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How To Plan A Budget Rustic Wedding For Less Than $5000

How To Plan A Budget Rustic Wedding For Less Than $5000

Rustic Wedding Planning Hacks That Will Cut Your Wedding Costs In Half

Replace the vases with jam jars, the roses with sunflowers, the thrones with hay bales, and the high heels with cowgirl boots.

Having a rustic wedding is a beautiful way to incorporate nature, the outdoors, as well as the arts and crafts into your big day. They are also reasonably priced. A rustic wedding theme is ideal for the frugal, low-budget couple that wants their special day to be both beautiful and affordable at the same time! Wedding planning in a rustic style is the focus of this section of the website, and it includes resources such as information on rustic reception locations as well as budget rustic wedding invitations, flowers, rustic wedding decorations, rustic wedding cake, and much more.

5 Ways To Cut Your Rustic Wedding Venue Costs in half

    To maximize the natural beauty and components that can be used to create the ambience for your budget rustic wedding, consider an outside site or a backyard for both the wedding ceremony and reception. Using the same location for all components of your wedding will significantly reduce your wedding venue expenditures! Selecting a weekday or off-season wedding date will also significantly lower the cost of your rustic wedding venue.

    By catering your own event, such as a BBQ, Pig Roast, or Pot Luck, you can further reduce the cost of the rustic wedding location. Consider employing a family member or friend who is a competent musician or vocalist or requesting their services in lieu of a wedding gift for entertainment. Avoid offending them, as they will want to attend your wedding as guests, not as hired workers! You can do the same thing with photography, but because it is a long day, consider enlisting the assistance of a few of pals rather than just one.

  1. The ceremony and reception should be held in the same location.
  2. Decide on a weekday and an off-season date for the wedding.
  3. Do your own Catering.
  4. As an alternative to a wedding gift, invite a talented friend or family member to perform or DJ at your wedding.
  5. In lieu of a wedding gift, request photographs from a couple (not just one, due to the time commitment) of friends or family members.

Things to Consider when planning an outdoor rustic wedding

If you're holding the ceremony and reception in the same area, you'll need to consider how you'll set the scene,' as you'll almost certainly have to shift guest chairs around for each segment of your event. Ascertain that you have allotted assistance for that! This is not something you want to do while wearing your wedding gown.

Seating Plan

The classic rustic wedding seating plan features rows of chairs separated by an aisle that leads to a decorative arch. Alternatively, you may arrange for your guests to stand and form a circle around you.

  • Use artificial garlands or genuine green garlands to create a rustic aesthetic on the tables, a wedding ceremony arch, a wedding tent, and trees.  
  • Hire or borrow event tables, decorate and arrange them, and then cover them with some clean, new table linen.  
  • Request collapsible chairs from your local community center or school for your rustic garden wedding ceremony and reception. 
  • If you're having a boho or shabby chic inspired rustic wedding, mismatched tables, chairs, and linens will look perfectly in place, so borrowing from friends, family, and neighbors is an excellent method to save money. 
  • Wooden pallets are quite affordable and may be made into wonderful rustic furniture, tables, seats, and lounge areas, among other things. Procure materials from local builders' merchants, scrap yards, and landfills.

  • How To Cut Costs on Your Rustic Wedding Invitations


As the creator of The Low Budget Wedding Network®, I'm always on the lookout for new and creative methods to help couples save money on their wedding stationery, decor, and gifts. Take a peek at my wedding stationery hacks and see how they can save you money!

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    All-in-1 Invitations lower costs and waste!

    All my invitations (unless they're magnetic or have a photo on the back) have text template fields BOTH sides so you can reduce costs by not having to purchase additional enclosures.

On the majority of wedding invitations, there are merely text template fields on the front face, with a plain or patterned back. This assures you'll need to acquire additional paper products including as RSVP cards, gift registry information cards, and possibly something about hotel accommodations, instructions, and reception information. All of these additional enclosures and details cards can drastically increase the cost of your wedding invitations!

By comparison, all of my wedding invitations, including my lowest, low-budget wedding invitations (starting at $0.30), include text template fields on BOTH sides, unless they are magnetic or have a photo on the reverse. There is just enough space to include a QR scanning code for your wedding website if it exists. You can include the RSVP date, as well as the email, text, or social media account information for attendees to use to send their comments. You may choose to include information about live-streaming your wedding or a drive-by.

Weddings are becoming less conventional than ever before, necessitating the dissemination of more information to tell your guests of what to expect and to ensure they arrive at the appropriate time. You might provide information on the hotel's accommodations, directions, and reception. Keep the material brief and succinct in order to make the best use of the given space.

This simple idea can more than halve the cost of your wedding invitations!

Budget Russtic Wedding Invitations from $0.30!

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My best value budget invitations however are the Semi-Gloss Sheets if you want traditional cardstock. Take a look at my handy chart to learn more about the different budget rustic wedding invitation options.

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