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How do you pee while wearing a wedding dress? Toilet Hacks

toilet bag for wedding dress

eeeewww what a dilemma!

A lot of brides-to-be have this question in mind especially if they're wearing a Princess-style bridal gown with a large full skirt and hoops, or a tight body-hugging mermaid-style dress. 

Going for a pee in a wedding dress isn't as simple as hitching up and going. Especially if your dress barely fits in the cubicle and you don't want it in the toilet, trailing in a possible urine-soaked floor and so on.

If you have a mermaid dress ... it isn't coming 'up' at all. It will likely have to come down. I put this question to our recently married brides and the answers came back as follows:  

Ikea Bag Hack
Ikea Bag Hack

Then there is the IKEA bag hack and this toilet dress bag from Amazon which essentially does the same thing. You cut a hole in the bottom of the Ikea bag and hen you climb into putting the bag handles over your shoulders as shown in the pic. Pic by one of our own groups brides! Thank you Charlotte for letting us use this great pic!

Don't go to the toilet!

Many new brides found they didn't go to the toilet and pee the whole time they were wearing their wedding dresses. This applied to me. I managed to last a good few hours with needing a pee until I changed into more 'accessible' clothing for the evening reception. My dress had a full princess skirt with hoops and a super tight corset bodice, that after eating I was never going to be able get back into once I got out of it. There was barely room for breathing let alone eating. Big thanks to Kyleigh who allowed us to share her toilet pic!

Enlist the help of a bridesmaid or two! 

You should already be bonded with your bridal party but if you're not this will definitely cement that bond! You get your girls to accompany you to the toilet and do whatever it takes to help you keep that dress out the way and off the floor. You can then pee freely. Have the tissue or disposable wipes ready.

Use Disabled Toilets and face the cistern - wall

Some found it easier to go to the disabled toilet (larger space) at the venue, hitch their dress up and approach the toilet from the front so they are facing the cistern. This way their train was safely out the way and they were able to bundle up the front and keep an eye on it. Also if bridesmaids are helping you don't have to look them in the eye while you pee!

Strip off

For tight dresses, the only solution might be to slip right out of it and have someone on hand to help you back into it. 

Travel companion which may or may not prove useful. You would need a bottle or some such else the urine will simply end up all over the floor or you. Not sure how practical this would be with the bottle. You would need both hands which means you'd need someone to hold your wedding dress up. In which case a family trip to the toilet is probably a better idea.

Disposable Urination Box

I like the disposable aspect of this (bin not toilet). However, the suggestion with this one is that after filling it you throw it in the bin! Unless you emptied it down a drain I wouldn't do this as the box isn't sealed. Yuk.

This alternative is a bag system which does seal for more hygienic bin disposal. The blurb says 

"Leak proof & Eco- friendly - it instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus, no leaking, sealable even upside down. It could absorb urine, vomit or other liquid waste and turns it into odorless, spill-proof gel".

What about your underwear?

Ensure whatever undies you have on, you can get access! Some body-flattering, squishing, molding undies that are high up might require you to remove your dress to get access. Undies with poppers in the groin area are best in this scenario.

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