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Get Your Game On with these Trendy Bridal Shower Games

Personalized Bridal Shower games for extra flair!
There are lots of places you can buy personalized paper themed Bridal Shower Games, not least is Zazzle where you can find unique designs and request custom edits - you can see their most popular games here.

Today however I am mainly highlighting the current trending selection as featured on merchant Beaucoup. Their bridal shower games include details of how they're played highlighting the fun that can be had for you and your guests.

Click on the images/links to view larger and greater details and don't forget to check out their sales!

Lots of fun to be had with these elegantly designed wedding bridal shower games. Meanwhile if you're looking for a particular theme for your bridal shower games, drop me a line in comments and I'll try and source what you're seeking, I may even custom design it for you (time allowing).

Image right - Bridal shower games available from Amazon
Last but not least here are some fast links to…

Hula on Down for a TROPICAL Hawaiian Wedding - Everything You Need

Best Tropical Wedding, Bridal Shower Party Planning Tips EVER!

Grab a grass skirt and get ready to hula! It's that time of year, the heat is  giving us dancing feet and they're gonna be bare because we're having a tropical Hawaiian luau wedding reception!

Tropical Hawaiian weddings and bridal shower are popular during the summer as well as for beach weddings, destination weddings and of course wedding held anywhere tropical!

Tropical Wedding Invitations and matching party supplies

Fruity Luau Themed Bridal Shower Party Supplies and Invites

They are so much fun because the essence is warmth, relaxation, great food, cocktails, music and dancing. Party games are a hot Hawaiian tropical wedding party favorite too - get ready to Limbo!!
. Featured here are Hawaiian wedding and bridal shower Invitations, Partyware, Costume ideas, Decorations, Recipes, Face-painting Tutorials, Hawaiian Music Videos, Party Games and more!
. I've tried to include everything you need to throw THE be…

Real Life - My Low Budget Wedding ( Less than £5000) and how I did it

I noted a bride-to-be generously sharing her low budget wedding planning costs along with her tips for making savings on a Wedding Planning Group and she kindly gave me permission to publish the details here for the benefit of other frugal brides.

Hannah Marie writes
"My h2b (husband-to-be) asked on my birthday (boxing day) 2018 so we've had 5 months to plan and pay for what we needed in that time.

It's been madness!! Haha.

Here are some money saving tips that I think will be really helpful to those who are on a budget.

If you download a free app called freeprints, you get 40 free prints a month. I also use a free app called Pic Collage in which I uploaded a pic of me and h2b, the wedding information and picked the colours of the invite as the ones of the wedding theme. We made 80 personalised invites and only spent £2.99 for the shipping on the freeprints app.

We are having 2 caterpillar cakes. Each serve 20 and they are £6 each from Asda / Morrisons .…

Wedding Planning 101 - Fail To Plan And You Plan To Fail

Stress Free Wedding Planning With These handy Tips

Wedding Planning can be a challenge but it can also be great fun if you do your research and plan ahead.

To increase your fun factor and avoid stress, myself and fellow authors and wedding stationery designers have created a blog that is packed full of inspired ideas for wedding themes as well as tips and advice on budgeting, DIY decoration and so much more.

We also advise on how you can avoid all those little niggles that can throw a spanner in the works. You can navigate the guest list, seating, plus 1 and kids issues with a few well worded invites and signs.

Page down to view our most popular advice and trouble shooting guides along with personalized wedding template signs and details card that you can use to let your guests know what your plans are for the big day!

Wedding Trends

When it comes to what's trending for weddings in 2019 and 2020 we have daily/weekly blog updates along with future forecasts as well as a 'design on…

My English Beach Wedding and a pick-up truck!

Low budget wedding with a beach, bbq and a pickup truck ..not fancy but a lot of fun!

With our unpredictable weather in the UK a beach wedding can be risky business, but with some beautiful beaches matched with unrivalled lush cliff tops (we have something to thank our rain for) it's not as crazy as it seems.

Myself, I didn't go all the way with a beach wedding, in that the ceremony was held in the local registry office which was situated in a rather beautiful town hall, listed building with amazingly well kept gardens. I married back in the day when having a wedding officiant barefoot on a beach wasn't doable, at least not that I was aware of at that time. So we did the 'deed' in the registry office.

My small wedding party of about 35 guests then made our way via cars and a rusty blue pickup truck (me and my dress fitted easily into the back of it) travelled to the beach!

The weather was far from perfect with clouds and light drizzle, but our unorthodox drive and …