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NEW! Design Your Own Great Gatsby Roaring Twenties Wedding, Bridal Shower Invitations, Decor

 great gatsby roaring twenties wedding invitations decor

NEW Template Roaring Twenties Maker Set


Roaring Twenties Bridal Shower Invite Maker Kit 

 roaring twenties flapper bridal shower

I am pleased to annouce the first of their kind on Zazzle, my inspirational template maker kits complete with examples of the great gifts you can make with each set. Featured here are two fun set for couples planning a Roaring Twenties, Art Deco, Great Gatsby styled wedding and bridal shower

They feature various black and gold elements, flappers, text template fields and the options via Zazzle to move, remove, resize, add filters and additional images and text via the customize feature. You can even invite your friends and family via email to collaborate on your design!!

Even those with little to no design skills can design a unique wedding invitation with the new features available at Zazzle, just invite someone you know with skills and away you go! You can be a creative team making your wedding invitation all the more special and memorable.

How does this work?

  1. Follow the link HERE
  2. Select the CUSTOMIZE tab
  3. Start designing your own cards, gifts, invitations, t-shirts and more
  4. When complete select DONE
  5. Below your design will be various gifts and cards you can TRANSFER your new design to. You can select from 100's of products using this tab. (see image below)

 maker kit

With my template maker kit available only from Zazzle you can create your unique wedding invitation then transfer it (see above) to one of thousands of amazing products available on Zazzle. The product will then be available for you to make additional tweaks before you place your order.

For inspiration check out some of the wedding invitations I made with elements from this maker kit.

Get started today!

This template set contains various design elements such as shapes, text and images for you to create your own invitations, accessories and customized gifts that are unique to you with just a little bit of help from me. The end result created here can then be transferred to a product on Zazzle via my Zazzle store only to create your own personal invitations, gifts and cards etc. You MAY NOT use the end design for any other purpose or via any other system. The finished design MAY NOT be resold, screenshot, downloaded, uploaded anywhere including anywhere else on the Zazzle platform. 

Happy Designing

For Design assistance, ask me!

When you receive your unique gift, write a review and post a pic on Zazzle as I'd love to see what you designed!

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