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How To Plan a Low Budget Wedding part 2

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budget wedding dresses china

Chinese Dress Supply - You can make huge savings.

From what I've seen so far re China Dresses on Facebook groups is that the bride while delighted, often the dress isn't quite like the promotional photo, so make sure you read the reviews and keep your expectations realistic!

Most importantly ensure your measurements as provided to them are spot on.

Borrow - sometimes a family member or friend has a wedding dress that they are happy to loan you with no cost to you other than specialist cleaning afterward.

Make it Yourself - if you have the skill why not? I saw a beautiful wedding gown recently a bride crocheted! It was stunning. Many of us don't have those skills however, but if you do ... worth considering and what a wonderful sentimental keepsake that would make.

Buy a Prom Dress Instead - many prom dresses look a lot like wedding gowns and they're much cheaper.

Making Savings On The Bridal Party

Bridesmaids, Maids of Honor, Mother Of the Bride, Groomsmen, Bestman, Father of the Bride, Flower girls ...

Wow it's an endless list with a LOT of expenses re outfits, shoes, grooming, hair and makeup for the ladies and gifts afterward. The best way to keep costs down in this regard is to keep your bridal party small to non-existent. This may however NOT be possible if you have a large family who and friends list who want to be part of the special day. So what to do? Explain to your bridal party you're on a budget and so plan to keep things simple but elegant.

Ask them if they'd consider wearing something in the color scheme you're planning so they can take their place in the Bridal Party but explain that you can't purchase their outfits for them.

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses

If you're not dictating what they wear (outside of color theme) then this request is NOT unreasonable as they'd generally be buying something to wear to your wedding in any case. if they can't do this, they themselves are opting out of the bridal party and so that takes care of the 'we want to be in it' ordeal!!

You can also make savings on occasion buying pre-loved bridal party outfits but you then of course have the difficulty of finding a set that fits your bridal party.

How to Save Money On Wedding Flowers

DIY - I made my own floral centerpieces for the reception tables and was able to use the flower arrangements left behind from the previous wedding! Matching it all up wasn't my priority so I took what was offered. If you're going this route, have a few practice runs so you know what you're doing and what flowers work best. You can be very creative with rustic themes, using glass jars as vases and strings of LED lights.

Artificial Flowers - There are many silk, paper, rubber wedding flower options today that look every bit as fabulous as the real thing and of course they last longer and you don't have to worry about timing and storage. You can also try your hand at making these yourself following a YouTube tutorial to make further savings.

How To Have A Low Budget Wedding Reception

Have it at home - In the Garden

Obviously you can only do this if you have the space! If you're planning a garden wedding reception, this will incur costs as you have to prepare for good and bad weather and that means shelter, possible heating and waterproofing. Unless of course you've also got room indoors! A garden wedding reception with a BBQ is a great way to save money and super fun and relaxed.

Book a local community hall, pub, church room

There are many places within most communities that have room hire services for weddings and they're not expensive especially if you agree to provide the decorations yourself.

Go to the local Bar and Guests Pay For Themselves

To avoid the cost of hiring a room, you could make an arrangement with your local bar and food landlord to make a space for you, which they'll be happy to do with all that lovely trade coming their way. Then the guests can pay for their own food and drinks.

Book a mid-week, out of season wedding date

If you do this you can make massive savings on wedding venues. If the time, day of the week and the month of the year are less popular for weddings, you can sometimes save as much as 50% on the cost. Make sure you check their terms when booking and that any fee quoted is the same when the date swings by!!

Read all contracts thoroughly and DO spend money on wedding insurance if parting with big sums of cash.

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