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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

How deep is your love? Marine Wedding Ideas

Love marine life and looking to take the plunge with the love of your life and get married encircled by tropical fish and coral?

There are a variety of destinations and options available, even if you can't swim you can always take a dive and marry underwater.

If you don't wish to get wet or travel overseas but still want that underwater theme a great option is to get married at a local aquarium. An aquarium wedding will ensure an unforgettable watery experience for you and your guests and better still you don't have to get wet and ruin your wonderful wedding dress.

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Asad from Pexels

Another aquatic option is hiring a private submarine with some submarines offering space for up to 20 guests this is a great choice for those who would like a more intimate deep sea wedding experience. Popular locations to enjoy a submarine wedding include Mauritius, Fiji and Barbados.

If you want the real deal and to dive, the world has so many wonderful natural underwater backdrops. Popular locations to dive into the sea to get married include Bali, Hawaii, Thailand, Cayman Island, Mexico and the amazing Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Just like a normal wedding you can reduce your stress and take the burden of the wedding logistics away by using a specialist underwater wedding planner. Your choice of marine venue will be able to assist you to find your perfect wedding planner.

If you don't have the money and fancy planning your own wedding instead, no doubt you will be wondering how do I have a diving wedding experience and keep my guests dry? 

Don't worry all your guests don't have to join you in the water, unless you want them too, instead your guests can watch from aboard the dive boat or from your reception location near by.

In some countries a second ceremony may be necessary as not all ocean water weddings are legally accepted this is commonly done on the beach or at a beachside hotel.

So what are you waiting for? Tell your guests you are diving in to married life with a splash with one of these uniquely designed aquatic styled wedding invitations.

Friday, 8 March 2019

How to plan tables at your wedding

Wedding guests please be seated

Planning a wedding sure seems daunting with so much to organise. One of the biggest headaches is guest invites and table seating plans. Apart from the fact that no one may want to sit at the same table as an ex or too close to "Aunty Mabel",  you also have the worry of compiling the guest list and keeping all the family and your soon to be mother-in-law happy! Also ensuring that you place friends as close together as possible so everyone has a great time at your event.

A rough guide to wedding tables

Round tables are more social and tend to be used if you have enough space available for them. However you will seat more guests with banquet tables than you will with round tables in the same area. 

The size of the venue required depends on the number of guests and the type of seating. A room that is 10 metres x 10 metres or 100 square metres will hold a maximum of approximately: 200 standing guests, 140 guests at rectangular tables, 100 guests at circular tables and 176 guests seated in rows. Remember to allow enough room for traffic around the tables as a guide about 5 feet of space is comfortable between each table.

For a more formal and traditional wedding you normally have a very long top table which should include the Bride, Groom, Best Man, head Bridesmaid and immediate family members, this faces towards the rest of the guests as you can see in this sample illustration.

If you have a computer drawing program or graph paper you can map out your function room and plan your tables.

Template wedding seating charts

Many wedding reception venues provides a directional board or easel, so you can put up a seating chart helping guests find their way to seats. Some venues may have a glass display boards just as you enter the reception area that will allow you to pop your seating plan in. If your venue doesn't have one you can hire easels from wedding hire shops.

Sometimes wedding planning and seating arrangements have to change at the last minute, for this you can use a blank DIY seating plan posters. With your tables and guests listed in a text formatting program, such as word or excel, they can then be printed out, trimmed and stuck to the poster according to table and guest layout. 

Finally adding coordinating table numbers and guest name place cards not only add a touch of class to your tables but assist your guests to find their seat.