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Friday, 12 April 2019

Don't Tell The Bride!! Outrageous wedding ideas for 2019

Would you let your Groom plan your wedding for £13,000?

That's the deal with E4's Don't Tell The Bride TV series. They provide a budget of £13,000 if the groom-to-be plans the wedding in 3 weeks without telling the bride (hence the title).

But brides beware! 

Your groom is likely to be encouraged to plan the most outrageous wedding he or they (the producers) can think of because that's entertainment! I don't doubt brides properly drill their future husbands with brides dress styles, wedding venue preferences and more before the day they part company but somewhere along the way this seems to go awry! Because those tears are hard to fake!

And a good thing to because we'd be so bored otherwise.

Outrageous ideas for Don't Tell The Bride

I haven't seen the whole series but I thought it would be fun to come up with suggestions for outrageous weddings and I'd love for you to add your own ideas in comments. I can't promise these haven't already been done.

Gullivers Land
How about you supersize the wedding with some great props for a magical Gullivers Travels themed wedding where the guests, bride and groom are all tiny! It'd make for some great photos and I bet this one hasn't been done yet!

Alice in Wonderland
Sticking with the storybook theme how about a Mad Hatters Tea Party Wedding. The bride would look quaint in her blue and white Alice dress and the groom could be dressed as the mad hatter! The groom does wear a top hat afterall. The officiant could be dressed as the white rabbit.

Outer Space
There must be a groom out there who is a space geek who'd love to re-enact the moon landing for this wedding day! Bride and groom wear space suits and they bounce around on a fabricated moon with a cute moon buggy. They can eat space rock cakes!

Sticking with the space theme how about Martian fans getting in the alien vibe with dazzling costumes reminiscent of those as they may have featured in the original Star trek Tv series. Or forget the Martians and just go all out Star Trek! Plenty of Trekkies getting married this year.

Murder Mystery
How about the Bride and her bridal party have to solve a mystery before she gets to marry her groom! Vintage 1920s costumes, talented team of actors. It'd take more planning than 3-weeks though I fear!

So many guys and gals love a good Zombie horror film, why not make that the theme but bear in mind children might be present! So many great party items and ideas for bride and groom outfits if you want to do an all out walking dead party. Beautiful white wedding dress and red paint splats for fake blood effect.

How about a wedding at a Zoo, whereby the bridesmaids and officiant have to wear animal costumes, possibly hairy ape suits! The bride could get away with a wedding gown but underneath she could wear some of those animal toe slippers! (see below).

Pool Party
Bride and Groom and guests could all be invited to a massive indoor pool party complete with floating flamingos, giant rubber rings and not a wedding dress in sight!

King Arthur
How about Knights of Camelot, Arthurian legend medieval theme with some awesome re-enactments and of course the groom wears armour and rides in on a white stallion for his bride who is dressed as Guinevere.

Add your ideas in comments!

APPLY here.

A Roaring 20's Gatsby Wedding

The great Gatsby inspiration 

Watching the 2013 Great Gatsby movie inspired me to create my own Gatsby style by using a luxurious shimmering gold silk texture draped through two wedding rings on a dramatic black background with a Deco style stripe to give the design a chic and glamorous look.

It should exude a sense of purposeful luxury in no uncertain terms.

Vintage 1920's Art Deco Gatsby Wedding Collection
Gatsby style is all about dramatic and eye-catching details. The luxurious Art Deco style is making a comeback in a big way! Some couples like to choose a trendy style that their guests will relate to.  Art deco has influenced a lot of couples even today to use for their most important celebration.

A wedding should be one of the most special occasions in your life. One way to make it even more special is to add personal touches throughout the entire process with gifts for your wedding guests that can all be personalized at Zazzle.

The Wedding Outfits

The Groom
Unlike today, men wore tailored suits to fit snug on the body. Black tuxedos and sparkly sequined dresses are a modern way to do 1920s wedding attire. When choosing a 1920s suit, find one that fits well, not baggy. A matching suit vest and pants are a must for a Great Gatsby look. 

A French cuff white shirt with cuff links is a must! ...I love the look of the white collar shirt for ’20s wear. It screams vintage. Don't forget the very important vintage style shoes. Color-wise anything goes. There's no such thing as too much sparkle.

The Bride
Bridal frocks of the Jazz Age were the epitome of footloose and fancy-free. They were shorter, reflecting the popularity of the flapper girl look. Brides also wore long-strand necklaces, oftentimes pearls layered around their neck.
Here is some great 1920’s inspiration from zazzle designers.

The Table Decor

The Great Gatsby Gift BoxA shimmery black tablecloth layered with embroidered gold linen, including  The couple's initials on plates, wine glass charms and wine bottle labels. The opportunities are endless. 

Welcome Bags
Personalize with the wedding couple's names and wedding date, and be sure to include a special message!

Decadent cookie favors make the perfect post-wedding treat. Box them up to make it a matching gift set so they're easy for guests to grab and go!

Nadine May