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Tips on Finding a Budget Wedding Gown

By Laura Firenze

If it seems like all of the wedding gowns featured in the glossy bridal magazines cost many thousands of dollars, it's because they do!

This does not mean, however, that a bride working on a tight budget has to either settle for something that she does not love or break the bank to buy a great looking wedding gown. These tips on finding a budget wedding gown will help you find a bridal gown that you not only love but can also afford.

Believe it or not, there are some truly breathtaking wedding gowns available for under $1000, even under $500. In general, it is far better to go with a simpler wedding gown which is well made from a high-quality fabric like silk than a heavily embellished one which is cheaply made from poor quality synthetics. The first will look chic and modern, the second will look, well, cheap.

If you have your heart set on a very traditional full bridal gown, but your budget is tight, your best bet is to search creatively for a quality gown, rather than settle for one which is not well made.

Sample sales and blow out sales can be a great way for brides to find a dreamy designer wedding gown at an incredible discount. Search the Internet for both local sales at bridal shops and huge discount gown events like the traveling Filene's Basement "Running of the Brides" sale.

Speaking of the Internet, you might try looking on a site like Craig's List to find a beautiful bridal gown that has either been gently worn or sometimes not even worn at all. There will be gowns for sale not only from canceled weddings but also from brides who had a change of heart and bought a second wedding gown.

Before buying a gown in this manner, be sure that the seller will allow you to try it on to make sure it looks as pretty on you as in the pictures since you will not be able to change your mind once you have paid for the dress. Bring a friend along to give an honest opinion.

For brides who seek budget wedding gowns with a modern chic sensibility, a great place to shop is J Crew. In their bridal collection, they feature gowns in luxe fabrics like silk chiffon, taffeta, jacquard, and silk tricotine for under $1000 and in some cases under $500.

The gowns tend to have slimmer skirts, either column or a small A-line and are perfect for a beach wedding, a garden wedding, or a city chic affair. The wedding gowns at J Crew include many fashionable designs and details, from the popular goddess look to the asymmetrical style which is in vogue this year.

Another fantastic place to get a simple and high-quality wedding gown for a great price is Thread. They have a huge array of gowns in both white and ivory which would be lovely for many types of weddings. Some of the styles are billed specifically as wedding gowns and others are shown as bridesmaid dresses but do come floor length and in ivory.

Much like J Crew, Thread dresses are made from beautiful fabrics like silk chiffon and a fluid matte silk. They even offer a full-length white-on-white seersucker gown which would be stunning for a summer wedding. The Nordstrom website is another terrific place to find stylish ivory bridesmaid dresses which are wonderful options for inexpensive wedding gowns.

When choosing an ivory "bridesmaid" dress to wear as a wedding dress, the right accessories will help to make sure that you look like a bride. A long veil, elegant bridal jewelry, and a pretty headpiece will make sure that no one mistakes you for a bridesmaid in an ivory dress.

In fact, choosing distinctive and unique accessories like bridal jewelry is one of the fun things about wearing a more simple wedding gown. It allows you to express your personal style, look gorgeous, and find a fabulous wedding gown on a budget - you can't do much better than that!

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