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Friday, 3 May 2019

Succulent Wedding Theme

Succulent Wedding Invitations
There are succulents everywhere you look nowadays - even weddings - and for very good reason! They are adorable, inexpensive and easy to grow! They are available in trendy muted pastel colors of sage green, mauve purple and even pink tones.

Succulents can be added to your wedding decor in several ways. They make very stylish low lying centerpieces for the dining tables at your marriage reception. They can be added as an accent to other flowers or kept as their own entity as the focal point.  Succulent themed table numbers or place cards can help tie it all together also.

Succulent plants can easily be added to the bridal or bridesmaid's bouquets along with other flower blossoms to be carried down the aisle during the ceremony. This is a great way to pull the theme into the ceremony as well as the after party.

Little succulent plants in a tiny clay pot can make perfect inexpensive party favors for your guests. Add a matching Succulent Favor Tag, Sticker or Favor Box to create a coordinated set.

Succulent wedding themes can be dressed up or down depending on your personal style. These unique Succulent on White Wedding Invitations feature the green plants with a white bridal veil and satin background to set a more elegant tone.

While, the Rustic Succulents and Barn Wood Wedding Invitation Collection can be used for a more casual country barn or ranch wedding theme.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Woodland Wedding Invitations

Shades of Autumn Wedding InvitationA popular rustic wedding trend for 2019 is the natural Woodland Wedding 

These charming enchanted forest wedding themes are often held in wooded parks, woodsy backyards or manicured arboretums. While in most cases, prior approval will be required they all can lead to a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials. 

Let the seasonal differences in the woods help decide the color scheme for your wedding.  Obviously the rich greens and browns of summer trees and vibrant red, oranges and yellows of fall foliage will be hard to ignore, so go with it and use those colors to your advantage! 
Here are some unique Woodland Wedding Invitations for all seasons to help set the tone for your marriage ceremony and reception.

Depending on your geographic location, a winter woodland wedding can be a bit tricky and chilly! While it is super romantic to imagine trees glistening and sparkling in fresh fallen snow, your guests may be feeling the cold after a short time. So while a short ceremony may be held outside, the rest of the reception should be held in an adjacent cozy cabin or barn. The Rustic Red Poinsettia Winter Wedding Stationery Collection is perfect for a festive December event. Choose from invitations, save the dates and thank you notes featuring a floral photograph of natural wood slices and red poinsettias.

The spring is a beautiful season of new birth and a very popular season for tying the knot. If you are lucky enough to live in a dryer climate during March, April or May, then a forest wedding might be a great option for you.  The quaint Rustic Bird Nest and Pussy Willows Wedding Invitation Set beautifully captures the essence of springtime featuring a wooden bird's nest filled with blue speckled eggs and a vintage milk bottle filled with pussy willow twigs.

The Sunflower is the proud ambassador of the June, July and August summer months and is a cheerful complement to a subdued woodland wedding.  Bright yellow sunflowers can make a striking appearance against the dark greens and mosses of the deep woods. The charming Rustic Sunflower Woodland Wedding Invitation Collection features a yellow sunflower blossom, natural wooden wood slices with the word LOVE burned on them with brown pine cones and a white bridal veil.

The September, October and November Fall months is when mother nature really loves to show off all of her splendor in the woods. Soak in all of those rich warm colors and thread them through your wedding decor.  Because autumn weather can often be unpredictable, its always a good idea to have an onsite indoor option for your venue.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring is such a romantic time to plan a wedding. 

The grass is turning green and the trees and flowers are budding and blooming and giving new life. There is excitement in the air and so much hope for the future with the rebirth of Nature.

These beautiful accents of the season can be introduced into the theme of your spring marriage invitations.

White Spring Daffodil Wedding Invitation

Rustic Bird Nest Eggs and Pussy Willows Wedding

Rustic Bird Nest Eggs and Pussy Willows Wedding
Nothing says "spring" as much as baby birds! Mommy and Daddy birds are often seen actively building nests and getting them ready to house their new eggs. The charming Rustic Bird Nest and Blue Eggs Wedding Stationery Collection really sets the tone for your outdoor March, April or May nuptials.

It features a quaint photograph of a wooden bird's nest with blue speckled eggs with a vintage glass milk bottle filled with pussy willow twigs. Choose from marriage invitations, save the dates, rsvp cards, thank you notes and photocards.

Yellow Daffodils on White Wedding Stationery

Yellow Daffodils on White Wedding StationeryWhen it comes to spring wedding flowers, daffodils or narcissus top the list. Because they are so readily available during the spring months, they often are more affordable.

They can even be picked from your own garden for your table centerpieces or accent vases.

Daffodils are also very versatile and can be dressed up or down to complement your relaxed and rustic or classy and elegant wedding atmosphere.

Rustic Daffodils & Barn Wood Wedding StationeryAnother flowery type at the top of the springtime wedding list is tulips. Tulips are available in so many colors, they are sure to complement any wedding decor! Tulip flower blossoms can be either a whimsical or elegant addition to your wedding decor.

Dress them up with silks and satins or create a casual rustic chic tone when paired with mason jars, barn wood or vintage lace.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Sunflower Wedding Theme

Sunflower Edge Wedding Save the Date Announcement
Sunflower Edge Wedding Save the Date
Sunflowers are such a happy flower for weddings and it’s not hard to understand why they are so popular and trendy year after year. 

First of all, sunflower blossoms are readily available during early summer, late summer or fall seasons so they make an easy choice for your June through October wedding times.  

To add a real personal touch, they can even be home grown and picked from your own garden! Keep them long on the stem for tall flower or table arrangements or cut them into shorter lengths for the bride and bridesmaids to carry down the aisle or wear in a flower crown.

The big beautiful blooms can be added to your wedding cake or dessert table for a dramatic effect. Any way you use them, they add a cheerful tone to your marriage ceremony and reception.

While sunflowers can usually denote a more rustic and natural decor for your nuptials, they can also be dressed up for a more formal affair. They can be paired with natural greenery, burlap and wood slices to create a casual yet classy tone, or white satin and silk for a more elegant flair.

It’s easy to create a color scheme with sunflowers. The vibrant yellow pairs well with a royal blue or purple for a striking reception impression. But you may also use them in a more subdued rustic chic fashion when paired with natural greens, browns and barn wood. 

The sunflower wedding theme can also be carried through to your wedding favors and table ware. Personalize sunflower wedding lip balm, favor boxes, table numbers, disposable paper napkins, plates and coasters for your wedding reception cocktail hour or dinner.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Rustic Wedding Favors

Daisy Trio Country Wedding Favor BoxSo, you have decided to plan a rustic chic wedding theme. You have your country venue picked out for your marriage reception and now you would like to pick out some matching party favors to give your guests. Luckily there are several unique personalized wedding favors on the market from which to choose that will keep your theme flowing throughout your event. 

Here are my top 6 picks for Rustic Wedding Favors.

1. Air Fresheners - These charming Rustic Air Freshener Party Favors feature close up pictures of barn wood and are something that your guests will continue to use long after the ceremony. Your guests will enjoy remembering your nuptials every time they get into their fresh smelling car. Personalize them with the names of the bride and groom and marriage date or text of your choice.

2. USB Flash Drives - Who doesn’t need more memory?  Another useful wedding favor is a customized Rustic USB Flash Drive to match your wedding decor.  These flash drives are made with natural maple wood and are available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. These quaint memory sticks feature photographs of weathered barn wood, cowboy boots, daisies or sunflowers. 

3. Lip Balm - These cute custom Rustic Wedding Lip Balms make great small giveaways for your wedding. Featuring a photograph of yellow sunflowers and brown barn wood, they are made from natural beeswax and are available in 8 flavors! 

4. Mason Jars - Of course what is a rustic wedding without drinking from a Mason Jar! These adorable glass canning jars feature a quaint farm photograph of a pair of leather cowboy boots and yellow sunflower with barn wood background are available with or without handles in two sizes. Personalize them with the names of the newlywed couple and date or text of your choice.

5. Favor Tags - Personalize a Favor Tag available in several styles to hang off of your small gift. These high quality country theme tags feature photographs of barn wood, sunflowers, daisies, horseshoes and more to coordinate with your marriage reception theme. Available with or without twine for hanging.

6. Favor Boxes - Fill these casual yet classy Favor Boxes with your small gifts for your guests. Each box features a quaint photograph of barn wood, sunflowers, daisies or lace. Available in different styles and sizes. These card stock favor boxes ship flat and require some easy assembly.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Types of Rustic Weddings

Types of Rustic Weddings

So you have decided to throw a casual yet classy rustic wedding but you aren't sure what kind? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
Rustic Sunflower Lace Country Wedding Invitation
Rustic Sunflower and Lace Barn Wedding Invitation

Most obviously, and most popular, is the rustic chic Barn Wedding Theme. With this theme, the marriage ceremony may take place in a grassy yard outside the barn, if weather permits; or inside if need be. Barns are typically very large and can host many people so they are ideal for big marriage receptions. This style lends itself toward informal homestyle meals versus fancy sit down dinners and can therefore be more cost effective for the couple on a tight budget. As far as decor, almost anything goes! Seating may be long family style picnic tables or elegantly dressed round tables. The drab interior of the barn may be dressed with dainty fairy lights, natural buntings, lush flowers or even chandeliers! You may serve tubs of beers or offer an open bar with a bartender. There are no rules for a barn wedding!

If your marriage ceremony and reception will be held mostly outdoors, you may wish to go with more of a Country Western Farm or Ranch Wedding Theme featuring vast pastures, hay bales, cowboy boots and tractors. An open air big tent may be used in case of bad weather and decorated with string lights. Leather and lace as well as horseshoes may be used as decor accents along with fresh flowers.

In keeping with the outdoor theme is the charming Woodland Wedding Theme. These enchanted forest weddings may be held deep into the woods of an arboretum or public park venue surrounded by tall trees or pines. This woodsy decor is all about natural effects such as different mosses, fragrant flowers, greenery and wood slices. Perfect for a couple of tree huggers!

The Industrial Chic Warehouse Wedding Theme is a newer wedding trend, especially in urban or city locales. This type of wedding is usually held in an older building marked with vintage exposed bricks or rocks and steel which can make for interesting wedding photographs. This is a great option for city dwellers who desire a rustic feel but have no access to barns. They can be decorated in much the same fashion to dress up the industrial feel with pretty lights, flowers and fabrics to offset the roughness of the brick and metal interiors.

Trending new this year is the Brewery Wedding Theme. Again for the couple that wishes to set a more informal tone for their nuptials but may not live in a rural setting, these gatherings are held in micro breweries serving unique craft beers. Decor for these weddings can include using brown glass beer bottles or growler jugs filled with flowers or dried hops and wheat as your centerpieces or accents. Using beer as your main alcoholic beverage makes wedding planning easy and and cut down on your bar costs.

So, as you can see there are many alternatives to the barn wedding if you are would like to plan a rustic wedding. Be creative and have fun making it your own style!

Monday, 18 March 2019

Budget Friendly Tea Party Wedding Theme

Are you a budget conscious bride looking for an affordable but elegant wedding theme? 

Consider a Tea Party Wedding. A high tea wedding has plenty of class and style without breaking the bank.

First of all, tea party weddings are mostly held during the daytime hours or on a Sunday afternoon which can be a less expensive time to rent a venue. Saturday nights are often the most popular time and that will be reflected in the price. So if you can host your event on an off time, many times it can be done at a deep discount.

Speaking of venues, high tea weddings or bridal showers can be held in a quaint vintage restaurants, a classy barn, your own backyard or an arboretum garden venue in a big white tent.  Create a romantic ambiance and bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers and floral buntings, dainty fairy lights, natural greenery and mosses. Beautiful vintage tea cups, saucers, water pitchers, vases and linens can be found at resale shops like Goodwill at very reasonable prices to decorate your tables. It’s fun to mix and match patterns to create an eclectic feel, especially if you are planning a smaller more intimate marriage reception.

While food and drinks can be a major expense for a wedding reception, a tea party can be budget friendly while easily keeping the theme.  First of all, you can offer a selection of unusual teas for less money than an open bar. Because your event will be held during the day, it also may not lend itself to be a large drinking event for your guests. But for those who do which to partake in alcoholic beverages, there are several fun tea cocktails which you could become your signature drink.

Because you will not be hosting a large sit down dinner or buffet, your food costs will be lower. In keeping with your theme, small appetizers, finger sandwiches and light desserts can be served on little vintage plates. Your guests will enjoy the variety of a sampling of different flavors.

Set the tone for your Tea Party Wedding when you send out your Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations. Follow the theme through to your reception with party supplies including disposable paper products, plates, table numbers, menus, place cards and favor tags. Follow up your event with matching Thank You Notes or Photocards.

Monday, 11 March 2019

The Brewery Wedding - New Rustic Wedding Trend for 2019

Wheat and Hops Brewery Wedding Invitations
So you have decided that you would like to plan a rustic chic wedding but you are looking for a new twist on the typical country barn theme? Or perhaps you live in a more urban area without a farm you can utilize? Consider a brewery or beer theme. Micro breweries are popping up all over the country and different craft style beers are becoming quite trendy and fun.

This venue in itself can lead to the casual yet classy feel and atmosphere in itself that you may be trying to find. Often they feature old warehouse chic brick walls in the breweries, vintage looking signs and giant metal vats of beers and lagers, all of which can lead to great photo opportunities. While these locales are often very industrial, they can be dressed up with some fancy white table linens, blooming flowers and twinkling white string lights.

Having microbrew beers as your main alcoholic beverage at your cocktail hour and marriage reception makes wedding planning easy and you will most likely be supporting a local microbrewery business along the way, which is always a plus for your community. And there is a variety of charming party favors and add ons that you can do with the theme. Personalize koozies, pint glasses, disposable paper napkins or coasters with cute beer themed sayings on them. The typical glass mason jars of a rustic wedding can be traded out for beer bottles or growlers filled with wheat or hops for your centerpieces or table decor.

Set a relaxed and elegant tone for your brewery wedding with these charming Growler, Hops and Wheat Brewery Wedding Invitations or Wheat and Hops Brewery Marriage Invites and Party Supplies. Choose from custom template marriage invitations, rsvp cards, save the date announcements, thank you notes, photo cards and order of ceremony programs.