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How to write a Best Man Speech

Here are a few ideas for funny things you could include in a best man speech:A humorous anecdote about the groom or the couple.

  • A lighthearted jab at the groom or bride (in good fun, of course).
  • A humorous comparison of the groom's single life versus married life.
  • A funny story about the groom's bachelor party or other pre-wedding events.
  • A playful reference to a shared inside joke or memorable moment between the groom and the best man.
  • A humorous take on the responsibilities of being the best man, such as organizing the bachelor party or holding the groom's wedding ring during the ceremony.

It's important to keep in mind that humor is subjective, so be sure to tailor your speech to the audience and the couple's sense of humor. Make sure not to offend anyone or cross any lines, and always keep the focus on celebrating and honoring the couple on their special day.


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