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Woodland Wedding Invitations

Shades of Autumn Wedding InvitationA popular rustic wedding trend for 2019 is the natural Woodland Wedding 

These charming enchanted forest wedding themes are often held in wooded parks, woodsy backyards or manicured arboretums. While in most cases, prior approval will be required they all can lead to a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials. 

Let the seasonal differences in the woods help decide the color scheme for your wedding.  Obviously the rich greens and browns of summer trees and vibrant red, oranges and yellows of fall foliage will be hard to ignore, so go with it and use those colors to your advantage! 
Here are some unique Woodland Wedding Invitations for all seasons to help set the tone for your marriage ceremony and reception.

Depending on your geographic location, a winter woodland wedding can be a bit tricky and chilly! While it is super romantic to imagine trees glistening and sparkling in fresh fallen snow, your guests may be feeling the cold after a short time. So while a short ceremony may be held outside, the rest of the reception should be held in an adjacent cozy cabin or barn. The Rustic Red Poinsettia Winter Wedding Stationery Collection is perfect for a festive December event. Choose from invitations, save the dates and thank you notes featuring a floral photograph of natural wood slices and red poinsettias.

The spring is a beautiful season of new birth and a very popular season for tying the knot. If you are lucky enough to live in a dryer climate during March, April or May, then a forest wedding might be a great option for you.  The quaint Rustic Bird Nest and Pussy Willows Wedding Invitation Set beautifully captures the essence of springtime featuring a wooden bird's nest filled with blue speckled eggs and a vintage milk bottle filled with pussy willow twigs.

The Sunflower is the proud ambassador of the June, July and August summer months and is a cheerful complement to a subdued woodland wedding.  Bright yellow sunflowers can make a striking appearance against the dark greens and mosses of the deep woods. The charming Rustic Sunflower Woodland Wedding Invitation Collection features a yellow sunflower blossom, natural wooden wood slices with the word LOVE burned on them with brown pine cones and a white bridal veil.

The September, October and November Fall months is when mother nature really loves to show off all of her splendor in the woods. Soak in all of those rich warm colors and thread them through your wedding decor.  Because autumn weather can often be unpredictable, its always a good idea to have an onsite indoor option for your venue.

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