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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Wedding Timeline Guide - Planning 101

Planning a wedding can be a challenge and the key to success is organization

Here to help you is a handy wedding timeline guide which you can use to kick start your wedding planning process.

Many couples set their wedding date on average two-years from their date of engagement. This allows a full year to research themes, color schemes, venues, consider your budget, location and all the niceties of wedding planning. The real work though starts a year ahead of the wedding date as those ideas are put into motion. With this in mind here is your wedding timeline with a two-year window for dreaming and planning.

Watercolor Wedding Timeline Collection

2yrs - Plan an Engagement and Set The Date

If you're announcing your engagement formally, having an engagement party, sending out notices, then it is a good idea to at that same time be able to give guests an idea of when the wedding will take place.

An exact date may not be possible at this stage but some idea of the year and what time of year would be very useful.

This enables your guests to make their own plans and savings to cover the cost of wedding clothes, transport, possible childminding and gifts.

Handy links to engagement related stationery which include template wording ideas.

Rustic Engagement Announcement Party PHOTO Invites

It is likely you will invite the same people to your engagement as you intend to invite for your wedding or at the very least will want to advise of it. This is not including their plus ones, children etc. This will provide a guide as to how many guests you may need to cater for, for your wedding.

Rustic Engagement Announcement Party PHOTO Invites

And don't forget the engagement ring!

You may already have your ring if your fiance proposed with it, in which case you may need to have it resized. If you haven't yet bought an engagement ring, go shopping together or check out these beauties online. Great reviews!

2yrs - Decide on the number of guests and  budget

Deciding on the number of wedding guests will help determine the wedding budget, cost of the wedding or vice versa. If you set the budget before hand this in turn will dictate how many guests you are able to have for the ceremony and the reception.

Your wedding budget and guest list combined will determine, large or small wedding, formal, informal wedding and lead you to selecting appropriate venues and so on.

2yrs - Money Matters

Who is paying for the wedding? If you're sharing costs across families, gather all involved to discuss how this will proceed.

Things to consider:

  • Will all the wedding money be given in advance and put in a special wedding savings account/pot?
  • Alternatively will individuals settle bills as they arise? 
  • Will different persons have different costs they are responsible for?
  • Are you required to save ... can you save enough to settle the bills within the given timeframe / pay deposits?

2yrs - Book the Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue

Whimsical Wedding Timeline Collection
When the wedding date is set, the wedding size decided, the budget agreed you can take that information and start looking at wedding ceremony and reception venues.

Things to consider:

  • Distance from where you live
  • Distance and available transport between ceremony and reception site
  • Parking /disabled access /child friendly
  • Venue guests capacity
  • Cost
  • Additional services each provide/include

Whimsical Wedding Timeline Collection
by LeahG

2yrs - Make the wedding guest list

Choose your bridal party and groomsmen and invite them formally to participate. You can ask them verbally or arrange to ask them with a gift, card or other creative idea. Maid of honor, flower girls, best man and bridesmaids are sometimes given small personalized gifts asking them to fulfil that role.

Once you've decided on your bridal party and groomsmen, sit down together as a couple and make a wedding guest list. Couples have different 'rules' re this but generally they split it down the middle inviting an even number of guests for each side.

In some cases the bride or the groom may have a smaller friend or family guest list in which case you can agree between you how 'balanced' the list is and if that is even important. If there is a big discrepancy between bride and groom guest numbers avoid the different seating arrangements for the ceremony as it will be less obvious.

When you have your wedding guest list you can work out the cost per head for food, drinks, gifts and more.

1 year before the wedding

  1. Order and send out your wedding Save-the-Date cards, magnets to all those on your guest list. Save the date magnets are a great idea for save the dates because your guests can attach them to the fridge ensuring a daily reminder to 'save the date'. Another great idea is save the date ink stamps so you can make your own rustic save the date cards.
  2. Create a gift list and register with an online wedding gift registry (Amazon or other) or department store. These days it might be preferable to have an online wedding gift registry as not all your guests can make it to a specified High Street store. It's important to consider convenient access when compiling gift lists.
  3. Arrange your wedding ceremony and meet the officiant / officials organising it. Confirm the details, rehearsal and any other necessary details.
  4. Interview, meet, book with service providers:
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Florist
  • Caterer
  • Dressmaker/Bridal wear (wedding dress, shoes, headwear, underwear, jewellery).
  • Transport / cars
  • Overnight hotels
  • Entertainment / DJ / Band / Singer / Dancers
  • Cake Maker / Baker
  • When booking services, ensure you read the contract details carefully.
  • Wedding insurance is a good idea in case of last minute changes, cancellations.
  • Discuss, book honeymoon, arrange time off work
  • Decide on wedding colors, theme
  • If you want to lose weight, tone up, get in shape for the wedding, start early so you can achieve the result you want in a natural and healthy way with some practical lifestyle changes.

6 months before the wedding

Focus on the details
  • Bridal party clothing / shoes
  • Groom suit / clothing
  • Bestman, Groomsmen suits
  • Makeup artist / hair stylist / manicurist
  • Order / send out wedding invitations and stationery - couples have different ideas on the best time to send out invitations. Important considerations include allowing time to have your invites designed and made/printed a process which in itself with postage and proof checking can take a month or more. Guest will require enough notice to ensure they have no other commitments, can arrange childcare, time off work and return the RSVP in good time for you to confirm details with your caterer and venue.
  • Research and order table decorations and other ceremony/venue decor
  • If your having a DIY wedding, start crafting!

4 months before the wedding

  • Have a wedding dress fitting and arrange for any adjustments
  • Chase your wedding guest rsvp's 
  • Update out of town guests on local hotel arrangements /travel
  • Buy smaller details for your wedding ceremony and reception, such as guest books, ring bearer pillow etc.
  • Source and order wedding favors or craft your own.
  • Check the details of pre-booked wedding vendors to ensure all is still ok for the day! You may have additional amounts to pay.
  • Ensure your passports are up to date re that honeymoon!
  • Do you need vaccinations for overseas travel? 

3 months before the wedding

  • Final reminder for guests re wedding rsvps as you will need to confirm shortly with your venue and caterer final numbers.
  • Are you having a rehearsal dinner? If so send out invitations and arrange a date.
  • Arrange your wedding transport and that of your bridal party, groomsmen etc.
  • Ensure all the details re honeymoon, passports, vaccinations, spending money, travel to airport/back are sorted/planned, confirmed.

2 months before the wedding

His and Hers Wedding Vow keepsake Journals
  • It won't hurt to confirm again with your vendors and ensure everything is on track for the date! Same with wedding guests and outstanding rsvp's. If friends and family are assisting with things like transport, photography, crafting flower arrangements etc. ensure they're still on board and able to do so.
  • You may need to meet (if getting married in a Church) with your Priest or other, to confirm the details.
  • Order , make, buy thank you gifts for your bridal party, groomsmen and any others you wish to thank for their attendance.
  • You may want to create a small memorial for those loved ones who can't be with you at the wedding.
  • Start writing those wedding speeches and toasts! Do some research re this and add some funny and heart-warming anecdotes. Chase others responsible for speeches to make sure they're busy with theirs! 

  • Finalise your wedding seating plan, order table cards, seating chart.
  • Conform your wedding reception details, numbers, tables, order of events with your wedding reception vendor, planner.
  • If you're changing your name/s after marriage make a list of those who require notifying and the legal requirements for formally changing your name on things like house deeds, bank details, passport etc. These things can take time and you often need original copies of documents not copies, so check the details carefully.
  • Write your wedding vows. You may want to create a keepsake journal of wedding vow drafts, this is a cute idea for bride and groom!
  • Ensure marriage license details sorted.

1 month before wedding

  • Have a final wedding, bridal dress fitting and arrange a date for collection.
  • Practice your hair and makeup.
  • Collect dresses, suits for bridal party and groomsmen (fittings).
  • Pay remainders for bookings as required.
  • Update your wedding gift list registry as desired.
  • Start making a note of gifts received early so you can send out thank you cards.
  • Confirm all details with bridal party, groomsmen, helpers so everyone knows what they're responsible for and ensure they're still available and willing to help.
  • Arrange and have your bachelor (stag) and bachelorette (hen) parties. Have them early to ensure there's no chance of hangovers spoiling your wedding day for you or your guests!
  • Have a bridal shower party.

1 week before wedding

  • Most of this you've done already but just incase, confirm one last time with vendors all details. 
  • Collect your dress/suits and any extras.
  • You may be collecting your wedding cake yourself , arrange for this or check with cake maker their delivery arrangements one last time.
  • Ensure all is on track for your fresh flowers, delivery, arrangements.
  • Conform hotel reservations and all others. You may still need to advise of final guest numbers.
  • Ensure photographer/transport know where they're going, time of arrival.
  • Prepare for your honeymoon, pack bags, passports, legal documents.
  • You may need a wedding handbag for emergency items, sort out something discreet and co-ordinated. 
  • If you are likely to require help going to the loo in that huge Princess wedding dress, recruit your maid of honor now! 
  • Get plenty of rest and de stress before the big day, book a massage!
  • Have your nails, eyebrows done.

On the Day

  • Wake up early, shower and have a good breakfast so your tummy isn't rumbling throughout the ceremony!
  • Collect flowers, cake and anything that has to be done on the day 
  • Have your hair, makeup done
  • Have photos taken of the getting ready process
  • Leave your dress until you're almost ready to leave to ensure you don't crease, spill anything on it.
  • Don't forget your bag with essential items before leaving the house
  • Co-ordinate with the grooms party to ensure who arrives where, when first.

And enjoy!!

This list is not exhaustive but it's a pretty good start. I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better long-lived marriage.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

How To Word Wedding Details +1, Unplugged, Kids, Gifts

Event Insert Cards - Create Your OwnThe devil is in the detail

If you want to let your invited wedding guests know what they can and can't do with regard to your wedding, the wording is critical in not offending them in the process.

Short witty poems seem to do the trick!

I've written a couple of poems that brides can use (commercial use not permitted) for their invitation stationery packs. In addition I've designed some handy business sized template cards so you can add your own wording and have them printed out at minimal cost (check the sales in red HERE).

Also featured here are wedding inserts and details cards from other talented designers.

Stylish, elegant wedding enclosure cards featuring a bouquet of blush pink watercolor flowers and greenery. Personalize the card by adding important information such as hotel accommodations, wedding website, directions, etc.

Fully editable insert card for gifts, directions, accommodations etc; whatever wedding details that you need to add to your wedding invitation suite as a business card. Monogram on the back side. Shown in black and white Basic and elegant.

Honeymoon fund request wedding insert card. Kraft paper for a great rustic effect. Select white paper for elegant effect.

Wedding details enclosures include: 

  • Details card
  • RSVP website
  • Unplugged notice
  • Display details (no gift wrap)
  • Cash Gifts
  • DJ song request 

DJ Song request wording (copyright LeahG) 

We're having a DJ 
so you can sing along, 
let us know 
your favorite song. 

If we can 
we'll play it for you, 
so you know how special 
you are to us too. 

Write it down 
in the space below 
along with your name 
and we're good to go! 

Unplugged Wedding Notice (copyright LeahG) 

Put away your cameras, 
Your phones too,
We're having an unplugged wedding,
The idea is not new. 

We want you there in the moment, 
Sharing with us. 
We have hired a photographer 
To capture all of the fuss. 

The pics will be published 
For all to view, 
So lets be together 
When we say 'I do'. 

Thank you.

No Children under age 16 (copyright LeahG) 

After months of intense planning
We want to relax 
With our adult family and friends
Who will be partying to the max

So as much as we love children 
And don't want a scene
The reception is strictly 
and adult only theme.

So take the night off
And let your hair down with us
We'll ensure you enjoy yourself
Without worry and fuss.

Guarantee Wedding RSVP with Poems and Novel Reminders

Steel Blue RSVP Modern with Menu SelectionsThere are no guarantees in life but this is as good as it gets for helping your guests remember to RSVP by the deadline

I've been seeing a lot of Facebook posts by frustrated brides who have only received back a handful of RSVPs for their wedding by the time the deadline rolls around. They're now frantically chasing up invited guests via social media, email, text.

Magnetic save the dates and rsvp poems!

How does this happen?

More often it's the case that your invitation has been safely stored in a drawer, perhaps with other wedding invitations (they might be very popular!) with the wedding date itself noted on a calendar BUT NOT THE RSVP deadline date.

No offence is intended, they just forgot. And when you start reminding them, they can't reply right away because they now realise they need to make sure they are free on that day and can get there, afford the expense and so on. Resulting in yet more delays to your much needed rsvp reply.

Not all guests realise how important that RSVP deadline is, thinking to themselves, if they can make it they will be there on the day. They assume if they've been invited, they will be catered for. It needs to be communicated to guests on your rsvp details, that numbers must be confirmed to the venue and caterers ahead of time. There are various way to do this which you can see via the example magnetic save the dates and rsvps featured.

Note that rsvp's don't guarantee attendance but as some guests inevitably bring uninvited +1's and children you should find it balances out.

Anecdote: I invited a work colleague and her plus1 to my wedding and she asked if her three children could also attend. I generously said yes, catered and paid for them all to attend only for my work colleague (without notice) to attend on her own. So that was 4 rsvps that did not attend, however I had some 'randoms' show up from grooms work that made up the numbers. So don't worry too much about the potential chaos of who's coming and not. Go with the flow on your big day.


Save the Date Magnets
You can ensure your guests don't forget your deadline with a prominent magnetic (pop it on the fridge) save the date invitation and an equally prominent RSVP notification. Adding a humorous poem can help nudge them along! See below for rsvp poem suggestions.


These magnetic save the dates and rsvp reminders are available in various sizes and because they're magnetic card, the cost is no more than a regular non-magnetic card invitation.

What to do if guests still don't RSVP in time

1. A week BEFORE your rsvp deadline (not on or after the deadline)

REMIND your guests the deadline is approaching. You can do this via a Facebook post, emails (guarantees they see it), texts, phonecalls.

If you wait until the deadline, they will not be able to reply immediately because chances are they haven't worked out whether they can get the time off work, arrange childcare, manage costs and so on. They will need 'more time'.

When reminding them you can let them know that due to venue size and catering, if guests haven't replied by the deadline, it will be assumed they're declining and can't attend, which is very sad as you really want them there! But needs must.

2. If NO RSVP on the deadline

You can let people know the wedding details , numbers have been finalised and how sad you are that those who didn't rsvp have opted not to attend. In other words assume they're not coming. You might get a flurry or responses and how you handle those is up to you!

Wording samples and RSVP poems to get you through this tricky situation

This is my own (copyright LeahG):

"To our invited wedding guests

The venue is chasing and caterers are getting red

wanting numbers and payment so they can go ahead

making arrangements for all those who want to attend

Please RSVP by our deadline date (add here)

There can be no allowances for those who reply late

It's out of our hands

Thank you in advance for your timely RSVP"

Here's a RSVP poem as posted on a forum:

"I understand things are busy and I hope that you don't mind,

Me sending this short poem to hopefully remind

Our wedding is fast approaching as I'm sure you are aware,

To make our day extra special we would love to you there

No presents are needed, just a smiling face,

If you could let us know please, as there is no time to waste

Drop us a text or email or pop something in the post,

It's the wedding of the year, with us as the host!"

Another wedding forum suggestion

" A little reminder so you don't forget

a night of celebration you wont regret

A mark of the card,you know what to do

will help us figure out which table's for you."

You need balls to send this one!  forum

"I know you're not stupid 

I know you're not dumb 

So please don't you make me 

Pull out my gun 

The postage is paid

The address is written

Is there no time in your day

That you just might fit in 

Ten seconds or so 
To check yes or no 
My request is not crazy
So don't be so damn lazy"

I've seen other suggestions that if people's don't send back their wedding RSVP they should bring their own chair and a sandwich.

Wedding Planning Tips 101 - Stress Free

Planning your wedding and getting married should be a wonderful memorable experience. 

Without great planning, your wedding can be stressful and you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the escalating costs, the family politics and the sheer volume of what you need to do. To ensure your wedding goes without a hitch and you remain sane throughout the process follow these simple wedding planning tips. 

Enlist help 

Recruit your most creative, organised, enthusiastic friend or family member to help you plan your wedding. This will immediately cut your stress and your workload down by at least half. That is, if you are able to fairly delegate and share the responsibilities. Use the following ‘wedding planning things to do’ list to help divide the responsibilities between you. 

Watercolor Wedding Timeline Collection Book the church or wedding ceremony venue

Give yourself ample time to plan for the wedding and for guests to ensure they are free on the day. Anything from one year to two years is usual for an advance wedding venue booking.

Watercolor Wedding Timeline Collection

Apply for the licence

Depending on where in the world you are, the rules re marriage licences will vary. Ensure you are compliant and do whatever is required according to your states laws.

Set the wedding budget 

The size of the budget will determine every other action action you take in planning your wedding, so spend time practically working out an accurate wedding budget based on what you can afford and what you believe is reasonable to spend on this one special day. Parents of bride and groom may offer financial support.

Do not take this for granted. If parents do announce they will cover the cost then they will presumably set the wedding budget for you. Ensure you respect the limit imposed. Once you have the budget you need to divide it up to cover the many costs associated with wedding planning and execution. Things to consider are detailed below:

Wedding Guest List 

Things to consider:

    Whimsical Wedding Timeline Collection
  • Who is coming? 
  • How many can you afford to cater for? 
  • How many can the venue hold?
  • Should they attend the marriage ceremony, the cocktail hour and the wedding party reception or just the reception? 
  • Are you allowing plus1's?
  • Are children allowed?

Whimsical Wedding Timeline Collection

Some people have only close friends and family for the wedding ceremony and include a larger guest list for the evening reception entertainment which may include work colleagues and casual friends.

Children are a consideration as some prefer not to have children at their wedding while others are more than happy to encourage a family wedding environment. If you are including children in your guest list remember to accommodate their needs when catering the reception and planning entertainment. 

Most singles will assume they can bring a plus 1 so ensure you detail on your wedding stationery what the rules are re this.

Wedding Theme and colors

Most brides like to have a ‘theme’ for their wedding, even if only to establish that it will be a traditional white wedding theme. When considering a theme for your wedding consider what reflects the personality of you and the groom and what can easily be managed within the scope of the wedding budget.

Popular and trending wedding themes for 2019 and 2020 include:

There are many resources you can access online and offline (wedding magazines) for ideas on creating the perfect themed wedding. Create a wedding ‘mood board’ with your favorite colors, fabric, flowers to set a tone for the wedding and to help collate your thoughts.

If you are hiring a wedding planner, she or he may create a mood board with you.

Marriage Ceremony 

Venue Knowing your wedding theme will help determine where you want to get married. Select somewhere that sets the tone for your themed wedding.

A small chapel or church for a traditional wedding for close family and friends or an outdoor garden ceremony for a more rustic, country themed wedding. Weather will be a factor as will guest numbers and budget.

Wedding Reception 

When deciding where you would like to hold your wedding reception, evening party or cocktail hour consider how your guests might travel from the ceremony venue to the reception and how long they might be at a loose end in between.You may need to budget for transport for guests, allow for ample parking and prepare detailed directions.

For guests who have to travel some distance to attend your wedding, you may also need to arrange overnight accommodation or provide a list of local hotels. Once your budget, theme, venue and guest list have been determined you can enjoy choosing the details that will make your wedding unique to you. These include:

Wedding Stationery

Real Gold Foil Wedding Collection
  • Wedding invitations – personalized 
  • RSVP Cards 
  • Save The Date Magnet or card
  • Belly Band 
  • Details/Inserts (directions and other info)
  • Wedding Programs 
  • Postage stamps 
  • Envelopes
  • Wedding Signage
  • Seating Chart
  • Menu Table cards 
  • Thank you cards

Real Gold Foil Wedding Collection

You can buy a wedding stationery suite that will include co-ordinated items for all the above or you could make your own! There are lots of online resources to help you to create your own wedding invitations. These include wedding invitation templates, printables and craft items.

If you are making handmade wedding invitations, allow yourself sufficient time to do so.

Other Wedding Costs

  • Marriage legalities
  • Ceremony Costs
  • Flowers including bridal bouquet, ceremony venue flowers and centre table arrangements 
  • Decorations for ceremony and reception – ribbons, flowers, bunting, balloons Bridal Dress, underwear, reception outfit, shoes, jewelry, accessories 
  • Groom suit, cuff links, accessories, shoes 
  • Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, nails 
  • Paige boy suits 
  • Best man outfit 
  • Hair dressing, makeup fees 
  • Car Hire for bride, groom, family 
  • Wedding cake 
  • Boutonnieres
  • Wedding favors
  • Gifts for brides mum, bridesmaids, best man etc. 
  • Hotel room hire
  • Catering including beverages
  • Photographer
  • Wedding Cars/transport
  • Videographer
  • DJ/Music/Entertainment for reception
  • Toasting Champagne 
  • Honeymoon 

The wedding planning list can be exhaustive so I have included the main items for you to consider. Do please add anything else in the comments section below to help our brides-to-be plan their perfect wedding.

(original article by LeahG 2014 updated for current trends)

How to plan a Forest or Woodland Wedding

Outdoor weddings are limited only by your imagination

If you're a nature loving couple who dreams of  a canopy of trees framing you as you pose for wedding photos a rustic forest or woodland wedding offer charm and beauty in bundles.

There are though additional considerations for an outdoor weddings that don't apply to indoor weddings, so ensure you book a wedding venue with management that is experienced in woodland, forest, garden, outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.

How to plan your woodland wedding

Find a venue

Search engines are your best friend when it comes to finding a forest or woodland wedding venue in your area that has permission and is equipped to host weddings and wedding receptions. Anywhere else and you would likely have to apply for a special permit.

Having a venue that is set up to cater for weddings is preferable as they will cater for many of the things you will require that are particular to a woodland, forest wedding setting.

Check with your venue what they provide and what you need to provide yourself.

Woodland / Forest wedding  - things to consider

Forest Pine Trees Wedding Collection
  • Permit - do you need one
  • Waste disposal - you must leave nature as you found it and ensure nothing is left for animals
  • Toilets and washrooms (can guests access them from where you are)
  • Wet weather provision- always have a plan B when hosting a wedding outdoors incase of rain.
  • Ground cover (consider there might be muddy paths, waterlogged walkways)
  • Screening - have cover and protection against biting insects is welcome
  • Wheelchair access (ask your venue host about this).
  • A flat cleared area for seating, tables and more. The ground will need to be even or your tables and chairs will wobble!
  • Vehicle access - to transport chairs, tables, tents, guests as necc.
  • Drinking water - the usual facilities might not be within reach so you have to cater for basic comforts for guests.
  • Lights in the trees - you will want lighting in the evening and you might need to bring your own, safety first so ensure they're fit for the purpose
  • Fire precautions - if you have lanterns, candles, bbq, hog roast, grill fire safety in a wood is essential.
  • Bug spray for your guests - biting insects will enjoy your party, be prepared!
  • Animals - what is the local wildlife and how might they impact your wedding? You don't want an uninvited bear or deer joining the party!
  • Heating - forests and woods can be chilly due to a canopy of tree shielding you from the sun and more so as evening sets in so you will need some form of heating and guests should be advised to wrap up warm. Warm drinks served in the evening is also a good idea.
  • Wedding Dress - consider the length and a train and how it will be affected potentially dragging around in soil, leaves and even mud!
  • Shoes - woodland and forest walks in heels are not much fun and can lead to your heels becoming caught in the ground so consider your footwear and that of guests.
  • Photographer - hire a photographer experienced with the particular light, shade and perspective requirements for shooting photos and video in a woodland, forest setting. You want to make the most of this beautiful environment and capture it in photos for future generations and yourselves to enjoy.
This list is not exhaustive but it's a good starting place regarding the extras you need to think about when planning a woodland or forest wedding.

Mountain and Lakeside Weddings

If your woodland/forest wedding is situated in the mountains or in view of them, with a lake nearby then you have the best of all worlds regarding what nature has to offer. Invest in a fantastic photographer to make the most of the stunning scenery and capture the enigmatic light and perspective required for great photos. Once the wedding is over your photos (and perhaps video) are all that you will have to show future generations your special day, so of all expenses related to weddings, I believe this is one to give a good amount of consideration to.

If you have a family member or friend that is up to the task or who can supplement your professional photographer images, all the best.

Rustic Woodland and Forest Themed Wedding Invitations

Once you have found your venue you can start thinking about sending out rustic forest and woodland themed wedding invitations, save the dates and stationery extras. I have some wonderful rustic wedding collections for you to peruse.
This modern rustic kraft card wedding invitation features folk art love birds on a branch representing the bride and groom, a wooden heart engraved with the couples initials (printed graphics) and trending handwritten fonts. The text on both sides can be edited to suit your exact needs.

This elegant and modern wedding invitation features a rustic wooden heart with monogram of the bride and groom's initials and 4 photo templates for you to add couple photos of yourself enjoying happy and romantic times. It has a rustic wood printed background (available in different shades) and has text template fields for you to add your wedding details as desired in a modern format. Matching rsvp, thank you, save the dates, stickers and favor boxes are available.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Why you should have SUCCULENTS as your Wedding Flower

Succulents wedding theme ideas bouquets

Succulents are now a regular feature in your florists window and here's why

The trend for having succulents, deemed a quirky little flower / plant as part of a wedding bouquet, or table / cake decoration and even as potted favors and featured on wedding invitations began around five years ago and this trend is showing no signs of diminishing.

So why are these Alpine, desert like plants so popular?

Succulents are evergreen

Whatever time of the year you're getting married, you will always be able to feature these plants with flowers at your wedding, unlike many other flower varieties. They also bloom in any season.

Succulents only require watering approx. once a week and enhance health

While other flowers (cut) will dry out and die if not displayed shortly after cutting, your succulents remain fresh and plump holding their appearance for longer. They also are known for purifying the air around them and humidifying the air as well only releasing oxygen even at night, all of which is an added bonus! They may help you avoid becoming ill on your wedding day.

Succulents offer a variety of colors

Watercolor Succulents Wedding CollectionYou may think succulents are mainly green and you'd be correct, but they have a wide variety of greens, and greeny blues and even purples and deep red to contrast, meaning they can co-ordinate with many wedding color themes.

Succulents are masculine and feminine

And by this I simply mean that generally flowers are seen as a feminine thing whereas succulents with their sturdy appearance can work just as well for men as for women and make excellent button holes for the groom and grooms party.

Succulents are easily available

Due to their ever growing popularity, not just for weddings but for other events and as a home decoration, you can purchase succulents in the Alpine/desert section of garden centers, in home stores and even in your local supermarket. They're inexpensive and transport easily.

Now we know why succulents are so popular and what their many benefits are, it's easy to see why they're a hot favorite at weddings. Before we take a look at how to plan your succulent wedding, here are some fast links to items you'll need.

Succulent themed wedding invitations and matching stationery and favors via Zazzle, world's largest print on demand merchant, 100% money back guarantee (see coupon codes here for great discounts and savings).

Purple Watercolor Succulents
Purple Watercolor Succulents
by Andy

For all your succulent plants, favor pots and boxes, labels, bouquets, cake moulds visit my Amazon Wedding Succulents Page HERE.

Succulent Table Decorations

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Monday, 25 March 2019

Real Life - My Low Budget Wedding ( Less than £5000) and how I did it

I noted a bride-to-be generously sharing her low budget wedding planning costs along with her tips for making savings on a Wedding Planning Group and she kindly gave me permission to publish the details here for the benefit of other frugal brides.

Hannah Marie writes

"My h2b (husband-to-be) asked on my birthday (boxing day) 2018 so we've had 5 months to plan and pay for what we needed in that time.

It's been madness!! Haha.

Here are some money saving tips that I think will be really helpful to those who are on a budget.


If you download a free app called freeprints, you get 40 free prints a month. I also use a free app called Pic Collage in which I uploaded a pic of me and h2b, the wedding information and picked the colours of the invite as the ones of the wedding theme. We made 80 personalised invites and only spent £2.99 for the shipping on the freeprints app.


 caterpillar cupcakesWe are having 2 caterpillar cakes. Each serve 20 and they are £6 each from Asda / Morrisons . We are having cupcakes made and for 40 it is £60. So £72 for cake and cupcakes for 40 people.

Bridesmaids dresses

Brand new on eBay they cost £4 each for the flower girl ones and £25 each for the older bridesmaids. A total of £58 for 4 dresses.

Bridal shoes 

ShoeZone have some white lacy type shoes for £6 each, really pretty. £24 total for the 4 bridesmaids and mine are white converse £25 from JD Williams.

Suits. Matalan we spent £80 for the grooms 5 piece suit and £60 for the page boy 5 piece suit. £140 for the 2.


 artificial wedding flowers budget
We have artificial. Definitely post on your local Facebook groups too. I made 6 bouquets using flowers from Hobbycraft and watching a YouTube tutorial. All 6 bouquets cost £18 to make.


Registry office which is on beautiful grounds. £314 for the ceremony, wedding certificate box and a picture of me and h2b signing the register. Definitely phone around and ask for prices. Some places wanted to charge us £600+!


We're having a sit down meal instead of a party type thing. So no DJ, buffet, decorations etc. Massive saving. We asked all guests what they wanted to eat and they have offered to pay for their own meals. They knew of our struggles. Don't feel cheeky if the guests offer to pay for their own. Let them! Food is one of the biggest costs of a wedding.


All guests are receiving a little mesh bag filled with sugared almonds. 60 bags on eBay for £1. Enough almonds to fill £5. Bridal and grooms party are having £30 each on gifts. Big expense but we've saved so much everywhere else. Total costs of gifts £174.


We're lucky enough to have my brother in law do our pictures for free but if you don't have that then I highly recommend disposable cameras. One camera for every 4 people and 2 per reception table. The guests can take pictures throughout the day and night. If you have a hashtag the ones who use their phones can upload them for you.

Summary of costs

  • Ceremony £314 
  • Evening is a meal in a family pub. £60. 
  • Each guest (40 in total) has offered to pay for their own meal. 
  • Wedding Dress £70 
  • Groom's suit £130 
  • Best Man suit £130 (he wants to pay for his own) 
  • Page boy suit £80 
  • Flower girl dresses £4 each x2 (brand new on eBay!!!) 
  • Bridesmaids dresses £30 each x2 (paying for their own) 
  • Mother of the bride suit £40 (paid for her own) 
  • Bouquets £30 
  • Full bridal party shoes £100 (of which we are only paying £40 of) 
  • Wedding gifts £160 
  • Little extras £70 
  • Wedding cars free from family members 
  • Photographer free from brother-in-law 
  • Honeymoon including spends £1500 

That's a total of £3292 (without things not being free would come to £5000) of which were only paying £2492.


Hannah is very blessed to have wonderful friends and family who are happy to contribute and help in so many ways. The take-away from this is to not be afraid to ask for help because those that love you will be happy to lend a hand in any way that is practical. This is a intimate wedding that will I'm sure be a huge success more-so because all the guests are fully invested in it being so!

Your friends and family will have a wide range of skills sets that make for the perfect wedding. You may have talented photographers, crafters, flower arrangers as well as green fingered gardeners who can supply the wedding flowers among your crew.

Shop Weddings on Zazzle
I'm sure they will be flattered when you ask to draw upon their expertise for your special day. It will help them to feel involved and with a few glasses of wine and a free lunch for all your helpers, the whole process can be a fun one.

A HUGE thank you to Hannah for being so generous and kind in sharing her story and tips!


 Custom wedding poems
Hannah Bishop writes custom poems for events including weddings to add a special something to your invitations, save the dates, rsvp's! Whatever the occasion.

Here is one of Hannah's low budget wedding themed poems.

Wedding planning is so exciting.
Yet scary at the same time.
One minute your feeling anxious.
The next, things are seeming just fine.

The biggest stress is the budget.
The smaller it is the bigger the task.
Will we be able to afford this?
Is a question you'll certainly ask.

You start to look at your menu.
To see what cutbacks you could make.
With your head hung low you question.
Should I sod it and just home bake?

It doesn't stop there with the questions.
Is an expensive DJ a must?
When your Bluetooth speakers are sat there
Quietly gathering dust.

It doesn't make it easier.
Seeing other brides spend with pleasure.
Taking it all within their stride
Because a budget for them is a leisure.

You feel incompetent that you can't do
All the luxury things they can.
Arriving to the church in their limousine
When your questioning a car or a van.

It's also the suits for the men
Oh goodness, then there's the dress.
Then the worst question of all comes.
Is this all really worth the stress?

You can see where this is going.
You've cried so many tears.
You never thought what it would be like.
To plan what you've wanted for years.

But this is the time you need to stop
And think of why your here
And remember the love you will bring
The happiness and the cheer

Imagine your families and friends
When they all take their places
And seeing you in your attire
With big smiles on their faces.

It isn't about what we don't have.
Or the simple things we bring
It's about him making you his queen
And you making him your king.

It's saying your vows to one another
Making promises you will keep.
So sod how tight your budget is
You can still love on the cheap.