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We're all about the Cake Today- Cupcake Towers are in!

Our brides-to-be over at the Low Budget Wedding Planning Group are all about the cake today, debating the virtues of cupcake towers instead of a traditional wedding cake. Personally I am all for cupcake wedding cakes and here's why...

The pros of cupcake tower wedding cakes:

  • Can be flexible re number
  • If one gets damaged it can be removed without affecting the whole look of the cake display
  • No 'cutting and wrapping in napkins' duties
  • Easily boxed up leftovers
  • Can still have a decorative top tier (see pics)
  • Can have different flavors including vegan, gluten free to accomodate different tastes and dietry needs.
  • Can look equally as fabulous as a traditional wedding cake.
  • You can recruit more than one person to bake the cupcakes
  • Your children can be involved in baking cupcakes for a tier which makes it very special and sentimental

Being able to have vegan and gluten free, possibly even sugar free is a huge bonus as the cake becomes 'inclusive' whereas it otherwise isn't.

As you can see from these awesome cupcake wedding towers you can have themes and different layouts. A popular layout is to stack the cupcakes on round wooden log cut bases. You can buy these in bulk from Amazon. 

Please show us your cupcake wedding tower pics 

If you're having a go at making your own cupcakes, Amazon has a ton of elegant and fun cupcake making materials!

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