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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Why you should have SUCCULENTS as your Wedding Flower

Succulents wedding theme ideas bouquets

Succulents are now a regular feature in your florists window and here's why

The trend for having succulents, deemed a quirky little flower / plant as part of a wedding bouquet, or table / cake decoration and even as potted favors and featured on wedding invitations began around five years ago and this trend is showing no signs of diminishing.

So why are these Alpine, desert like plants so popular?

Succulents are evergreen

Whatever time of the year you're getting married, you will always be able to feature these plants with flowers at your wedding, unlike many other flower varieties. They also bloom in any season.

Succulents only require watering approx. once a week and enhance health

While other flowers (cut) will dry out and die if not displayed shortly after cutting, your succulents remain fresh and plump holding their appearance for longer. They also are known for purifying the air around them and humidifying the air as well only releasing oxygen even at night, all of which is an added bonus! They may help you avoid becoming ill on your wedding day.

Succulents offer a variety of colors

Watercolor Succulents Wedding CollectionYou may think succulents are mainly green and you'd be correct, but they have a wide variety of greens, and greeny blues and even purples and deep red to contrast, meaning they can co-ordinate with many wedding color themes.

Succulents are masculine and feminine

And by this I simply mean that generally flowers are seen as a feminine thing whereas succulents with their sturdy appearance can work just as well for men as for women and make excellent button holes for the groom and grooms party.

Succulents are easily available

Due to their ever growing popularity, not just for weddings but for other events and as a home decoration, you can purchase succulents in the Alpine/desert section of garden centers, in home stores and even in your local supermarket. They're inexpensive and transport easily.

Now we know why succulents are so popular and what their many benefits are, it's easy to see why they're a hot favorite at weddings. Before we take a look at how to plan your succulent wedding, here are some fast links to items you'll need.

Succulent themed wedding invitations and matching stationery and favors via Zazzle, world's largest print on demand merchant, 100% money back guarantee (see coupon codes here for great discounts and savings).

Purple Watercolor Succulents
Purple Watercolor Succulents
by Andy

For all your succulent plants, favor pots and boxes, labels, bouquets, cake moulds visit my Amazon Wedding Succulents Page HERE.

Succulent Table Decorations

Succulents are often found displayed inside a terrarium which for a wedding can create a nice centerpiece. Popular terrariums for display are the metallic, gold, silver geometric wire and glass ones which are also popular as featured on the wedding invitations - see above

How To Grow Your Own Succulents

Check out these great tips for growing your own succulent plants for your wedding. how-build-tray-garden-succulents

Decorating With Succulents Tutorials

Check out the trending tutorials on YouTube for creating your succulents wedding bouquet, wedding cake, favors and table decorations HERE

Last but not least a Succulent Photo Themed Wedding Guest Book 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

Weddings inspired by vintage blue hydrangeas

Big showy hydrangeas come in so many shades of blue. From the soft Blue Enchantress to the deep cobalt blue varieties you find in the gardens of the North West United States. Hydrangeas come in such a multitude of hues they work well with any blue wedding theme.

In this post you will see a variety of different romantic blue hydrangea designed wedding invitations. These outstanding designs are exclusively found on The invitations you find here can be personalized to suit your wedding style from casual to formal.

I chose because of the large variety of paper qualities you can choose from. There are six paper shapes and a total of 12 paper types for budget to the most formal presentation.

Let's get started

The first invitation we will feature is entitled the Hydrangea and Greenery Dusty Blue Hydrangea Invitation. The florals include French blue hydrangeas, white romantic roses and soft green eucalyptus leaves. The back of the invite includes a complimentary blue watercolor wash. This design has included matching wedding and even bridal shower pieces to create a lovely suit for you to choose from.

This next offering uses more of the watercolor wash idea with light blue hydrangeas, ivory and blush roses and both light and dark colored foliage for accents. Using a complimentary darker blue background really makes this blue hydrangea wedding invitations pop. You will find this design is part of a wedding suite.

The last lovely suggestion is a trendy gray background with pretty blue hydrangeas in a clear mason jar. The rustic wedding design and simple text makes the entire suite is a winner.

Don't forget the Zazzle Coupon page 

Zazzle always is having a sale. Many days the discounts includes paper products such as invitations, save the date cards and specialty envelopes. Visit the Zazzle Coupon Codes page to see how you can save on your order.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

5 Important Tips To Save On Wedding Flowers

Vintage weddings are romantic and don't have to be costly 

Add vintage to your wedding event with romantic botanical flowers including soft colors and plenty of greenery. When we think of flower arrangements for our weddings we can hear the cha ching of our event's budgets climbing higher.

However, there are some simple ways to save on the flower budget for your wedding. In this brief blog post I'll tell you some great ways to save on your wedding flowers that are easy to follow. 

5 Important Tips to Save on Wedding Flowers

1.  Know Your Floral Budget
Before sitting down with your florist know how much you have to spend on flowers. Be honest with the floral expert and they will be able to give you the best advice on what kind of flowers you can afford. 

2. Keep Floral Choices Local and Seasonal
If you are choosing local flowers you will not only save money on transit, but will have the freshest blooms to choose from. Better yet, choose flowers that are in season and local. Your florist will know and understand and can suggest options.

3. Be Open to the Florists' Suggestions
Your florist is an expert, if they suggest cost cutting flowers you would hesitate to choose readily hear them out. They may show you varieties of flowers in the same floral family that will not be familiar to you. Keep an open mind and ask for examples. 

4. Choose Less Flower Types
The fewer types of flowers and foliage the cheaper it should cost. If the florist is using two different stems (flowers or foliage) instead of six, the cost of the flowers and labor should decrease. Keep the arrangement full and simple to get the more bang for your buck.

5. Reuse Floral Arrangements
Those bridesmaids bouquets can be used to add color to the cake table or guestbook table. The aisle decorations from the wedding venue can be used at the bride and groom's table at the reception. Be creative and use floral arrangements in various places for each event of your wedding.

Vintage Botanical Wedding Paper Products

One very easy way to create an expectation of what your wedding theme will be for your invited guests is the wedding stationary you will use. There is no need to have to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding save the date cards, invitations and other paper wedding needs. 

My Vintage Peonies Botanical Wedding set will help you along the way to presenting your romanic botanical wedding in the best possible light.

Botanical design elements

I started this botanical wedding set with a soft and fresh spring green. The flowers are alabaster peonies with a hint of blush pink. 

Matching buds and green foliage enhances these stylish but casual wedding paper products. There also includes a gold edged area where you'll see elegant hand lettering and easy to read fonts used in an elegant black.

As always all the text you see can be personalized to meet your wedding needs. Don't forget to save even more money by visiting Zazzzle's Coupon Page. Their discounts change often and you may find yourself saving even more money by visiting.

Feel free to leave comments regarding your experience with florists. Add questions regarding the Vintage Peonies Botanical Wedding set too!