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POLL Results - Professional V Self Printed Invites

I recently asked brides and grooms-to-be over at my Wedding Facebook Group
a few poll questions about how they approach ordering their wedding invitations. In the new world of social media, digital downloads and online design tools I wondered how many couples still preferred taking the traditional route to wedding invitations (prodesigner and professional printing) over newer methods such as self-design and forwarding of online invitations or posting out self-printed invites.

The results are in (50 couples polled so far)

Taking it all into consideration as a whole, I am presently concluding from the results (poll is still active) the following:

1. 0% of couples want to send out send out their wedding invitations solely via email/ online sharing media. Not one bride or groom voted for the 'online only' wedding invitation poll option.

2. 100% of couples want their wedding invitations as 'hard paper/card' copies as oppose to digital only. (Some of this group also want to be able to share them digitally/online, approx 1 in 12 couples).

3. 2 out of 3 couples prefer to have their printing done professionally

4. 1 out of 3 couples prefer to do their own self-printing (at home or work).

5. 1 out of 5 couples prefer to design their invitation themselves.

6. 4 out of 5 couples prefer to use online/professional invitation providers for the design of their invitations.

These results are roughly what I surmise thus far and if it changes greatly I will let you know!


Here are some of my favorite designs for wedding invitations, eventware and gifts, Each image will take you to the whole collection. Contact me for custom edits. These wedding invitations are not available for digital download, however Zazzle offers very competitive printing prices and they nearly always have a great sale on! Last week it was 60% !!

 timeline wedding invitations
 real gold foil photo wedding invitation
 rustic greenery invitations
 vintage typeset inked wedding invitation photo
 watercolor tropical island wedding invitations
 Coral Rose Wedding invitations

 forest pine winter wedding invitations
 pastel wedding invitations script modern industrial chic wedding invitations
 eucalyptus wedding
 winter wedding invitations blue steel modern

 burgundy navy blue roses floral wedding invitations

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