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How to plan a low budget wedding part3

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How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Friend/Family - this is, of course, the cheapest solution to wedding photography and videography, however, be aware that this person won't want to spend all their time (despite the fact it is your day) taking photos and they may not take the photos you want them to take, so even if you do rely on a friend or family member re this DO try to have an element of organization agreed with them beforehand, re what group pics you want and where they need to be when, etc. And don't forget them in your thank you speeches and with gifts!

Have a Facebook Page - Create a page for all your guests to upload the wedding photos they took of your day, you will definitely have some there that are wonderful, unexpected and worthy of a place in the wedding album. You can pick your favorites, save them and upload to a site like SnapFish for cheap printing!

Book a student photographer, qualified new in business, out of season - all these will offer cheaper photographer rates than for seasoned professionals, established in business and of course will be cheaper off-peak.

How To Save Money On Wedding Catering

  • Keep your guest list small
  • Have a Buffet rather than a pre-set meal
  • Do your own catering and rope in friends and family with culinary skills to help!
You can still have a sit-down meal with a buffet menu. Be organized so people aren't getting hungry in long queues and ensure the food doesn't run out. Ensure you have enough seating and tables. Provide your own disposable tableware to save costs re the venue providing them. If you're having a bar, let the guests pay for their own drinks. I've done this at every wedding I've been to, it's fine and for me expected.

How To Keep Your Guest List Small

Invite your closest friends and family who are local and let others know you wish they could be there but you're having a small intimate gathering. Don't publicize your wedding outside the group of attendees if it makes you uncomfortable saying 'no'.

Exclude +1's and children that aren't in the bridal party - harsh but this keeps costs down catering for people you don't know and may in fact not attend.

How To Save Money On Wedding Music

  • Record your favorite wedding songs and dance music and play it via your venues music device.
  • Hire a local band who want the exposure and are happy to offer a reduced price.
  • Recruit talented friends and family to do a stint.
  • Have a karaoke!

How To Save Money On Wedding Cars

There is usually someone in the family with a nicer car than the rest. Ask if they'll decorate it with a ribbon and transport you on the day. Offer to pay for any costs for cleaning etc.

Save Money By Being A DIY Bride

What if I'm not crafty? 

You don't need to be crafty yourself, you can recruit helpful friends and family members to assist! A great way for enlisting your crafty friends to help with DIY wedding projects is to host a crafting party rather like a wedding shower but with a twist. Invite your friends, prepare the space, provide wedding crafting materials, a workspace and refreshments (no alcohol, you don't want wonky fixings or spilled drinks!).

DIY Wedding Centrepieces and Table Decorations

Trending Wedding Table Decorations for 2017 and 2018 weddings include mason jars or recycled jam jars which you can fill with little strings of LED lights or tea lights. You can also add pebbles and shells for a beach theme or for something simpler, add water and a floating candle or plastic flower. There are lots of options. The jars themselves can be decorated with ribbon, glitter, burlap, lace, etc. These jars can be used as DIY centerpieces or can be hung from trees (outdoor weddings) or the ceiling (carefully).

If you're a fan of rustic and shabby chic themes, you can source eclectic vases from thrift stores. On the subject of thrift stores, for a tea party vintage theme, you can buy some very cheap pretty china from charity shops which you can use to make cake stands (dinner plates for this) and centerpieces using teacups filled with candy/flowers or turn the teacup into a home-made candle holder - fill with a wick and wax. Amazon also has a wide range of popular craft materials for making your own table decorations as well as books full of inspirational ideas.

There are though lots of great DIY favor tutorials on YouTube. Check them out as a cheap way to learn how to make them.

DIY Wedding Invitations

The advantage that DIY wedding invitations have over pre-ordered ones is that they will be very personal and unique to you. Your guests will appreciate the thought and the gesture that bit more. If you're not very crafty choose a simple design and print out the wording. Make sure to spell check thoroughly! Bad spelling is a clear sign an amateur is at work!

Personalized Printed Invitations

free wedding samples kit mintedAnother source of budget wedding invitations that are personalized is Zazzle. They may not appear cheap at first glance BUT Zazzle often has mega sales on, with as much as 50% off so you can save here by keeping an eye on those sales!

  ***This is Zazzle's COUPON page - bookmark it!***

Palace Garden -  White Gold Rose Collection

Wedding trends do change year on year, season on season BUT NOT THAT MUCH! So you can buy a wedding dress in an out-of-season sale or closing down sale that remains trendy for when your wedding date comes around and this applies to much of the rest of the items too. Consider wedding decoration sales (that won't perish if stored), wedding invitation and stationery sales (SEE HERE for latest offers) and job-lots of favors and accessories on places like eBay.

That's it for the moment Beautiful Brides-To-Be! Please do add to these wedding budget tips and advice in the comments below and share your saving stories!

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