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Inviting Children To Your Wedding - Pros and Cons

It's a real dilemma when cost and venue size dictate guest numbers

Do you invite all children, no children or some and not others to your wedding
You want children at your wedding but you can't invite them all due to numbers

When a wedding is restricted as most are by numbers, children are often the first to be 'cut' from the guest list especially if they're not particularly known to the bride and groom.

Despite that obvious consideration many guests will be unhappy if their children were left off their wedding invitation and other people's children were invited.

You don't want kids at your wedding but some have to be there

You may have decided that you want a child free wedding but you have close friends and family who you are willing to make an exception. They may have children who are in the wedding party (flower girls, Paige boys) or you may know them very well (nieces, nephews and God children etc.). Inviting some children and barring all other children …