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Real Weddings - Reflections of Regret and Relief by Mary W

 real weddings

We're recognising outstanding Low Budget Wedding Group member contributions as their reflections, advice and tips are of great value to other engaged couples.

Today it is the turn of group member Mary Weikal who has generously granted permission for her emotive group post reflecting on things she regretted and things she did not, to be added here.

Mary and her husband's wedding journey has not been easy and Mary has suffered a devastating loss for love.

Thank you Mary for sharing your personal and emotional journey.

as told to us in Mary's own words ...

I got married on February 21st.

Here is the list of I regret and what I don’t regret.

What I regret:

1.Answering the phone that morning and crying. 

My side of the family are hardcore Catholics who believe marrying someone of not the same beliefs is a sin.

It is a bigger sin to not be married in the church. My husband isn’t catholic and had to take courses the church offers and that would take forever so we decided a Christian marriage would do for now.

My family was not happy and called that morning to let me know they are cutting me off.

2. Not prepared at work. 

I had to go into work that day before my wedding because I found out I don’t qualify for the types of leave they had and my points were not enough . Luckily one of my bosses felt it was so wrong for me to come in and sent me home after 1hr of working.

3. Not having a professional photographer.

Though the ceremony was small, and short, it was in a chapel by the river which was perfect for beautiful pictures.

What I don’t regret:

1. Dropping everything and eloping.

Despite the downs, it was really fun. I still had my close friends with me who were hyping me up. Plus I spent only $600 on everything.

2. Getting my dress at a thrift store and remaking it . 

My dress was $25 because it was ugly. I looked at what I can do with it and took it home and remade it. I felt it was more meaningful.

3. Having a private get away. 

After the wedding we went out and did our own thing before joining everyone at Olive Garden.

4. Marrying someone I love. 

Though my family disapproves and says we will get a divorce. I’m the happiest with him. We rarely argue, never raised voices at each other, always laughing and caring for each other.

5. Going out the next day with the girls and partying. 

Dinner that night was meh because the restaurant put us in the same room as someone who was having a birthday and had a bigger guest list and we felt very unwelcome in the room.

But party at the club after that was fun. Free music

I think we can all agree Mary and her new husband deserve our love and support as they prove love conquers all.

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