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Will you be wearing a Facemask at your wedding?

Fashion Facemasks for Weddings
In the fight against Caronavirus Zazzle (the print on demand company that I create designs for and whose designers I promote) have brought out a new line of customizable facemasks.

The facemasks are not PPI and don't purport to be, they're mainly what I'd call fashion streetwear but with the added bonus that there is an insert section that allows you to add a surgical mask or filter increasing their ability to provide some form of limited protection.

You'll need to check out the full product details for more info regarding the 'health and protection benefits' as it gets pretty complicated when they're discussing recommendations from the CDC and so on.

Trendy WEDDING Gold Hearts Couples Initials Bridal Cloth Face MaskIt occurred to me that when this pandemic finally goes away (and please let's all pray it does so soon) we will be left feeling somewhat vulnerable and I believe our behavior when in large crowds, such as concerts, cinema, festivals, sports games (anywhere where people come together in large numbers) will change.

I think if we have a cold we'll respectfully wear a facemask so as to decrease the chances of passing it on and I think some vulnerable people might well wear them as a precaution against catching something. How effective the masks will be (depending on their design and type) is a matter for each person to investigate.

Trendy WEDDING Silver Hearts Monogram Groomsmen Cloth Face MaskFor myself and my relationship with Zazzle as a designer, I've designed facemasks that are a fashion accessory (not gimmicky) to complement a variety of outfits including work, formal and casual wear.  Thus making the facemasks practical yet stylish.

And I have designed a few I would buy for myself if they shipped from the UK site!! (Please Zazzle make this happen). 

In addition to this I have chosen patterns and prints that become part of a special occasion outfit and thus are incorporated into the cost set aside for one-off event wear. And by event clothing, I mean fashion for weddings, sports games, seasonal carnivals and so on.

 As this is a wedding site I am pleased to show you my first trial-run of the brides, wedding guests and bridal party fashion facemasks!

 wedding bride groom facemasks face masks

You may find some of your guests who aren't 100% well or feeling vulnerable may in the future want to wear one. My plan is that they will be able to do so without feeling out of place or 'mismatching'. We all like to look our most fabulous self at a wedding even as a guest! There's no reason to compromise on style with these facemasks which can be personalized to match your wedding outfit.

If you'd like a custom design drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Meanwhile here are some fashion masks from Amazon followed by some protective masks with filters designed for cyclists and those working in dusty environments and so on. READ all product details carefully to ensure they do the job you're hoping they do. I make no claim myself as to their efficiency in any regard.


Disclosure: We are affiliated with household names and leading brands Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, Minted, Vistaprint, Moonpig, Cocomelody, IWOOT, to name a few.

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