10 Fun Poses for Engagement Photo Shoots

Here are some fun pose ideas for engaged couples to try during their engagement photo shoot:

The "loveseat" pose: Sit on a bench or chair with your partner and snuggle up close.

The "dip" pose: Have your partner lift you up and dip you back as if you're dancing.

The "walk and talk" pose: Walk together and hold hands while looking at each other and talking.

The "romantic gaze" pose: Stand facing each other and gaze into each other's eyes while holding hands.

The "leaning in" pose: Stand close to each other and lean in towards each other as if you're about to kiss.

The "sparkler" pose: Hold sparklers and spell out words or create designs with them.

The "candid laugh" pose: Have your photographer capture a candid moment of you both laughing together.

The "pick me up" pose: Have your partner lift you up and spin you around.

The "piggyback ride" pose: Have your partner give you a piggyback ride while you wrap your arms around their neck.

The "adventure" pose: Go on an adventure together and take a photo that captures the spirit of your relationship. This could be hiking, biking, or even just exploring a new place together.

Lots of lovely fun poses to try, have fun!


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