How to Plan A Low Budget FARM Wedding - Barn Chic

Rustic farm weddings have become an increasingly popular option for those who enjoy the great outdoors, nature, animals, and fresh air. Not only do farm weddings provide a unique and rustic venue for a chic wedding on a budget, but they also allow for beautiful scenery to create wonderful memories. Additionally, many farm weddings allow for fun DIY decorations, support of the local community by sourcing local produce for the reception, and the opportunity for live music from local musicians.

However, planning a rustic farm wedding can present some unique challenges and considerations. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a rustic farm wedding, as well as 10 things to think about when planning one:

A farm with a barn and an open field provides a unique wedding venue perfect for a Rustic Chic wedding on a budget.

You can photograph beautiful scenery to create wonderful memories.

Have fun putting together and making a variety of rustic DIY farm-themed decorations.

Support the local community by sourcing local produce for your wedding reception.

For entertainment, take advantage of live music and local musicians.

Toilets and washing stations Because the farm is unlikely to have adequate facilities, you will need to hire portable restrooms, arrange delivery, cleaning throughout the event, and collection afterwards.

Lighting and heating Depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and whether you'll be partying late into the night, you may need to rent a generator and have natural heating such as a fire pit or bonfire.

Chairs and tables, as well as dinnerware, etc. Don't forget chairs, tables, linen, and dinnerware.

Assisters You'll need help with the catering, pig roast, BBQ, and potluck, as well as setting up, serving the guests, and cleaning up afterwards.

How will your visitors get to the Farm? Do you require transportation for them, or can they drive themselves up, and if so, where will they park? How far do they have to walk up? Can the elderly and those with mobility issues make the journey? What is the condition of the ground? Inform guests that appropriate footwear is required because the area may be muddy and wet. You might be able to rent a wagon and horse, which would be a lovely addition to a farm wedding. You can schedule wagon rides!

Bugs and other things that bite You should either provide bug spray or advise guests to bring their own!

Sun protection and shelter Parasols and paper fans are both decorative and functional, helping to keep your guests comfortable. Make sure the hay bales are covered with blankets for comfort and protection from the sharp straw blades.

Follow any fire safety regulations and take precautions to ensure that fires do not spread and that you have a way to extinguish them.

Confirm that you are familiar with any local laws concerning large gatherings, waste disposal, sound level ordinance rules, and so on. Is a DJ and live music permitted, and if so, until what time? Are there any restrictions?

Does the farm have insurance for large gatherings, particularly weddings?

Not all farms are the same. Crop farms, orchards, farms with or without animals, farms that produce dairy products, and farms that produce berries are among the various types of farms. You may have a preference, or you may have to make do with what is available in your immediate surroundings. For guests with children, make sure the farm is kid-friendly.

In conclusion, a rustic farm wedding can be a beautiful and unique


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