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Roses are Red - Stunning Wedding for less than $2000 - Real Stories

Over at the Low Budget Wedding Planning Group our couples who have been with us throughout their wedding planning journey sometimes share their magical day with us.

Today I am delighted to share with you (with permission) some photos and budget details that our lovely member and beautiful bride Prissy shared with us of her special day. We are told it was a huge success and the newlyweds are very happy.

Congratulations to both of you!

The Budget

This fabulously fun day aided with help from family and friends cost the couple less than $2000.

Here's a breakdown of costs to assist other couples planning a low budget wedding.

The Dress

This beautiful lace mermaid styled dress cost $300 from Pacific Bl in Huntington Park California.

The Rings

The trio of wedding rings were $400 for 12 grams of 14k. Purchased from Compton City shopping centre.

The Flowers

The brides bouquet is a romantic pairing of red roses and white baby's breath flowers. There is a small diamond styled embellishment in each rose for extra sparkle.

The Decorations

Rich red and gold is the theme and is carried through with the decorations, wedding cake and bridal bouquet.

The Cake

What a triumph this 3 tier wedding cake is! And it cost just $70 from Sams. The hilarious cake topper showing the bride dragging off the groom was $15 from Amazon

The cake is decorated with the same flowers that appear in the bridal bouquet, red roses with diamante embellishments.

Family Occasion

Family had a hand in making this wedding possible with their time and money generously gifted. A big thanks goes out to them all from the happy couple!


Thank you to Prissy's sister who contributed $300 to the photography budget.


Thank you to the parents for preparing the food. Delicious Birria, rice and beans that was put into chafing dishes for a buffet style feast.


Big thanks to Father and brother for supplying Beer and Tequila.


Thank you to the wonderful friend of the couple who generously gifted $350 towards the cost of a DJ.


And a great big thank you to guests who were so generous at the traditional Dollar Dance, along with gifts and gift cards. All gratefully received and very much appreciated.

Thank you Prissy for sharing your wedding with us today. We at the Low Budget Wedding Planning Network wish you and your husband a wonderful long happy life together.

If you would like to share your special day with is, drop us a line in comments.

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