Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Wine-themed Wedding

As a wedding suite designer, I love getting requests from clients that really want that something special that is unique to them and the scenario that they will be having on their big day. It's a massive challenge to get it just right for them and it's so very gratifying when they express satisfaction at what you deliver!

That's why I was thrilled when I was approached to do something similar to this existing invite in my store. It was originally designed for a wine-tasting bridal shower but they wanted it for a wine-themed wedding that they are having at a location with peacocks. I didn't know there was such a thing!

This is now like a before and after that I'm about to demonstrate. It's fun to see how a theme can escalate and this is how we as designers learn what people are looking for. Optimum personalizations for wedding couples if you like. So they liked the idea but the color scheme was not suitable to their event specifics. Burgundy, navy blue and blush pink were the order of the day.

Challenge accepted! This was my very first effort and they were suitably blown away but not quite to the extent that were going to settle. This is what I love about this game. It isn't over until it's perfectly suitable to their requirements. So very apologetically and "sorry to be a pain" they suggest edits. No...it's my job. Feel free to tell me it's not acceptable.

Burgundy and Navy Peacock Wine Themed Wedding Invitation
Burgundy and Navy Peacock Wine Themed Wedding Invitation
by partypeeps

They loved the addition of more florals at the top but they weren't altogether happy with the wording as they wanted their full names and a bit more emphasis on the fact that it was indeed a wedding. They also required a text field on the back for further information. The burgundy reverse was also too much for them and they suggested navy. This  particular color scheme is very trendy at the moment and trust me when I say that people pick up on trends.

It was huge learning curve for me and we are both very happy how it turned out. I'll be doing a lot more wine-themed wedding suites in the future. I love this job!

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Top 10 Most Popular and Cheapest Honeymoons 2019


The top 10 honeymoon destinations 2019 are:

According to Instagram (and Hello magazine who collected the data)

The three destinations that feature in both lists are Bali, Greece and Thailand, so it might be fair to assume these are in fact the TOP places for destination honeymoons at this current time.

The 12 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019

  1. South Africa.
  2. Zanzibar.
  3. Armenia.
  4. Serbia.
  5. Transylvania
  6. Romania.
  7. George Town
  8. Penang
  9. Malaysia
  10. Moscow
  11. Taipei
  12. Taiwan

Two destinations that feature increasingly in search results for the most popular and cheapest honeymoon destinations are Thailand and Taiwan.

What are the differences between Thailand and Taiwan?

I've been doing some research and conclude that at this current time (2019) two of the most popular places to honeymoon are Thailand and TaiwanYou can view the results and other popular honeymoon destinations below. There are many reasons for this not least:

  • Taiwan is located in East Asia while Thailand is located in South East Asia.
  • Thailand is on the Asian mainland. Taiwan is an island south of Japan and north of the Philippines. Thailand is land, Taiwan is island.
  • Distance from Thailand to Taiwan is 2,262 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 1,406 miles.
  • Taiwan official language is Mandarin and Hokkien while Thailand official language is Thai language.
  • Majority of people in Taiwan are Chinese while in Thailand, majority are Thai.
  • Taiwan has a President as their country leader while Thailand have a King.
  • Taiwan (formerly named beautiful island) is apparently very much cleaner and well kept in comparison to Thailand. The municipalities pick up trash twice a day and with a service like that they can probably put most countries to shame. Thailand is less clean but they're working harder at going green.
  • Taiwan people have a longer life span than those in Thailand
  • Taiwan's infant mortality rate is lower than in Thailand
  • Taiwan has a lower birth rate than Thailand
  • Taiwan boasts a better average salary than for Thailand
  • Taiwan experiences less income poverty than Thailand
  • Higher rate of employment in Thailand compared to Taiwan
  • Thailand has more coastline than Taiwan
  • Higher taxes in Taiwan than Thailand

Top 7 most searched travel destinations for 2019

  1. Maldives
  2. Tahiti
  3. Grand Canyon National...
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Amalfi Coast
  6. Great Barrier Reef
  7. Santorini

Where are you heading for your wedding honeymoon in 2019?