Approved Zazzle Author FAQS

Applicable to approved Zazzler Authors only for other author submissions please see author contributions.

Thank you for participating in this wedding blogger community.

Working together we aim to provide a valuable resource for brides and grooms alike while at the same time showcasing our own wedding invitation designs and those of other talented designers.

Authors must be familiar with Blogger and adding their own referral links and images to blog posts via Blogger.

Useful links
Zazzle affiliate link guide
Word Count Online

UPDATE: Re Labels for posts, for user friendliness these labels must be kept to a minimum of 6 per post (existing ones may exceed this) but going forward try to use labels already in the index. Create new ones that make logical 'subject headers' as these are what appear as headers on sitemaps.

IMPORTANT: One label MUST be your author name (it is already in the label menu) 'Author (yourfirstnameandinitial)'.

Thank you.


  1. You have your own author bio page with any links as desired. You submit this as a post and admin will then transfer to a page. Upon the page being published your post will revert to draft form for you to make edits. Advise admin (Leah) of changes so she may update your page.
  2. You have a collection in the side and footer menus as space allows with your own referral link. 
  3. Active blogs with niche content have greater chance of being picked up by search engines.
  4. Having your content shared by multiple authors across their social networks help you and them alike.

Contributing authors role and terms of membership

  1. Contribute min. once a week blog post no less than 250 words, no maximum on number of posts or words. Go for it!! The more the better. The only rule is that it must be wedding related and contain no inappropriate material. You may submit on any day convenient to you and it is ok to cover topics already covered.

NOTE: If you are unable to commit to one blog post per week, you may post 'as and when' but will not have the author page or side widget privileges that weekly authors have. This is to ensure weekly contributing authors are appropriately rewarded.
  1. NO DUPLICATE CONTENT - please don't post content you have published elsewhere or copy another authors content (plagiarism). The content must be unique to this blog. It can be content you've used before as long as it is no longer published on that other site. I use copyscape and to check for duplicate content. Plagiarised  content can result in the site being removed by Google. Hence this is a very important note.
  2. Add your referral links as desired - ensuring linked words clearly direct the reader to the 'named' item.
  3. Share your posts across your network and SHARE those of other authors. On Facebook if you tag their name @name they will know their post has been shared by you.
  4. You may refer your own designs and those of any other Zazzle designers.
  5. ONLY wedding related content. 
  6. You may edit or remove your content at anytime and it remains YOURS, copyright is yours etc. 
  7. DO NOT copy and paste text from any other webpage or wordprocessing program etc to blogger as it will add additional code that will slow down the page as it's not formatted properly. 
  8. I may tweak your content for maximum views (SEO) and to improve display layout if I think it is needed. This means adding the occasional keyword and moving images, adding tags etc. This is for your benefit.

Note: This blog belongs to and is administered by LeahG via blogger a 'free' site which means LeahG can not responsible for the loss of the site or its closure. Unlikely if  all authors abide by blogger blogging rules re acceptable content.

SAVE all your own content to a seperate file for backup.

LeahG as admin. will take decisions as necessary to ensure this site is a success for all. Leah may have to advise you if word count is too low or remind you to post and share. Please be aware this is to ensure the success of the site which means success for you! Admin has one additional ad box to compensate for extra time required to read, review, amend posts and update the site.

I am open to suggestions!!

Have fun designers, let's make this happen!!

Tips on blog writing

Readers are mainly looking for answers and solutions, as well as personal interest stories. With regard to answering their questions blog posts are more favorably received when constructed as follows:

  • Get cozy! Create a comfortable work space, grab a drink, put on some nice background music and get creative!
  • The title should reflect the content exactly so as not to mislead readers.
  • Keep paragraphs short 5-6 lines max.
  • Have headings for each 'topic' (paragraph) covered in your post. Readers 'skim' posts to find the answers they're seeking. Help guide them with headers.
  • Use bullet points to summarize information to help readers quickly access the answer they need.
  • Use images to create text breaks and support the text. is an excellent resource of free wedding photos and images.
  • DO add your referral links as appropriate remembering you can also refer products of other designers using your own associate ID. Win for you and them!
  • DO post on subject areas already covered and add collections from other authors and designer as required as it increase page authority for that subject matter.
  • I have set links to 'nofollow' via the settings however if this field shows up when adding a link, click 'nofollow' box. 

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