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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Wine-themed Wedding

As a wedding suite designer, I love getting requests from clients that really want that something special that is unique to them and the scenario that they will be having on their big day. It's a massive challenge to get it just right for them and it's so very gratifying when they express satisfaction at what you deliver!

That's why I was thrilled when I was approached to do something similar to this existing invite in my store. It was originally designed for a wine-tasting bridal shower but they wanted it for a wine-themed wedding that they are having at a location with peacocks. I didn't know there was such a thing!

This is now like a before and after that I'm about to demonstrate. It's fun to see how a theme can escalate and this is how we as designers learn what people are looking for. Optimum personalizations for wedding couples if you like. So they liked the idea but the color scheme was not suitable to their event specifics. Burgundy, navy blue and blush pink were the order of the day.

Challenge accepted! This was my very first effort and they were suitably blown away but not quite to the extent that were going to settle. This is what I love about this game. It isn't over until it's perfectly suitable to their requirements. So very apologetically and "sorry to be a pain" they suggest edits.'s my job. Feel free to tell me it's not acceptable.

Burgundy and Navy Peacock Wine Themed Wedding Invitation
Burgundy and Navy Peacock Wine Themed Wedding Invitation
by partypeeps

They loved the addition of more florals at the top but they weren't altogether happy with the wording as they wanted their full names and a bit more emphasis on the fact that it was indeed a wedding. They also required a text field on the back for further information. The burgundy reverse was also too much for them and they suggested navy. This  particular color scheme is very trendy at the moment and trust me when I say that people pick up on trends.

It was huge learning curve for me and we are both very happy how it turned out. I'll be doing a lot more wine-themed wedding suites in the future. I love this job!

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Rockabilly Wedding Ideas

Rockabilly Tea Party Bridal Shower WeddingRockabilly weddings combine rock n roll music and retro styling for an off-beat and unconventional theme that couples are embracing with more regularity.

Rockabilly was 1950’s rock n roll music blending western and country with rhythm and blues. It was associated with retro fashion, pop art and classic cars and was a form of rebellion. We love nostalgia and things of days gone by. I guess in the distant future we will be having rap weddings!

Retro and vintage 1950’s fashion for her can be found online and the groom has it easy really by just donning a tight t-shirt, a leather jacket and shades. Don't forget to grease your hair!

Vinyl records, polka dots and checks are obviously going to set the scene. Vintage and retro posters can adorn the walls. A jukebox would obviously be very desirable if you can manage to hire one. Guitars and other rock instruments would fit the bill or even just ornaments of them. You're bound to have a lot of fun and this spread will hardly break the bank!

You might want to consider some rockabilly games seeing as how you are being so rebellious anyway! Hula hoops or retro karaoke perhaps? 

The best Elvis wins a chocolate sundae! A kissing booth or hopscotch would be cool. Enjoy coming up with ideas!