting hungry in long queues and ensure the food doesn't run out. Ensure you have enough seating and tables. Provide your own disposable tableware to save costs re the venue providing them. If you're having a bar, let the guests pay for their own drinks. I've done this at every wedding I've been to, it's fine and for me expected.

How To Keep Your Guest List Small

Invite your closest friends and family who are local and let others know you wish they could be there but you're having a small intimate gathering. Don't publicize your wedding outside the group of attendees if it makes you uncomfortable saying 'no'.

Exclude +1's and children that aren't in the bridal party - harsh but this keeps costs down catering for people you don't know and may in fact not attend.

How To Save Money On Wedding Music

  • Record your favorite wedding songs and dance music and play it via your venues music device.
  • Hire a local band who want the exposure and are happy to offer a reduced price.
  • Recruit talented friends and family to do a stint.
  • Have a karaoke!

How To Save Money On Wedding Cars

There is usually someone in the family with a nicer car than the rest. Ask if they'll decorate it with a ribbon and transport you on the day. Offer to pay for any costs for cleaning etc.

Save Money By Being A DIY Bride

What if I'm not crafty? 

You don't need to be crafty yourself, you can recruit helpful friends and family members to assist! A great way for enlisting your crafty friends to help with DIY wedding projects is to host a crafting party rather like a wedding shower but with a twist. Invite your friends, prepare the space, provide wedding crafting materials, a work space and refreshments (no alcohol, you don't want wonky fixings or spilled drinks!).

DIY Wedding Centerpieces and Table Decorations

Trending Wedding Table Decorations for 2017 and 2018 weddings include mason jars or recycled jam jars which you can fill with little strings of LED lights or tea lights. You can also add pebbles and shells for a beach theme or for something simpler add water and a floating candle or plastic flower. There are lots of options. The jars themselves can be decorated with ribbon, glitter, burlap, lace etc. These jars can be used as DIY centerpieces or can be hung from trees (outdoor weddings) or the ceiling (carefully).

If you're a fan of rustic and shabby chic themes, you can source eclectic vases from thrift stores. On the subject of thrift stores, for a tea party vintage theme you can buy some very cheap pretty china from charity shops which you can use to make cake stands (dinner plates for this) and centerpieces using teacups filled with candy / flowers or turn the teacup into a home-made candle holder - fill with a wick and wax. Amazon also have a wide range of popular craft materials for making your own table decorations as well as books full of inspirational ideas.

DIY Wedding Favors

There are though lots of great DIY favor tutorials on YouTube. Check them out as a cheap way to learn how to make them.

DIY Wedding Invitations

The advantage that DIY wedding invitations have over pre-ordered ones is that they will be very personal and unique to you. Your guests will appreciate the thought and the gesture that bit more. If you're not very crafty choose a simple design and print out the wording. Make sure to spell check thoroughly! Bad spelling is a clear sign an amateur is at work!

Personalized Printed Invitations

 Coral wedding invitations and party supplies
Another source of cheap wedding invitations that are personalized is Zazzle. They may not appear cheap at first glance BUT Zazzle often have mega sales on, with as much as 50% off so you can save here by keeping an eye on those sales! ***This is Zazzle's COUPON page - bookmark it!***

Take Advantage Of End Of Season Sales And Closing Down Wedding Store Sales

Wedding trends do change year on year, season on season BUT NOT THAT MUCH! So you can buy a wedding dress in an out-of season sale or closing down sale that remains trendy for when your wedding date comes around and this applies to much of the rest of the items too. Consider wedding decoration sales (that won't perish if stored), wedding invitation and stationery sales (SEE HERE for latest offers) and job-lots of favors and accessories on places like eBay.

That's it for the moment Beautiful Brides-To-Be! Please do add to these wedding budget tips and advice in comments below and share your saving stories!

Friday, 8 March 2019

How to plan tables at your wedding

Wedding guests please be seated

Planning a wedding sure seems daunting with so much to organise. One of the biggest headaches is guest invites and table seating plans. Apart from the fact that no one may want to sit at the same table as an ex or too close to "Aunty Mabel",  you also have the worry of compiling the guest list and keeping all the family and your soon to be mother-in-law happy! Also ensuring that you place friends as close together as possible so everyone has a great time at your event.

A rough guide to wedding tables

Round tables are more social and tend to be used if you have enough space available for them. However you will seat more guests with banquet tables than you will with round tables in the same area. 

The size of the venue required depends on the number of guests and the type of seating. A room that is 10 metres x 10 metres or 100 square metres will hold a maximum of approximately: 200 standing guests, 140 guests at rectangular tables, 100 guests at circular tables and 176 guests seated in rows. Remember to allow enough room for traffic around the tables as a guide about 5 feet of space is comfortable between each table.

For a more formal and traditional wedding you normally have a very long top table which should include the Bride, Groom, Best Man, head Bridesmaid and immediate family members, this faces towards the rest of the guests as you can see in this sample illustration.

If you have a computer drawing program or graph paper you can map out your function room and plan your tables.

Template wedding seating charts

Many wedding reception venues provides a directional board or easel, so you can put up a seating chart helping guests find their way to seats. Some venues may have a glass display boards just as you enter the reception area that will allow you to pop your seating plan in. If your venue doesn't have one you can hire easels from wedding hire shops.

Sometimes wedding planning and seating arrangements have to change at the last minute, for this you can use a blank DIY seating plan posters. With your tables and guests listed in a text formatting program, such as word or excel, they can then be printed out, trimmed and stuck to the poster according to table and guest layout. 

Finally adding coordinating table numbers and guest name place cards not only add a touch of class to your tables but assist your guests to find their seat.

Personalized Succulent Themed Bridal Shower Game Stationery

Mix beauty with fun with these wonderful succulent themed personalized bridal shower games 

Mystical Succulents Bridal Shower
Avoid a flop!

Bridal shower games are a great way to break the ice. They are guaranteed to get your guests interacting with each other and are a surefire way to avoid a flop! I am hoping to add a lot more bridal shower games to my wedding stationery sets in the coming months so as to be the "go to" for said games. So take a look at these unique and fun bridal shower games to make your occasion an entertaining and memorable one.

Mystical Succulents

To compliment my wedding collections, I wanted to bring something new to the table for my invitation store on zazzle. I have compiled a variety of bridal shower games to match the bride's mood. In this scenario I chose succulents because they are very popular. This particular design has a unique departure from the ordinary as it has boho feathers in the mix to bring a mystical aura to it.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Bridal bingo, and the bride wore, around the world, honey-do's, animals mate's names, what's in your purse? and many more games come together to compliment this collection with matching bridal shower invitation and display shower and gift registry cards.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Inviting Children To Your Wedding - Pros and Cons

It's a real dilemma when cost and venue size dictate guest numbers

Do you invite all children, no children or some and not others to your wedding

You want children at your wedding but you can't invite them all due to numbers

When a wedding is restricted as most are by numbers, children are often the first to be 'cut' from the guest list especially if they're not particularly known to the bride and groom.

Despite that obvious consideration many guests will be unhappy if their children were left off their wedding invitation and other people's children were invited.

Flower Girl Gifts
You don't want kids at your wedding but some have to be there

You may have decided that you want a child free wedding but you have close friends and family who you are willing to make an exception. They may have children who are in the wedding party (flower girls, Paige boys) or you may know them very well (nieces, nephews and God children etc.). Inviting some children and barring all other children will be a problem if you don't make it clear there are a few exceptions and it's just about 'numbers'.

Flower Girl Gifts by Jill Renee

You don't want ANY children at your wedding

If this is the case, and you make it known then your guests are free to decide whether to attend or not based on your decision. DO NOT be offended if they decide not to attend if they can't bring their children (of any age) as they will have their reasons for not doing so. These reasons will be legitimate and ones you may not appreciate if you yourself have not yet had children. But trust me, there are plenty.

Real story

I came across this 'email' someone posted on a blog a couple of years ago which was written by a guest explaining to a wedding couple why their wedding invitations regarding children's attendance needs to be explicit and also why for some parents the 'no kids' rule will be difficult to swallow. I have posted extracts here as some of the information (while pompous in delivery) is valid and explains some issues facing parents regarding wedding attendance.

 " a parent, just as I would expect my wife to join me at a wedding, I would expect that my child would be included in an invite. .. for some parents, it is not possible to leave a child, so prohibiting a child is effectively prohibiting that parent from joining you; these parents may assume that you know this and cannot possibly mean to exclude their child, since it would mean excluding them and you chose to send the invite. 

Also, there are some parents for whom excluding a child is simply insulting (for some, even more so than not being invited themselves); they will assume that you are not acting in a way that is insulting to them and assume that children are included". 

In essence some guest may assume their children are welcome even if their names are not on the invitation. Others will wonder if they are or not, but may be afraid to ask.

Will You Be My Flower Girl?Others will realise they are not invited and will be upset about that, more so if they know other guests children have been.

In conclusion

It is more than reasonable of you to impose whatever restrictions you need on family groups to ensure everyone you really want at your wedding is able to attend. You can explain the issue re restricted numbers to guests and they can then choose to be understanding or not to be. You cannot please every guest and believe me .. you won't!

What I strongly do advise against

Inviting some children from a family group and not others, not only will this start a family feud but it is grossly unfair to the children you're essentially denying exist. Invite them all or none. This may be difficult regarding numbers but consider the bigger picture ... do you really want to alienate this family from your life? These decisions can have ongoing consequences and I speak from experience.

What issues have you experienced from inviting or not inviting children to your wedding?