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Cheapest Wedding Invitations 0.28 Zazzle - Navy blue and white modern classic

navy blue white budget wedding invitation

Introducing our sleek and modern navy blue monochrome flyer invitations, now available on Zazzle. These budget-friendly invitations are perfect for couples looking to add a touch of sophistication to their big day. 

The design features a navy blue background with crisp white typography, providing a clean and contemporary look. The invitations also have text fields on both sides for all your important details, and you can even add an RSVP section and a QR scanning code for easy guest management. 

And if you want to make it even more personal, you can add a photo or image to the design. With so many options and great value, these navy blue monochrome flyer invitations are an excellent choice for your special day. Order yours today on Zazzle!

Many more color options available including terracotta, pink, red, yellow, black, burgundy, dusty blue, teal, white and black, emerald green. sage green and more.

For a premium card or paper type use the transfer tab on Zazzle to view more options.

Navy blue and white wedding invitations are a versatile option that can be tailored to a variety of wedding themes. The classic color combination of navy blue and white creates a timeless and elegant look, making it suitable for formal or traditional weddings. The navy blue provides a sophisticated touch while white adds a crisp and clean feel to the design.

Additionally, the navy blue and white color scheme can also work well for nautical, beach or coastal weddings, as navy blue is often associated with oceanic and coastal themes.

They can also be a great choice for modern, minimalist or contemporary wedding styles, as the monochrome color scheme creates a sleek and sophisticated look.

Overall, navy blue and white wedding invitations can work well for a wide range of wedding styles, from formal and traditional to modern and contemporary.


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