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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Stunning Hummingbird Themed Wedding Invitation Collection

This beautiful Hummingbird themed wedding invitation collection is my own creation and I am so in love with it! The dominant colors are pretty mint green and blush pink with gold accents and typography. With Trumpet Vine flowers and leaves ( a favorite for Hummingbirds) all carefully illustrated in watercolor this invitation suite oozes elegance and romantic charm.

The Hummingbird symbolizes joy, luck, comfort, optism which are all wonderful qualities and the perfect theme for a wedding. Many ancient tribes revered this tiny enigmatic bird whose exquisite hovering presence captivated all who saw it. 

A little known fact is that the Hummingbird's wings flutter in a pattern resembling the number 8 or the infinity symbol. Just another reason to love this magnificent hovering, humming bird. I hope you enjoy this Hummingbird themed wedding collection which includes event items, thank you favor tags and gifts.

View the full collection HERE.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Retro Rockabilly Wedding Theme

Alternative Wedding Theme


Personally I'm not a lover of elegant, soft pastel flowers and frills, nor do I have the figure for a sexy long fitted number when it comes to wedding dresses but I love a Rockabilly look.

Rockabilly is such a fun idea with lots of bright colors red, blues, black and white being the main colors with polka dot spots, roses and love hearts.

What's not to like about these dresses in retro 1950's style, they're cute, colorful, pretty and a lot less expensive than the traditional wedding dress.

Maybe you would prefer to wear white, that's fine you can get white lace and even polka dot lace in the same tea dress length styles, add extra touches like this lovely bridal veil with red rose buds and a pair of red high heels and it will look fabulous. Dress the bridesmaids in colorful polka dot dresses and big net petticoats to finish off the look.


Carry the theme throughout the day with lots of tattoo style swallows, red love hearts, roses, polka dot decor and 1950's music. Sounds of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and the likes will soon get guests tapping their feet and bopping on the dance floor. Why not get yourselves a few lessons in Rock'n Roll dancing and make the first dance one that everyone will remember.