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Succulent Wedding Theme

There are succulents everywhere you look nowadays - even weddings - and for very good reason! They are adorable, inexpensive and easy to grow! They are available in trendy muted pastel colors of sage green, mauve purple and even pink tones.

Succulents can be added to your wedding decor in several ways. They make very stylish low lying centerpieces for the dining tables at your marriage reception. They can be added as an accent to other flowers or kept as their own entity as the focal point.  Succulent themed table numbers or place cards can help tie it all together also.
Green Succulent on White Wedding Table Numbers
Succulent plants can easily be added to the bridal or bridesmaid's bouquets along with other flower blossoms to be carried down the aisle during the ceremony. This is a great way to pull the theme into the ceremony as well as the after party.

Little succulent plants in a tiny clay pot can make perfect inexpensive party favors for your guests. Add a matching Succulent …

Why you should have SUCCULENTS as your Wedding Flower

Succulents are now a regular feature in your florists window and here's why
The trend for having succulents, deemed a quirky little flower / plant as part of a wedding bouquet, or table / cake decoration and even as potted favors and featured on wedding invitations began around five years ago and this trend is showing no signs of diminishing.

So why are these Alpine, desert like plants so popular?

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Succulents are evergreen

Whatever time of the year you're getting married, you will always be able to feature these plants with flowers at your wedding, unlike many other flower varieties. They also bloom in any season.

Succulents only require watering approx. once a week and enhance health

While other flowers (cut) will dry out and die if not displayed shortly after cutting, your succulents remain fresh and plump holding their appearance for longer. They also are known…

Succulent Rossette Weddings

Budget-Friendly Wedding Accessories
Not only are succulents a budget-friendly choice they are also water-wise and thus very suitable and convenient for wedding decor and the bride's bouquet because they can be created days before the event.  Corsages created with succulents are long-lasting.

Succulent Hues of Pale Blues Save the Dates Card by Just_Kidding
My love for succulents goes back for many years due to our local Mediterranean climate. The succulents on these card designs are photos taken from my own succulent collections.

For succulent lovers having this design on their invitations for their event will reflect a personal touch to family and friends.

Succulent Hues of Pale Blues Bridal Shower Invitation by Just_KiddingFlowers, Succulents & Exotic plants - South Africa by Nadine May Best Points Succulents are easy to maintain, will not wilt during the ceremony or reception. They are great for both formal and informal weddings and can be given to guests as gifts after the e…