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Wedding Gift Trouble Shooter Guide

Buying a wedding gift isn't as simple as it sounds, page down to see if your query about buying wedding gifts has an answer here. If it doesn't drop us a line in comments and we'll get back to you!

Newlywed Gifts

Q. I've been invited to a wedding but I don't plan on attending. The invitation included gift registry details. Do I need to buy a gift even if I'm not attending the wedding?

A. It depends on your relationship to the bride and groom. The gift isn't a thank you for attending the wedding, so not attending should not affect your decision to gift the newlyweds or not. Close family and friends who cannot attend a wedding would still normally send a gift to commemorate the marriage. For those who are not particularly close to the newlyweds, at the very least you should send a card.

If posting the gift send it via the home address of the bride or groom.

Monogrammed Towel Sets - Unique

Q. Do I have to buy a wedding gift from the gift registry list that was sen…

Mr and Mrs Newlywed Gifts - Personalized, Gold White Elegant

Add names and wedding date to personalize

With so many couples getting married who already have a fully furnished home, buying wedding gifts can be a challenge.
If the bride and groom-to-be have a gift registry(with Amazon or other) then it's a lot easier. But not everyone wants to buy a predictable gift.
With these elegant personalized newly wed gifts from Zazzle you can gift sometehing both practical and commemorative.
Just add the newlyweds new married surname and first names along with their date of marriage and other details as desired.
The design featured here is gold love hearts with foil look lettering.
For custom edits and design contact me via the product page 'Message Designer' tab and I'll tweak your wedding gift for the new Mr & Mrs at NO EXTRA COST to you.
Mr and Mrs WeddingNotebook The New Mr and Mrs Cake Stand Mr & Mrs Wedding Towels  The New Mr and Mrs Pillow The New Mr and MrsTray
MORE Newlyweds Gifts with different designs and color themes.

Eucalyptus Themed Wedding - Invites, Decorations, Colors

Eucalyptus Leaf As A Wedding Theme

The green and lush Eucalyptus leaf and stem is a popular plant used in greenery and botanical themed weddings both in bridal party bouquets and table decorations. Believed to purify a space of negative energy when burned, the eucalyptus leaves have a spiritual meaning which lends itself well to weddings.

Page down to view this wide range of customizable Eucalyptus leaf themed wedding invtiations and matching stationery, decorations and gifts.

To access my FREE custom edits and design service, use the 'MESSAGE' tab on the product detail page(click image to view product detail)

Eucalyptus PHOTO OVERLAY Invitation

Color Pairings For Eucalyptus Themed Weddings

To compliment the bluey green of the Eucalyptus leaves, a sunrise yellow offers a lovely contrast while the subtle eggshell shade offers light. Vary the shades of green to create a lovely greenery color palette for your wedding bouquets and table decorations.

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Eucalyptus LeavesEucalypt…

Bridal Shower Game Ideas 2019 2020

Have fun with these chic bridal shower games - our top picks
Trifold five in 1 Game Set These trifold game sheets are so elegant and with five games on each sheet you only need to pass them around once.

The five games included are:
Famous CouplesHeavy or Light PurseWho's Your Mate? -Wedding Word UnscrambleHow Well Does The Bride Know Her Man? So much fun, get the party started! Bridal Shower Advice Cards Game We love giving advice don't we ladies? :) Your guests will love this fun way of handing over their pearls of wisdom on these attractive advice cards. Best advice wins this games - imagine how competitive your girlfriends will be playing this! You should get some great advice.
Bingo Games for your Bridal Shower
This bingo game has a wedding theme and is so attractive with the modern bingo cards.

Who doesn't love Bingo and this game is perfect for guests of all ages.

Even your flower girls (if they attend) can join in.

Bridal Shower Guess Who Game
I love this trendy mo…

Love Is Brewing - BEER Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Love Is Brewing BEER Couples Shower 
by BridalShowerChic

If the bride and groom love beer, this 'love is brewing' themed beer invitation is perfect for the beer inspired couples or bridal shower. It features bride and groom pints of beer, pretzels and modern typography. A frothy beer graphic features in the background. Can also be used for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Life Is POOFECT - Funny Poop Emoji Bridal Shower Invitation

Fun POOP Emoji Life Is Poofect 
by BridalShowerChic

Getting married doesn't have to be all serious, the bachelorette party and bridal shower can be less formal and more fun! And if you want fun, how about throwing the poofect bridal shower with this fun poop emoji themed invitation! It can be used for bachelorette or hen do celebration as required as the text fields are all templates.

Purrfect Love - Fun Cat Themed Bridal Shower Invtiations

This Love is PURRFECT Bridal Shower Invitation
by BridalShowerChic

I couldn't resist creating a cats in love themed bridal shower invitation because with 3 cats I am on way to being a crazy cat lady. I adore cats and I know there are plenty of brides to be who also love their furry babies. But do these brides to be love them enough to include them in their wedding celebrations that is the question. If they do, this fun cat couple bride and groom invitation is purrrfect with the lovely watercolor illustrations front and back and modern typography. What is not to love.