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DIY Wedding Dress - alterations you can do yourself

Where there is a will there is a way!

For the low budget wedding bride paying a dressmaker or seamstress to do alterations on their wedding dress is often out of the question, especially with fees ranging from $50 to $500!

If you bought your dress new from a bridal store, you may find the alterations are included and bear no extra cost. But if you bought your wedding dress online or preloved then you will have to outsource or have a go yourself!

If you can shop around and find a reliable professional to do the alterations, this is by far the best option because they have the experience of fitting many brides and handling many different varieties of fabric as well as having all the tools and training. You may know someone, a friend of a friend who has the skill, perhaps they're retired who can help you out at a lower price.

If all these things are a Big NO NO and you have a sewing machine, a few basic skills and a can-do attitude, with the help of these useful tutorials I found online you can make minor adjustments yourself. The comments on these DIY wedding dress alteration tutorials are fairly positive and encouraging.

Most commonly requested alterations generally relate to the 'standard' shape of the dress not fitting your real shape. This might be a case of being too long, too narrow, too wide and so on. Adjustments are also often required closer to the wedding as the bride may have lost of gained weight. With these alterations in mind (rather than a change of dress style, adding sleeves etc.) check out these wedding dress alteration videos  by Jiex.

Taking In The Bodice

Add a bustle

Lifting Shoulders Up On Dress

Shortening A Dress

Adding Bra Cups To Wedding Dress

If you are a seamstress and can add tips in the comments, or a bride with a story to tell about DIY alterations, please do share in comments.

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