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What is the Cost of a Low Budget Wedding?

In a recent poll we asked you what your wedding budget was ...

This question comes up often on the low budget wedding group as engaged couples are curious to know if they are in the same boat as other couples when it comes to how much they can afford to spend on their wedding. They want to know if they share the same challenges and if the struggle is real!

To satisfy members curiosity and to learn more about our members, we created a poll to find out what our low wedding budget couples had to work with.

You can view the poll results on the group page here and today's summary right.

As you can see a whopping 80% of our members are working with a wedding budget of less than $5,000

10% have between $5k and $9k
10% have between $10-$15k

This means that 8 out of 10 couples have less than $5,000 to spend on a wedding. While only 1 out of 10 will spend $20,000 or more. 

This is good news for our low budget wedding couples who are in good company with us.

And now we (admin) know what the average budget is, we can use this information positively to ensure any articles, tips and advice we source and share are tailored specifically for this budget.

Thanks to brides generously sharing their wedding costs breakdown, I've created an 'average' costs breakdown based on what they mainly reported. Some items link to merchants (mainly Amazon, Cocomelody) who they've been able to use to stay within budget.

Budget $5,000

From $0.09 - Low Budget Wedding Stationery

Meanwhile check out our latest low budget wedding invitations from $0.09 (can also be used for save the dates, announcements, enclosures) via zazzle.com/lowbudgetwedding.

Please share YOUR wedding cost breakdown with us in comments below.

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