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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

How To Word Wedding Details +1, Unplugged, Kids, Gifts

Event Insert Cards - Create Your OwnThe devil is in the detail

If you want to let your invited wedding guests know what they can and can't do with regard to your wedding, the wording is critical in not offending them in the process.

Short witty poems seem to do the trick!

I've written a couple of poems that brides can use (commercial use not permitted) for their invitation stationery packs. In addition I've designed some handy business sized template cards so you can add your own wording and have them printed out at minimal cost (check the sales in red HERE).

Also featured here are wedding inserts and details cards from other talented designers.

Stylish, elegant wedding enclosure cards featuring a bouquet of blush pink watercolor flowers and greenery. Personalize the card by adding important information such as hotel accommodations, wedding website, directions, etc.

Fully editable insert card for gifts, directions, accommodations etc; whatever wedding details that you need to add to your wedding invitation suite as a business card. Monogram on the back side. Shown in black and white Basic and elegant.

Honeymoon fund request wedding insert card. Kraft paper for a great rustic effect. Select white paper for elegant effect.

Wedding details enclosures include: 

  • Details card
  • RSVP website
  • Unplugged notice
  • Display details (no gift wrap)
  • Cash Gifts
  • DJ song request 

DJ Song request wording (copyright LeahG) 

We're having a DJ 
so you can sing along, 
let us know 
your favorite song. 

If we can 
we'll play it for you, 
so you know how special 
you are to us too. 

Write it down 
in the space below 
along with your name 
and we're good to go! 

Unplugged Wedding Notice (copyright LeahG) 

Put away your cameras, 
Your phones too,
We're having an unplugged wedding,
The idea is not new. 

We want you there in the moment, 
Sharing with us. 
We have hired a photographer 
To capture all of the fuss. 

The pics will be published 
For all to view, 
So lets be together 
When we say 'I do'. 

Thank you.

No Children under age 16 (copyright LeahG) 

After months of intense planning
We want to relax 
With our adult family and friends
Who will be partying to the max

So as much as we love children 
And don't want a scene
The reception is strictly 
and adult only theme.

So take the night off
And let your hair down with us
We'll ensure you enjoy yourself
Without worry and fuss.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Saving Costs on Wedding Stationery Extras

The Drinks Are On Us!

The drinks are on us; sounds like a bad idea to me because it could end up costing you a fortune and even if money is no object it could get a bit messy with your guests not being able to resist having one too many. 

Do you really need to pay for all their drinks? 

No it isn't necessary but if it's something you want to do why not make a contribution by giving them a ticket to exchange at the bar. There are some cool cards you can buy and personalize with your names for an extra special touch. Here's one which is popular, cute but simple and effective and it can be either handed out or left on the tables along with favors                 

Free Drinks Token Personalized
Free Drinks Token Personalized
by Flissitations

Don't Buy Me A Wedding Gift

Many couples these days have been living together for some time before getting married and already have pots, pans, towels, ornaments photo frames and the like. With the expense of the wedding they would probably appreciate money to spend on the honeymoon; but how can you say it without sounding ungrateful or greedy.  Once again you can get personalized cards just for that purpose.

Wedding Gift Request Honeymoon Money Personalized Enclosure Card
Wedding Gift Request Honeymoon Money Personalized Enclosure Card
by Flissitations

However if you're not going on honeymoon but would prefer money or vouchers as opposed to a wedding gift you could use something like this

Wedding Gift Request Money Personalized Discount Card
Wedding Gift Request Money Personalized Discount Card
by Flissitations

Perhaps your a couple who would love lots of wedding gifts but you feel a bit cheeky sending out a wedding gift list telling people what you want. Why not set up an online wedding page where you can get guests to message you with their RSVP. That way you can put a list of wedding gifts you would prefer there which they will see when replying, giving them a subtle hint.

RSVP Wedding Website Personalized
RSVP Wedding Website Personalized
by Flissitations

Get Up And Dance!

Having a disc DJ in the evening on your wedding day; make sure people get up and dance it can make the night much more enjoyable for everyone. One step to getting people up dancing is playing music they enjoy and feel comfortable dancing to. Why not ask them to give you their favorite dance tunes on your web site before the event so that you can pass them on to the DJ. Alternatively get some song request cards to leave on the table on the evening