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Top 4 Best Ever LGBT proposal ideas

I love a good proposal and I’ve come up with what I believe are some wonderful memorable ideas for lgbt couples.

1. Pop it on stage

We have all seen that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert video featuring a lesbian marriage proposal that has to be the most romantic and sincere marriage proposal ever. The crowd loved it and so do we. However, not everyone can get on a stage at a major concert. You can though, still pop the question and capture the crowd applause as you do so. Next time you’re both enjoying a music festival, a local gig or even a karaoke session .. invite your lover onto the stage (with permission of the host) and propose over the mike. Be ready with some words that will melt and guarantee a giant yes response. Seal the deal with a kiss. Ensure pals are on hand with cameras to capture that precious moment.

2. Work it baby

Or should I say, make them work for it baby! Throw a new spin on an old idea and organize a treasure hunt for your lover to follow. The treasure at the end of the trail will be the ring and your proposal. Don’t let on this is the end goal though! That would spoil the surprise. You can be as creative as you like with this treasure hunt. You can prepare clues based on them figuring out ‘relationship’ themed puzzles and leave them about the place, to be found only if she solves the puzzle. Don’t make it too difficult! You do want them to reach the treasure right?! 🙂

3. Eat me

No, it’s really not what you think. Here’s the deal .. you’re in a fancy restaurant where they bring the food out under those giant silver domes. The server arrives with them ‘domed plate’ and they lift the dome to reveal .. a ring. At that moment while they take in the surprise, you get down beside her on one knee and propose. The room falls silent as you do so and when they say yes, they break into rapturous applause. The restaurant (if they are worth their salt) will treat you to a bottle of Champagne or wine to toast.

4. Falling for them

Have you seen those super cool skydiving wind tunnel activities? You get to experience the sensation of skydiving in the safety of a specialist room on terra firma. Book an experience where you are allowed to fly with a friend. While you are flying and falling, produce the ring and prose mid-air! Now that’s a magical proposal. Prep the instructors first to ensure this is possible and ask them to assist as required.

This is my top four, I hope you approve. Let us know if you propose to your LGBT Lover using any of these ideas and don’t forget to send in pics.

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