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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Planning a Steampunk Wedding from Home

So what is Steampunk? 

Steampunk is a rather interesting genre because it involves much more than just history. The first appearance of this steampunk fashion style is hard to date because there are many aspects that influenced it. The actual term steampunk was coined by K.W. Jeter in 1987.

 steampunk weddings
During the late eighties early nineties ( before the internet) I was drawn to create timepiece sculpture brooches from old watches I took apart.  I sold these on craft markets with the hand drawn calendars.

Before Steampunk became the full-blown sub-culture it is today, it started out as a science-fiction sub-genre in the 1970s.
Its fundamental inspirations go all the way back to 19th century Victorian writers, such as Jules Verne (author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and H.G. Wells (author of The Time Machine).

The Steampunk Look 

Steampunk typically bears strong Victorian influences using materials like wood, glass, leather, copper and brass which are all authentic materials for constructing a futuristic or fantastical Victorian look.

It is a funky world. It's a more playful version of Gothic, and it's visually cleaner than a lot of punk. Perhaps it's more developed with class and style; refined and elegant.

A Steampunk Wedding

 sreampunk weddings

Step One: A Steampunk Engagement Party.

 steampunk weddings

You both are probably somewhat alternative and love to dress up. You had your engagement party, so your family and friends got to know about your interest in steampunk fashion.
You also might feel that if everyone had to dress up for the wedding so that they would feel much more like part of your day, rather than just being onlookers and well-wishers.

If you have set the date, then you will know what the climate will be if you want to be able to have a ceremony in the garden.

Step Two: The date! When to tie the knot is a good start.

Now that you have the date, sending out and Save the Date card to all your family and friends is the second step. Having Steampunk invitation cards that includes your photo will already set the tone of your coming event.

Do your invitation cards reflect the theme of your wedding?

 steampunk weddings
This invitation can be followed by sending a bachelor, bridal and a wedding shower party invitation. Here you might consider asking your guests to dress the part, or at least offer a suggestion for what colors to wear. This way, everyone can participate in your wedding theme.

Some couples might be planning their steampunk wedding a year in advance for the planning of the clothes and decor. To have a special creative celebration for family and friends to have an unforgettable day takes time.

Step Three:  A bridal shower and bachelor party 

A stag or hen party followed by a wedding shower party is all possible and a great way to gather some of the decor gifts that can be used during your wedding.

(The cards used in this article can all be personalized, including the gifts that go with the steampunk theme.)

TIP: Many couples have already set up a website where ideas of gifts that might include some decor items for the wedding. Links to vintage hire services might also be very helpful for your wedding guests.

 steampunk weddings
It is possible through the internet to find some ingenuity to create your own Steampunk theme. Many craftspeople on Etsy, specialize in making dresses, suits and accessories for your entire wedding.

Even the most amazing props can be created during these parties.  Pinterest is a great way to explore what others have created for the steampunk wedding.

This Elegant Gold Black Steampunk Invitation birthday party card by Zizzago can easily be personalized and made into a steampunk party invitation.

 steampunk weddings

The three party invitations above could be a great help to include your family and friends into the Steampunk fashion mood. Those events could even be a workshop party activity where some props for the wedding can be created in a team spirit.

The Colors of a Steampunk Wedding.

It's advisable to mention what color dress the bride is going to were, so the wedding guests will choose something that does not clash with the wedding photos.

A very suitable option is burgundy, dark brown or even black. Black should not be a color to be afraid of because you can always add some gold or metallic elements that will make the whole event looking amazing. What also works is aubergine, black and teal.

The Clothing 

The bridal gown should obviously be with steampunk inspiration. The groom is also going to be dressed in a steampunk inspiration.


Choosing the steampunk theme for a wedding is rather daring in itself, so choosing an outfit don't hesitate to wear almost crazy things!

The Rings

The wedding rings are a symbol of love that can also remind you of your common steampunk love for life. There are many options out there.

Step Four: The Wedding

To have an at-home wedding, consider the space. The great thing about getting married in your own home is the flexibility you have to get things ready in advance.  Depending on the size of your home, the number on your guest list will be important.
  • Who is organizing the ceremony setup and decor?
  • Factors like who is doing the catering? 
  • Who is organizing the music? 
  • Can the wedding ceremony be held in the garden, or inside the house?
If you plan to have your wedding indoors it might be advisable to engage in a cleaning crew to help prep the family home for a weekend of guests and events.  A spotless home where some private items are removed will also guarantee that any clutter doesn’t come across in your photos.

Keep in mind the importance of a dance floor when allocating space in your home, or for your reception.

For couples who want to stay away from rentals, mixing chairs and other furnishings that were found within your home can add whimsy and charm to your design scheme and decor.

 steampunk weddings
Let's say that your wedding invitations have been sent. 

From the table layout of your reception to the  rehearsal dinner (cards) - the menu, each event is an opportunity to reflect the familiarity of your residential venue choice.
  • Are you asking for financial contributions? 
  • Have you thought about what kind of input you want them to have? 
  • Are there traditions you want to include? 
  • Are you both encouraging your guest to were steampunk costumes, if so where could they hire them? ( mentioned on your wedding website on your invitations)
Along with a spotless house creating a festive atmosphere through lighting and decoration, using lamps instead of overhead lights and hanging a ton of white lanterns from our ceilings.  Wildflowers in pretty vintage vases around the house.

TIP: Getting your decorations up and ready the weekend before your wedding to avoid stress. 

Having written this steampunk article, if I would do my own wedding in the sixties all over again, I would probably go for this wedding theme.

I hope that my article will inspire the soon to be Mr and Mrs.

Below are some more links from Zazzle designers on the amazing steampunk theme for any event.

Thank you Simon for all your many tips through Facebook messenger. I like to end this block post with your wonderful Steampunk wedding invitation.

Nadine May

Friday, 15 March 2019

Real Life - Medieval Wedding Romance Tintagel

Re-live this romantic love story with author JaneR which climaxed with a medieval wedding at wonderful King Arthur Great Halls Tintagel Cornwall.

It was love at first sight

"I met my husband to be at an airport in California after working at a Music show. Unbeknown to me he had attended the same show. I remember driving to the airport thinking that even though I had just met hundreds of men over that weekend, not one caught my eye and that I would probably never find "the One" as I must just simply be too picky when it comes to men!!

It was pouring down with rain when I arrived at the airport and to top it all off our flight was delayed for four hours. I entered the waiting area, which was packed with my fellow flight passengers, when I noticed this dirty blond, long haired man sitting next to some round cases reading a book. The War of the Roses! I felt immediately drawn towards him, an internal instinct that told me "there you are".  He felt like someone I had known, someone I had a history with, someone I had loved before. I felt both silly and absolutely overwhelmed.

Medieval Wedding Invitations
With hardly any seats available I, like many others stranded, sat down on the floor close to where he was and started listening to my music. I had a few people approach me that had visited our stand at the show to chat about our product. Close enough to hear us,  I noticed his head coming up a couple of times listening in on my conversations.

After exchanging a few smiles with him I finally summoned enough courage to turn to him and ask what he had in his cases. He told me they were Drum symbols and that he had been working at the same show. This then led to us chatting until the hours simply seemed to fly by and our plane was finally ready to board and take us home.

Parting ways 

The flight was agonising, knowing he was sat in the back of the plane and not being able to continue talking to him. As we landed we bumped into each other again on our way to the baggage claim area, collected our baggage and continued towards the exit.

Now, in all my life I have never asked a man if he would like to go out for a drink, but with this man I did. I gave him my number and as my ride was not here yet, he said he would wait with me. I thanked him and he said that's not a problem as he still believed in chivalry. I remember looking into his eyes and thinking you will be the father of my mad is that!! Anyway, my lovely friend Patty arrived, I introduced them and we said goodbye. As we walked away, I turned back to look at him just as he turned to look at me and I said to Patty

"That's the man I am going to marry".

Fast forward a few years and we have now sold up and moved to England. He is a musician and had just signed with a band there. Come to find out we both had a passion for everything old and steeped in history, so England was a welcomed change.

He especially was very keen on King Arthur and the Arthurian Legend and called me Lady Jayne right from the beginning of our relationship (...or rather the continuation of something that happened before, in another time, another place.... as that is how we both felt about it).

The first time we visited Tintagel was absolutely magical. We both felt as if we had been here before, it felt familiar, a place we once had known and loved,  just as it felt when we first met.

We walked up to the King Arthur's Castle ruins and then visited the Parish Church of St Materiana , which stands on the cliffs between Trevena and Tintagel Castle. We both knew right away that this is where we would get married. 

It was fate

Our next stop were the King Arthur Great Halls .  Not knowing they existed at the time, we entered what we thought was a Souvenir shop. We soon started talking to the curator of this Souvenir shop as he on seeing my husband to be said " You look like King Arthur".  He went on to tell us all about this so called shop and the Great Halls and urged us to take a tour. We were led into a medieval looking room with grand pictures depicting the story of King Arthur. We were asked to sit down, the lights dimmed and a narrator began to tell the story of the Legend of King Arthur. At one point it was told that he received his sword, Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, who in this story was called Nineve.

As soon as I heard that name I knew that if I ever would have a daughter I would name her Nineve, the Lady of the Lake. I am pleased to say we were blessed with a beautiful daughter who now carries this beautiful name.

Anyway,  after we the narrator finished,  we took a tour of the Great Halls and were absolutely astonished to see what this ingenious man, Fredrick Thomas Classcock, had built and left for generations to see and marvel at.

Next we went to see the Camelot Castle Hotel, which simply put the icing on the (Wedding) cake. Everything we wanted was right here in this beautiful place called Tintagel.


To help you plan your perfect Medieval Wedding find below some customizable medieval themed wedding stationery, decorations and costumes!

Medieval Wall Art - Photo Booth Props

Featured here is a wonderful wall tapestry (featuring a vintage print) of medieval knights. This would make a wonderful decoration for your wedding ceremony or reception or as a photo booth back drop!

King Arthur Medieval Knights Jousting Poster
King Arthur Medieval Knights Jousting Poster

Medieval themed wedding invitations

Medieval Scroll Wedding Invitation
Medieval Scroll Wedding Invitation
by LilaEngel

Medieval Bride and Groom Costume Ideas

For medieval wedding clothing you can opt for King and Queen costumes, or a Knight and Lady Guinevere theme or a regular Lord and Lady. Your guests can be similarly dressed but not of course as Kings and Queens!

Medieval wedding - bride costume - queen

Medieval wedding - groom costume - king

Game of Thrones Anyone?

Weddings with a medieval Game of Thrones theme are very popular which is why it is great to have wedding invitations based on that theme!

Thursday, 14 March 2019

My English Beach Wedding and a pick-up truck!

Low budget wedding with a beach, bbq and a pickup truck ..not fancy but a lot of fun!

With our unpredictable weather in the UK a beach wedding can be risky business, but with some beautiful beaches matched with unrivalled lush cliff tops (we have something to thank our rain for) it's not as crazy as it seems.

Myself, I didn't go all the way with a beach wedding, in that the ceremony was held in the local registry office which was situated in a rather beautiful town hall, listed building with amazingly well kept gardens. I married back in the day when having a wedding officiant barefoot on a beach wasn't doable, at least not that I was aware of at that time. So we did the 'deed' in the registry office.

My small wedding party of about 35 guests then made our way via cars and a rusty blue pickup truck (me and my dress fitted easily into the back of it) travelled to the beach!

The weather was far from perfect with clouds and light drizzle, but our unorthodox drive and happy demeanour saw us joyously planted on the sandy/pebbled beach surrounded by lovely rock faces perfect for photos and generally having a bit of random beach fun.

We enjoyed the nature, the views, the sea breeze before working up an appetite and heading back to my mums thatched cottage garden for a BBQ and drinks.

My wedding guests, I'm sure had never been to a wedding like it, but in terms of making the most of a small wedding budget and still having a memorable day, we nailed it.

We saved money on travel (luckily we lived near the beach) transport (yay for pick-up trucks) and reception venue. With enough talented DIY photographers in the group, we had plenty of authentic natural photos to fill our wedding album.

Tropical Vintage Beach Heart Invitation SuiteThis was over twenty five years ago and while the marriage didn't last the memories of that day and my lovely guests and their gung-ho, go-along-with-it attitude has lasted.

If you're looking to save money on a wedding and yet want something memorable, don't be afraid to ditch the traditional idea of what a wedding day should entail (limos and champagne) and enjoy a fun day out at the beach, a park, a forest (depending upon where you live) and enjoy the natural beauty which is so abundant in the UK.

If you've had an out of the box wedding in the UK, drop me a line here and we will publish your story.

For low budget wedding ideas and tips check out my curated recommendations re wedding guides via my Amazon Influencer Page HERE.

Check out these modern beach themed wedding invitations, save the dates and matching stationery by talented designers over at Zazzle!

                            Tropical Vintage Beach Heart Invitation Suite

Monday, 11 March 2019

The Brewery Wedding - New Rustic Wedding Trend for 2019

Wheat and Hops Brewery Wedding Invitations
So you have decided that you would like to plan a rustic chic wedding but you are looking for a new twist on the typical country barn theme? Or perhaps you live in a more urban area without a farm you can utilize? Consider a brewery or beer theme. Micro breweries are popping up all over the country and different craft style beers are becoming quite trendy and fun.

This venue in itself can lead to the casual yet classy feel and atmosphere in itself that you may be trying to find. Often they feature old warehouse chic brick walls in the breweries, vintage looking signs and giant metal vats of beers and lagers, all of which can lead to great photo opportunities. While these locales are often very industrial, they can be dressed up with some fancy white table linens, blooming flowers and twinkling white string lights.

Having microbrew beers as your main alcoholic beverage at your cocktail hour and marriage reception makes wedding planning easy and you will most likely be supporting a local microbrewery business along the way, which is always a plus for your community. And there is a variety of charming party favors and add ons that you can do with the theme. Personalize koozies, pint glasses, disposable paper napkins or coasters with cute beer themed sayings on them. The typical glass mason jars of a rustic wedding can be traded out for beer bottles or growlers filled with wheat or hops for your centerpieces or table decor.

Set a relaxed and elegant tone for your brewery wedding with these charming Growler, Hops and Wheat Brewery Wedding Invitations or Wheat and Hops Brewery Marriage Invites and Party Supplies. Choose from custom template marriage invitations, rsvp cards, save the date announcements, thank you notes, photo cards and order of ceremony programs.