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How to create a rustic winter wedding on a low budget

Brrrrrrrr ... why get married in the winter??

If you don't love the cold and see yourself posing among the flowers with a strong sun shining down on you a winter wedding couldn't be any further from your thoughts.

BUT .. don't dismiss a winter wedding so fast 

There are lots of perks to getting married during the colder months of the year, not least the great saving on venues. And for the low budget wedding couple, this is a huge perk!

Save as much as 75% on wedding venues

Research shows that the least expensive times of the year to get married are January, February and March with just 5% of weddings take place during these months. This means massive savings for couples on a tight wedding budget. Our brides over at Low Budget Wedding Planning Group have reported savings as great as 75% on the cost of venue hire!

How can this news not be music to your ears. In addition to making savings by getting married during the Winter and early Spring months, mid-week weddings offer additional savings.

In conclusion: for maximum savings on venue hire, a mid-week winter (January, February) wedding is likely the cheapest time of the year to get married.

You may have to skip the outdoor wedding ...

If you're having a wedding during the winter months you may have to rule out outdoor weddings due to cold, wet and windy weather.

Even with wedding marquees and tents you'd need a lot of heating during the winter to keep your guests warm and cozy.

Being cold does stop people from feeling relaxed and enjoying themselves and no one wants to sit, eat or dance while wearing their winter coat.

But with unpredictable weather you will usually need an indoor plan B in anycase so don't be too disheartened. Let's focus instead on the beauty of an indoor rustic wedding!

Cozy Rustic Winter Wedding - low budget 

Look how beautifully decorated this barn is (pic above) it has a classy expensive look to it. BUT ... if you look closer the decorations (tables and benches) are quite simple and present affordable dining options. If this is too simple for your tastes, you can add more greenery, wooden barrels, chalkboard signage and potted twigs with strings of lights ... there are so many great things you can do to dress up a rustic wedding and make it cozy and elegant all at the same time.

Use natural elements to create table center pieces which are seasonal and easily sourced such as pine cones, holly and berries, recycled bottles and jars, tea lights and more. For dressing up these items and making them a feature use burlap, lace and twine and for favors and invitations look at using recycled or kraft paper.

In summary ..

  • Natural elements: Pine cones, twigs, holly and berries
  • Tea Lights and Candles
  • Recycled Bottles and Jars
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Chalkboard Signage
  • Old Bone China dinnerware
  • Artificial and wild flower cuttings
  • Small oranges and lemons (for centre pieces)
  • Strings of lights
  • Decorated vintage bicycle
  • Barrels
  • Copper ware

Have a look at the rustic wedding pics featured here for inspiration

Wedding cakes are fairly expensive when ordering from a professional cake maker. The price usually includes the design consultation, sourcing the ingredients, making the cake and decorating it along with transport to the wedding venue. It's those extras (travel and custom design) that add to the cost. The cake makers quite rightly need to be compensated for all the time they spend on your cake.

If you want to save money on your wedding cake, making and decorating your own is the way to go. In some cases you can buy basic wedding cake bases from high street supermarket stores. Their reviews are variable but it's another good alternative. And you can dress them up with real fruits and flowers.

I like the style of the rustic winter wedding cake above because in terms of styling it's fairly basic and yet it looks great and you can decorate it with natural elements reducing the need for cake decorating skills. The wooden log base has multiple purposes and these are easy to source.

I am assuming they have sliced the bottoms off these green wine bottles to get the candles inside! This is a great budget wedding center piece idea and with the recycled glass and wooden bases, they're very rustic.

Recyle and collect from thrift stores, friends and family a varied range of mason jars, regular jars and glass vases for creating hanging lanterns, table lights and more decorations as shown here. The less fancy they are the more rustic they become.

This rusty old barrel with a wooden disk top is a great idea for a rustic table! You can be quite creative with adding additional decoration such as chalkboard paint and signage.

Old vintage style bicycles, dressed up with flowers, ribbons and signage and propped against a wall is another way to add rustic charm to your wedding.

Have a go at making your own fantastic table runners from natural leaves, berries and the occasional flower!

Rustic Wedding Decorations

View my handpicked selection of rustic winter decorations and accessories via our Amazon storefront page. This is a niche list comprising of various rustic themed wedding elements. 

Rustic Wedding Invitations

I have a number of rustic themed winter wedding invitations in my budget bride wedding collection.

Share your DIY Rustic Winter Wedding Projects here

We'd love to see your handmade rustic wedding decorations, invitations and more and feature them on this website. To submit your photos and a bit of text add them via the Low Budget Wedding Group Facebook Page Here.

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