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Friday, 8 March 2019

Personalized Succulent Themed Bridal Shower Game Stationery

Mix beauty with fun with these wonderful succulent themed personalized bridal shower games 

Mystical Succulents Bridal Shower
Avoid a flop!

Bridal shower games are a great way to break the ice. They are guaranteed to get your guests interacting with each other and are a surefire way to avoid a flop! I am hoping to add a lot more bridal shower games to my wedding stationery sets in the coming months so as to be the "go to" for said games. So take a look at these unique and fun bridal shower games to make your occasion an entertaining and memorable one.

Mystical Succulents

To compliment my wedding collections, I wanted to bring something new to the table for my invitation store on zazzle. I have compiled a variety of bridal shower games to match the bride's mood. In this scenario I chose succulents because they are very popular. This particular design has a unique departure from the ordinary as it has boho feathers in the mix to bring a mystical aura to it.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Bridal bingo, and the bride wore, around the world, honey-do's, animals mate's names, what's in your purse? and many more games come together to compliment this collection with matching bridal shower invitation and display shower and gift registry cards.