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25 Ways To Slash Your Wedding Costs in Half!

Cut Your Wedding Venue Costs in half with these 25 hacks

  1. Instead of having a venue for the ceremony and another for the reception, combine them and have one venue for both!
  2. Have an early morning wedding followed by a reception brunch instead of an all-day and night party.
  3. Book a weekday rather than a weekend day
  4. Book out of season, this is usually winter, colder months of the year
  5. Source a newly opened venue looking for clients, offering deals
  6. Pay in full in advance, generally lower prices can be negotiated this way
  7. Backyard wedding - BBQ, Buffet, Picnic style
  8. Camp-Out - Forest, woodland, everyone brings a tent, weekend fun
  9. Riverside - Find a spot with tables and benches
  10. Castle Ruins - beautiful photo opportunities - ensure amenities provided nearby
  11. Community Hall - hire the space
  12. Church Hall - hire the space
  13. Village Hall - hire the space
  14. Sports Hall - hire the space
  15. Local School - rent the sports hall/assembly hall
  16. Restaurant, bar - choose a quaint rustic venue
  17. Air B+B - some beautiful properties for hire at value prices - maybe a pool party
  18. Boat Trip- combined with dining onboard
  19. Farmers Field hire - provide amenities
  20. Large Camper van for catering an outdoor event/provide shelter
  21. Historical properties that hire indoor or outdoor spaces
  22. Picturesque gardens that hire the outdoor space and access to amenities
  23. Beach Front - ensure amenities, party into the night BBQ, Fireworks, sparklers, bonfire
  24. Garden Party - vintage afternoon tea theme
  25. Woodland Wedding - ensure flat ground and amenities provided.
  26. New Hotel/Restaurant with offers as seeking new business

20 Questions to ask your venue vendor

1. Is the wedding location available on the day you've selected?
2. How many guests, standing and seated, can be accommodated?
3. What time can we decorate the wedding venue?
4. Is it possible for us to get ready at the wedding venue?
5. Is there a secure area where the gifts can be stored?
6. Is there disability access and bathrooms on the ground floor?
7. What is the daily schedule?
8. Is there an open bar, and if so, what are the drink prices?
9. May we bring a bottle and is there a corkage fee?
9. Are we permitted to hire our own caterers and bring our own food?
10. Is venue hire included in the package price?
11. How many serving staff members will be present on that particular day?
12. Is there room for us and our guests?
13. Can we receive a discount for renting a block of rooms?
14. Do you have a cake stand for weddings or do we need to bring our own?
Is there another wedding scheduled on the same day as ours?
16. What time must we depart?
17. What are the terms of cancellation?
18. May I receive an itemized invoice containing a detailed breakdown of costs?
19. What about insurance?
20. Can we receive a cheaper rate if we book on a weekday, outside of peak season?

12 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

When the wedding date is determined, the wedding guest list is finalized, and the wedding budget is agreed upon, you may begin looking for wedding ceremony and reception venues.

  1. Distance from your residence
  2. Distance and modes of transport available between the ceremony and reception locations
  3. Parking /access for the disabled /child-friendly
  4. Are your guests able to conveniently exit?
  5. Capacity of the venue for visitors
  6. Indoor/outdoor and weather-related contingencies
  7. What is included in the price of the reservation?
  8. Are they able to accommodate all dietary restrictions?
  9. Verify their insurance coverage.
  10. Cost calculated on a per-person basis
  11. Conditions of cancellation
  12. Insure yourself
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